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Amiga Report Online Magazine #2.04 -- January 28, 1994

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               _      ____       ___   ______       _______          _
              d#      ####b     g#00   `N##0"    _agN#0P0N#         d#
             d##       jN##    j##F     J##    _dN0"      "        d##
           .#]##      _P ##L  jN##F     ###   g#0"               .#]##
          dE_j##      #  0## jF ##F    j##F  j##'    ______     dE_j##
        .0"""N##     d"   ##L0  ##F    0##   0##     "9##F"   .0"""5##
      .dF'   ]##    jF    ##0   ##F    ##F   `##k     d##   .dF'   j##
    .g#_    _j##___g#__   ]N  _j##L_ _d##L_   `#Nh___g#N' .g#_    _j##__
   """""    """""""""""    "  """""" """"""      """"""" """""    """"""
           ######    ######   ######    ######    ######   ########  TM
          ##    ##  ##       ##    ##  ##    ##  ##    ##     ##
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          ##   ###   ######  ##         ######   ##   ###     ##

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%% January 28, 1994               \\//                    Issue No. 2.04 %%

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The Editor's Desk Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% The Editor's Desk By Robert Glover %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% First, a correction. In last week's editorial, I said that Nintendo's new game system was called Saturn. That is incorrect. Their new system is Project Reality. Saturn is Sega's new system. Not much in the magazine this week in terms of features. All of the new writers with new columns seem to have bailed on me. Jason Compton is taking the week off, so it leaves us with two Usenet Reviews. Oh well. I tried to make up for it with plenty of stuff in CPU Report and AR Online. I hope it balances out. The weather is still nuts here in the Midwest. We had a bout of below zero temps for a few days, then it teases us with a three day blast into the mid 50's. Now it's about 15° outside, and we have 4" of snow on the ground. Sheesh. Only two more days until the premiere of Babylon 5, at least here in Omaha. I know some areas of the country have already seen it. I guess it's going to be how a lot of the country gets Star Trek and DS9 a week late. I just spoke with a few people that have already seen it, and the like/dislike rate is about 50/50. I hope it turns out well. They've put a lot of work into the show, and it's a great way to showcase the Amiga's talent. Rob @ AR \|/ @ @ ----------------------------------------------------oOO-(_)-OOo------------
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AR Staff Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% The Amiga Report Staff %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Editor ====== Robert Glover Portal: Rob-G Delphi: ROB_G FidoNet: 1:285/11 AmigaNet: 40:200/10 Internet: General Mail: Submissions: Assistant and Technical Editor ============================== Robert Niles Portal: RNiles FidoNet: 1:3407/103 Internet:
Computer Product News Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Computer Product News %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ** Microsoft Profits Up 22% ** A 22 percent jump in profit for the second quarter has been reported by Microsoft Corp. Microsoft earned $289 million, or 95 cents a share, in the most recent quarter, up from $236 million, or 78 cents a share, in the year-ago quarter. Revenues rose to $1.22 billion from $938 million. ** HP Color Printer Sales Doubled in '93 ** Hewlett-Packard Co. reports that it more than doubled its color printer sales last year. HP says it sold approximately 2 million color inkjet DeskJet printers worldwide in 1993, a 122% increase over 1992 when the company sold nearly 900,000 units. HP color printer sales in 1991 were 120,000. HP's says its sale of 2 million color DeskJet printers represents a figure greater than all other makes of color printers combined, based on statistics supplied by BIS Strategic Decisions, a market research firm located in Norwell, Mass. HP notes that it has sold more than 10 million monochrome and color inkjet printers since its first model was introduced in 1984. ** Digital Reports 2nd Quarter Loss ** Digital Equipment Corp. today reported a second quarter loss of $72.1 million, compared with a loss of $73.9 million for the same period a year ago. The computer maker continues to face a tough recovery with revenues for the quarter down 12% to $3.25 billion, compared to $3.69 