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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1993-07-23
Documentation/ 1993-07-23
Fonts/ 1993-07-23
Rexx/ 1993-11-09
Tools/ 1993-11-08
Translations/ 1993-07-22
Utilities/ 1993-06-14
Install 6341 1993-11-08 Text [Original]
Installer 63436 1993-06-14
ReadMe_NOW! 1688 1993-11-08 Text [Original]
TermGuide.LHA 82944 1993-07-22
Term.LHA 236532 1993-07-23
TermLibraries.LHA 120404 1993-07-23


Term 3.4 disk - Version 2 - 11-08-93

Why the author of Term doesn't distribute it in a single disk form is
beyond me.  Term is a wonderful program, but he releases it on something
like 3 disks with the source code, docs, and other junk scattered about
those disks.  I created this disk to help the problem somewhat.  It
contains the Term main program, AmigaGuide doc files (he no longer supports
standard ASCII doc files), the Fonts, Libraries, Library docs, and some
extras.  Term's dox, main program, and libraries are compressed on this
disk...the install script will decompress and install them in the
directory that you select.  

This version of Commodore's installer seems to have a bug in it that keeps
it from reporting the correct version number for some libraries.  When
installing Term's libraries, this is a minor problem.  It reports some,
including the ZModem library, as being version 1.0.  Rest assured though,
they are the latest versions.  If the install script doesn't ask you if
you want to install a particular library, it's because it determined you
are already using the latest version.

Changes since Version 1 of this disk:
The doc files now use a text reader on this disk, and I have also included
my AutoLogin ARexx scripts for some Memphis BBSes.  Read the AutoLogin.doc
in the Rexx directory for more info.
I also drew an origional icon for this disk.  Not really a big deal, but
I'm an icon freak. :-)