billion in the fourth quarter of 1992. ** PC World to List Top Computers ** PC World this week introduced the PC World Top 20, a monthly listing of the industry's leading PCs. Beginning with its February issue, the PC World Top 20 will each month provide readers with a top-down ranking of the PCs that were analyzed by the PC World Test Center. "The PC World Top 20 ranks the first time a monthly computer publication has responded to the ever-shortening PC product cycles -- which is roughly six months for R&D, three months to promote and sell, and three months to 'unload' the product," says PC World's Editor-in-Chief Phil Lemmons. "The PC market is moving so incredibly fast that buyers need continuously updated information and recommendations." The PC World Top 20 will be comprised of three PC categories -- the Top 20 Power Desktops, the Top 20 Budget Desktops, and the Top 20 Mobile PCs (10 power notebooks/subnotebooks and 10 budget notebooks and subnotebooks). The top five products in each of these categories will be honored as the monthly "Best Buy." ** Sega to Work With Microsoft on New Operating System for Games ** Microsoft Corp. has agreed to supply Japan's Sega Enterprises Ltd. with a new operating system for Sega's 32-bit home video game player, "Saturn," to be released in November. A spokesman with Sega, Japan's largest maker of commercial-use amusement equipment, said the two firms also are considering cooperating in developing new game software. Saturn is to have two 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computing) chips in its central processing unit. Reports says Sega plans to sell it for less than $450. Sega's move follows an announcement last week by Japan's consumer electronics giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. that it planned for the launch on March 20 of a 32-bit home entertainment player jointly developed with 3DO Co. of the United States, and six software titles. ** Tektronix Unveils Desktop Color Printers ** Tektronix Inc. this week announced the Phaser 220i and Phaser 220e thermal transfer color printers. The 600 by 300 dots-per-inch units output at two pages per minute, feature network connectivity options and print on most laser papers. The Phaser 220 printers include dual-tray configuration options, large tray and ribbon capacities and automatic ink- level sensing to minimize the need for printer maintenance or operator attendance. The Phaser 220e and 220i are priced at $3,995.00 and $5,995.00, respectively. Both printers are available now. ** America Online Subscriber Rate Jumps ** "As a result of strong word of mouth and a growing list of partners who bundle America Online with their products, our subscriber growth has continued to accelerate," said Steve Case, president and CEO. "These new bundling agreements can help us attract new PC owners, further increasing our market share." Dell, a leading manufacturer of personal computers, will now include America Online with all of its PCs sold through consumer channels. By preinstalling the Windows version of America Online in these computers, Dell purchasers will see an icon representing America Online on their Windows desktop. This will provide quick and easy access to the America Online service. US Robotics, a leading manufacturer of modems, will expand their bundling agreement with America Online to include their entire line of consumer modems. US Robotics' Macintosh line of modems began bundling America Online last year. "As 1994 unfolds, we plan to continue to expand bundling and content partnerships because we believe they help us attract and retain customers. We plan to continue to add compelling content in a number of areas such as news, personal finance and shopping," Case added. "By making it easier for consumers to try our services, and providing them with compelling reasons to continue as customers, we believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of the encouraging market trends for consumer online services." America Online, Inc., based in Vienna, is a leading provider of online services to consumers. The company offers its more than 550,000 subscribers a wide variety of services, including electronic mail, conferencing, software, computing support, interactive magazines and newspapers, and online classes. Founded in 1985, the company has established strategic alliances with dozens of companies including Time Warner, CNN, The New York Times, Knight Ridder, Tribune Company, IBM and Apple. Personal computer owners can obtain America Online software at major retailers and bookstores, or by calling 800-827-6364. ** Government Sued Over Database ** Tax Analysts, a nonprofit publisher of legal information, has filed suit in federal court asking for portions of the Department of Justice (DOJ) JURIS database under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The dispute concerns public records which West Publishing, a private company, provided to the Department of Justice for use in its JURIS online Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR) database system. The data are public records and, by federal law, not copyrightable. West, however, claims that it owns the arrangement of the data, and the Department of Justice is not free to release it. JURIS was established initially for DOJ's use. The President, by Executive Order 12146 (July 18, 1979), directed DOJ and its head, the Attorney General, to expand JURIS for use throughout the government legal community. All federal agency users share the cost of JURIS operation, database management and improvements. JURIS is organized into and contains federal case law material, statutory law, digest material, tax documents, Federal regulations, Federal manuals, work product material, legislative histories, federal administrative law opinions and decisions, treaties, DOJ publications on the FOIA and other such legal materials. The basis of the suit is that a federal agency should not be making exclusive arrangements to give away public data to a private company. The lawsuit will be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Richey, the same jurist who is presiding over an FOIA case involving public access to electronic mail records. ** Autodesk Ships AutoSketch Release 2 ** Autodesk Inc. is now shipping AutoSketch Release 2 for Windows, a 2-D, CAD-based drawing package. Autodesk notes that the software "combines the power and precision of computer-aided design with the freedom of an illustration program by providing tools for creating sketches, technical drawings, diagrams and information-based graphics and presentations." The latest AutoSketch release features a new user interface, as well as improved file import/export capabilities and additional drawing tools. It also offers expanded CAD functionality and interoperability. AutoSketch Release 2 software is now available through Autodesk resellers and the retail channel at a suggested price of $299. Existing AutoSketch customers can upgrade to Release 2 for $99 (certain restrictions may apply). ** OS/2, Valuepoint Machines Unite ** In a move intended to sharpen its appeal to business, government and other commercial customers, IBM PC Co. this week begins bringing its PS/2 and ValuePoint products under one brand team. While PS/2 and ValuePoint computers will maintain their different labels for the time being, they will be sold by one team to be known as the Commercial Desktop brand, with Stephen Cohen, who led PS-2 marketing, directing the group. (The ValuePoint brand was designed to offer less costly models that are updated more frequently than PS/2.) He said IBM will continue to develop PS/2 and ValuePoint computers separately, partly because they have different technical designs for how information is moved inside them. ** James Buckley Appointed President of Apple USA ** Apple Computer Inc. this week appointed James J. Buckley, 43, as president of Apple USA effective immediately. Reports say that Buckley will be responsible for all of the division's sales, marketing, channel, customer service and support activities. A nine-year veteran of Apple Computer, Buckley was most recently vice president and general manager for Apple USA's Higher Education division and was responsible for directing all sales, marketing, customer support and service operations to 3,500 colleges and universities in the United States. Buckley held positions as Apple USA's vice president and general manager for Northern Operations in Norwalk, Connecticut, vice president and general manager for Apple's Central Operations Group located in Chicago, area sales director of Apple's U.S. North Central Area, and director of educational sales at the company's Cupertino headquarters. ** Apple Introduces Macintosh Performa Money Edition Computer ** Money Magazine and Apple Computer have teamed up to create the Macintosh Performa 560 Money Edition, a multimedia computer designed especially for those who want to take advantage of the latest technology to manage their personal finances. Reports say the system features popular personal finance and organizational programs such as WealthBuilder by Money magazine, Quicken, MacInTax, Willmaker and Personal Recordkeeper; the ClarisWorks integrated database, word-processing and spreadsheet package; the Datebook Pro/Touchbase Pro Bundle for calendar and address-book capabilities. It also includes interactive educational programs such as the 21 volume New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM, the TIME Almanac CD-ROM and the American Heritage Dictionary as well as entertainment programs such as the World Tour Golf CD-ROM and Monopoly, and a special Money version of the After Dark screen saver. In addition, the system features MacLink Plus/Translators Pro, which enables users to exchange information easily with MS-DOS and Windows files. The Macintosh Performa 560 Money Edition computer features powerful Macintosh multimedia hardware, including a Sony Trinitron color monitor, 160-megabyte hard disk, an internal double-speed CD-ROM drive, built-in stereo speakers, digital sound and microphone, and a send/receive fax modem. Sold directly through Apple and at selected Circuit City stores in the United States, the computer retails for $2,199. ___________________________________________________________
Amiga News Table of Contents Upcoming Portal Conferences The AmigaZone on Portal will be hosting two conferences next week. On Wednesday, February 2nd at 7 pm PST, the conference will feature Kermit Woodall and Tom Krehbiel from Terra Nova Design. On Thursday, February 3rd at 7 pm PST, the conference will feature Rusty Mills from ASDG. As always, Amiga Report will publish transcripts of these conferences. Comp.Sys.Amiga.Reviews Announces Micro-Reviews Introducing... Micro-Reviews! (Very easy to write!) I would like to introduce a new kind of review that will appear in (Thanks to Benbuck Nason,, for this suggestion.) Introducing... the micro-review! It's only one line long... so easy that anybody can write one in seconds!!! Just rate the programs you like or dislike, using a simple scale (described below). I will collect the ratings, compute the averages, and post the cumulative results once every month. That's it!! Here is an example of a micro-review submission. Complete instructions are below. ======================================================================== To: Subject: micro-review SpamWriter | Fooblat Software | *** Bunny Blaster Wars | Peter Gunn | * BLAZEMONGER | BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED | *****+ ======================================================================== COMPLETE (SIMPLE) INSTRUCTIONS (1) Address your e-mail to (2) Make the subject of your letter: Subject: micro-review (3) Rate the products, one per line, listing the product name, author/company name, and the rating, in order, SEPARATED BY "|" SYMBOLS. It doesn't matter how many spaces or tabs you use between these three fields, as long as you use "|" symbols to separate them. (See the example above.) Please use the following 5-star rating scale: * Bad. Avoid this product! ** Fair. It is useful but needs big improvements. *** Average. It works OK. Nothing fancy. **** Good. It works well. You like using it. ***** Excellent. It works wonderfully. In addition, you may optionally add a plus sign ("+") to your rating to increase it. For example: *+ Bad, but not ALL bad. **+ Slightly below average. ***+ Above average. ****+ Very good. *****+ One of THE BEST programs you have EVER used. Remember: FIRST choose the number of stars, and THEN add a plus if the product deserves it. I stole this scale from Peter Thelen ( because I think it is very simple to use. He uses it for rating music. Thanks Peter! :-) THE MONTHLY REPORT Each month, I will post a report which lists for each product: o The average (mean and median) ratings. o The number of submissions. This is an experiment which will succeed or fail based on your participation. Let's give it a try!! Please take a few minutes and rate some hardware and software products to help your fellow Amiga users. COMPUTER GRAPHIC ARTISTS Terra Nova Development of Ventura, California has two positions avail- able for graphic artists experienced with Impulse's Imagine and other Amiga graphic tools. These full-time positions require an unusual level of ability and offer salaries commensurate with an applicant's skill. In addition the company is offering an attractive profit sharing plan to all creative staff. Terra Nova Development's credits include `The Labyrinth of Time', a CD-ROM adventure game created entirely with 3D rendering software, available for MS-DOS, Amiga, CD/32 and CDTV*, and (soon) the Macintosh. Amiga World said about `The Labyrinth of Time': "This kind of boundless invention is what CD-ROM is about - or should be about...." The company's direction is toward more and better products in multi- media entertainment and other fields across a wide spectrum of computer platforms. Applicants should send sample image disks and resume to: Bradley W. Schenck Terra Nova Development P. O. Box 2202 Ventura, California 93002-2202 * for ordering information on the CD32/Amiga CD/CDTV version of `The Labyrinth of Time', call Electronic Arts at (415) 572-ARTS (USA); (008) 074-298 (Australia); or (0753) 546465 (U.K.); USA dealers should call (800) 448-8822. AGE Announces PARANOIA Sunday, January 9th, 1994 Calgary, Alberta, Canada AGE Entertainment Software is pleased to publicly announce today, the impending release of their first game for the Commodore Amiga computer platform, Paranoia. Paranoia is a first-person, scrolling action adventure game which takes elements from popular role playing games like Dungeon Master and Ultima Underworld while maintaining action elements usually present in games more like Alien Breed or Uridium and mixes it all together with elements from popular science fiction films like Alien and Star Wars. The player takes the place of a member of the crew from an interstellar starship which is transporting cargo through the cosmos. The ship is attacked by an unknown alien race for no apparent reason, and the ship is boarded by "Hoarders", creatures which roam the dark hallways of the ship in search of human prey. The player must find an escape off this death trap in an adventure that will keep players on the edge of their seat all te way throgh.Obstacles must be overcome, and puzzles solved in this epic story of rutine trip gone bad. Combine all this action and adventure with a mixture of graphics rendered with NewTek's amazing LightWave 3.0 and digitized clay animation and you have an experience like nothing anyone has ever seen before on a personal computer. Should players succeed in this harrowing mission of mercy, they can continue on in the story of this lonely crusader in Paranoia 2: Colony. This story picks up where the first left off, with our hero landing his escape vehicle on a nearby planet which harbours a colony filled with mystery. Then, finally, comes the third and last game in the Paranoia trilogy. Paranoia 3: Revenge goes to the home planet of the "Hoarders" and takes our hero along for the ride. Follow amazing plot twists and unparalleled action sequences in an unprecedented game series. Paranoia will be available first quarter, 1994 from: AGE Entertainment Software 301-108 23rd Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2S 0J1 (403)244-1167 (Information) Ken Pierce 1:134/27
Colonial Conquest v1.05 Table of Contents Colonial Conquest v1.05 TITLE Colonial Conquest VERSION 1.05 COMPANY None AUTHOR Christian Mumenthaler DESCRIPTION Colonial Conquest is a space strategy game for one or two persons. The aim of each player is to colonialize a maximum of the 26 earth-like planets that are shown on the universe map. Every planet has its own surface map composed of oceans, forests, mountains, deserts etc. where different machines (power-plants, irrigation robots, space port etc.) have to be built to guarantee a rapid growth and a high production of the colony. People can direct the machines or work as scientists which will make the technology level rise and allow new inventions (battlestars, planet scanners, energy cannons etc.). Five different types of space ships will compose each player's army and conquer planets for him. The game is easy to handle as it has an intuitive, mouse-based interface. It also has decent graphics with some rendered HAM images. NEW FEATURES V1.05 fixes some bugs of the previous version and adds some new features that were asked from the people who wrote to me about the game. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Colonial Conquest is a PAL game. Besides this, it should work on ALL Amigas. (Tested on A4000 and A2000) Use Left-Amiga + A to multitask. HOST NAME Any Aminet site (, etc) DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/game/think FILE NAMES ColConq_v105.lha ColConq_V105.readme PRICE Colonial Conquest is GiftWare. You can send a donation, a postcard or a mail to the author if you liked the game. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable if not more than a nominal fee is asked for the copy! The Copyright remains by the author Christian Mumenthaler. Read the "Copyright"-file carefully if you want to do something else than just play the game and have fun!
RenderCalc v1.41 Table of Contents RenderCalc v1.41 TITLE RenderCalc VERSION V1.41 (First Release) AUTHOR Daniel S. Milling Jr. ( or ( DESCRIPTION RenderCalc v1.41 incorporates three tools into one program: - FRAME CALCULATOR: The ability to calculate the number of animation frames needed to represent a moving object of known speed and known linear distance travelled relative to any one of the three supported time code formats. - UNITS CONVERTER: The ability to quickly and easily convert numbers between different common units of length. - TIMECODE CALCULATOR: The ability to easily and quickly calculate Time Code durations from IN and OUT points and also to calculate a timecode OUT point from an IN point and a duration. These conversions may be done interchangeably between the three supported time code formats. Some feature of the program are: o Ability to enter values for Speed and Distance and receive output telling you how many total frames, seconds, minutes and the length of time, in the specified timecode format, that the motion will take. o Table of conversions between units of length. Supported units are inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, meters and kilometers. o Ability to change the units of ANY inputted number and have all of the values update, relative to the new units, on the fly. This saves having to re-enter the values again. o SMPTE non-drop frame, EBU and Film time code formats supported. o Ability to enter Timecode In and Out points as well as a Duration. The time code input has two modes of operation. You may enter Timecode In and Timecode Out points which results in Duration being the final output value. You may also enter a Timecode In and a Duration which will give you the Timecode Out as your final value. o Ability to change the Timecode Type 'on the fly.' This means that you may switch between the supported time code formats and see the updated results immediately without having to re-enter the values. o Keyfile system which allows for easy registration. Upon registration, you will receive a personalized ASCII keyfile which will permanently remove ALL instances of the Shareware Notice for this and all future revisions of the program. o Many more, listed in the doc file. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS - OS 2.04 (V37+) or higher. - asl.library version 37 or above (38 or above is recommended) HOST NAME Any Aminet site such as ( etc... DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/os20/util FILE NAME RCalc141.lha PRICE If, after 30 days, you find this program useful, please consider sending in the Shareware registration fee of $15. DISTRIBUTABILITY RenderCalc is a Shareware program. The RenderCalc program, the distribution materials and the registration keyfiles are Copyright (c) 1994 Daniel S. Milling Jr. All Rights Reserved. RenderCalc is freely redistributable in it's original form to any bulletin board, public domain software collection, or network system as long as the original archive is kept intact in it's entirety and remains unaltered and as long as no fee, other than nominal media cost, is charged for distribution. The keyfiles which are sent to registered users may NOT be distributed. This program, in whole or in part, may not be included in any commercial package without the prior written consent of the author.
Spot v1.2d Table of Contents Spot 1.2d TITLE Spot RELEASE 1.2d AUTHOR Nico Francois SHORT Spot 1.2d - FidoNet point tosser/editor DESCRIPTION Spot is a FidoNet tosser/editor for points. It features a userfriendly font-sensitive GadTools interface that is fully localized. Spot uses a custom message base format for fast importing and exporting. Some of Spot's main features: o Supports new 3.0 features (newlook menus, memory pools,...) o Automatically creates new areas for you, no tedious work o Optional - fully transparent - message base crunching o Message list with powerful functions (e.g. search body text) o Excellent support for multiple character sets (LATIN-1, IBM,...) o Built-in, fully asynchronous, Fido file request o Multi-bossing and multi-domain capable o Userlist editor o ARexx port (100+ commands) NEW FEATURES o Import routine fixed and improved. o Quote recognition improved (no more white smilies :^) o Optionally highlighted separator bars. o Yet again improved fakenet support. o New ARexx commands: `gettimewritten' and `gettimearrived'. o Includes updated catalogs. o All known bugs and quirks have been fixed. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS AmigaOS Release 2.04 (V37+) or higher. HOST NAME ( [AmiNet] DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/comm/fido FILENAME Spot12d.lha Spot12d_Patch.lha (updates Spot 1.2c executable only) PRICE Shareware fee, US$30 DISTRIBUTABILITY Shareware, Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Nico Frangois _o #> Email: Nico Francois 4 Fido : 2:292/603.10 Textra 1.15 released TITLE Textra, GUI-based Amiga Text Editor w/ ARexx VERSION 1.15 COMPANY None AUTHOR Mike Haas 3867 La Colina Rd. El Sobrante, CA. 94803 Also author of JForth Professional and LCD Calculator. DESCRIPTION Textra is the User-Friendly text editor for the Amiga. It contains a fully-Intuitionized GUI as well as an ARexx interface with 70+ commands. The package interfaces with the asl file and font requesters, supports multiple windows with cut, copy and paste to the clipboard. Also supported are Undo and Drag-select with left mouse button, background printing and ARexx script execution, user-settable preferences which can be saved. The editor displays fast text and continuous-movement vertical and horizontal scroll bars. The package contains full, detailed documentation, 40+ Arexx scripts (including an interactive tutorial) and a hard disk installer program. Scripts are provided to integrate Textra with JForth Professional 3.x, SAS/C, HSPascal and Paul Kienitz's Q-Blue Offline Mail Reader program. NEW FEATURES o Textra now includes a full-featured interface to the popular SAS/C development environment, developed and generously contributed by one of SAS Institute's own! o The new MARKS facility allows you to assign any selected text to a logical name of up to 31 chars long. Any number of assignments can be made. o Users may now opt to use the ASL File requester in place of the native Textra file requester. Default is the Asl requester. o Under 2.0 or later, the CUT, COPY and PASTE functions now operate with the standard clipboard device (unit 0). o This is the first version to be low-memory-failure-proof! ANY MEMORY REQUEST FAILURE WILL FLASH THE SCREEN 3 TIMES in 1 second, then wait until the memory comes available. o Textra now supports just about any mail reader known to Amiga-Man! Textra 1.15 sports both a command-line option as well as an ARexx command which tell Textra to "hold" the calling program until the specified window is closed. o Program now takes note if a file is MSDOS format or Amiga format and will preserve the format when saved. o Added the ability to write-protect a window so that it cannot be accidentally altered while open. o Before you SAVE a file over an existing disk file, Textra now performs some checks that nothing else has messed with the file on disk while the editor has held a copy in ram. o Under 2.0 and later, Textra will display the 2.x-style 'busy pointer'. o 14 new ARexx commands, 12 new scripts o Bugs fixed SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS None, but additional functionality if run under 2.0 or later. PRICE $25.00 Shareware fee. DISTRIBUTABILITY Unregistered versions of TEXTRA are freely distributable. FILE NAME/LOCATION Uploaded to aminet, specifically... ( as: /pub/aminet/util/edit/Textra15.lha Also uploaded to Genie, Amiga libraries, section 4, Utilities OTHER An earlier version (v1.11) is distributed with JForth Professional 3.x. This release of Textra is completely backward-compatible with that version.
SAS/C patch 6.51 Table of Contents Announcement of SAS/C 6.51 Patch release TITLE Patch for SAS/C Development System with C++ for the Amiga. VERSION 6.51 COMPANY SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive Cary, NC 27513 USA PHONE: Sales, registrations, etc. Voice: (919) 677-8000 x 5042 FAX: (919) 677-8123 Technical Support Voice: (919) 677-8009 FAX: (919) 677-8134 EMAIL: Sales info (information ONLY!, no orders through this address) Technical Support Use the EMITS facility, as described in User's Guide Volume I, "Contacting Technical Support through Internet or Usenet". Also, conference 'sas.c' on BIX. (European contact addresses available on request.) AUTHOR SAS Institute Inc. DESCRIPTION This patch fixes many problems found in the 6.50 release of the SAS/C Development System with C++ for the Amiga. All owners of SAS/C 6.50 should download and apply this patch at their earliest convenience. NEW FEATURES Only one new feature added. There is a new predefined symbol, __AMIGADATE__ which will supply the current date in the format required for the Amiga VERSION strings. More details in the package. Several bugs were fixed, including Enforcer hits in the compiler and CPR, CXERRs cleaned up, unsigned comparisons are now done correctly, bitfields are now back to the way they were in 6.3 (almost - see README in archive for details), the SCSETUP utility no longer crashes when run from Workbench, etc., etc. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS A (preferably *registered*) copy of SAS/C 6.50. HOST NAME SAS: ( AmiNET: ( (all other AmiNET sites, as well) DIRECTORY SAS: /techsup/amiga AmiNET: /pub/aminet/biz/patch FILE NAMES sc651pch.lha PRICE Free. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable. OTHER Please spread this archive as far and wide as you can, so that all SAS/C users can gain access as easily as possible. Upload to local BBS systems and other (free!) distribution is specifically requested.
Amiga Report Online Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Amiga Report Online News %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% » Fido News « ========= *** Area: AMIGA Date: 23 Jan 94 9:06:40 *** From: Rich Koster (1:390/5.10) *** To : All *** Subj: Babylon 5 Cross-posted to the Fidonet Amiga, Amiga Video, and Video Toaster echoes. Quoting from the January 17th issue of Broadcasting & Cable: Warner Bros.' "Babylon 5" goes interactive It is sometimes said that computer "techies" are also science fiction aficionados. Now Warner Bros. has come up with a tie-in promotion it hopes will attract both groups to its soon-to-debut "Babylon 5" adventure series. Warner Bros. has developed a computerized interactive software program companion for its Jan. 26 syndication debut of the hour- long sci-fi series. The on-line computer program, which the studio claims is the first interactive program based on a television series, is intended for viewers who subscribe to the CompuServe, America On-line or Genie national computer networks. Designed to further promote the show's debut on Warner Bros.' ad hoc Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN) block, the interactive kits are being made available to computer users with either Windows or Macintosh formats. Stations that air "Babylon 5" will be able to distribute the kits to local user groups and science fiction clubs. The kit contains moving video and sound from the series, a full interactive view of the "Babylon 5" spaceship interior, program synopses, character descriptions, biographies of the stars, color photos and production credits. (End of quote.) This article was not attributed to any particular writer. Hopefully whoever wrote it simply left out the detail that this kit will also be available for Amiga computer users, but I have no further details and can only assume that the information is correct and that we will be left out in the cold. If so, how ironic that "Babylon 5" owes a deep debt of gratitude to the Amiga computer and the Video Toaster for its special effects, and yet they apparently are not making this software kit available in Amiga format. Elsewhere in the magazine, I found this address: Warner Bros. International 4000 Warner Blvd., The Tower 14th Floor Burbank, CA 91522 Listed as "Staff" are these people: Michael Jay Solomon, Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, Michael LeCourt, Jorge Sanchez, Josh Berger, Kevin Bylines, Richard Milnes, Rosario Ponzio, Donna Brett, David Guerrero, David Peebler, Brenda Geffner, Sabrina Gorham-Propper, Lisa Gregorian, Tracey Kadin, and Sergio Salcedo. If anyone decides to write Warner Bros., please do not mention my name, as I am merely passing along this information and do not want any credit for filling you in on this bit of news. Rich Koster, amiga.moderator.aide.deux *** Area: AMIGA Date: 24 Jan 94 1:49:00 *** From: Jon Peterson (1:383/25.0) *** To : All *** Subj: FFish 1000th Disk Fund Here is the list of donors for the nineteenth week of the FFish 1000th Disk Anniv thingy. ***************From Individuals* Jon Peterson Matthew L. Schultz Chris Nelson Asha DeVelder Marshall Freedland Jeremy Friesner Michael Phipps Eric V. Peterson (Canada) Eric Zimmer (Canada) Fred M. Hamilton Michael Meredith (England) David Jennings (Australia) Gary Delzer David Gomme Rick Russell Jukka O. Kauppinen (Finland) Gary Simpson Robert Sudbury Jon Peterson (Asha's FF1000th Auction Amiga Check Pin purchase) Mark Baker Michael Berg (Denmark) Sam Worf Douglas & Susan Blakeley Richard A. Boedi (Germany Jari Neiminen (Finland) Richard Norman Jukka Mustasilta (Finland) Nifty stickers - "intel outside" Anonymous (Finland) Envelope postmarked Vaasa with winter scene greeting card with $20. Please write back and let us know who you are. Thanks Horri Laitian (Finland AGAIN!) (Excuse misspelling of name) ****Relatively speaking, Finlanders are a grateful bunch.**** ************** Users Group Donations: Darrin & Lisa Zimmerman (Amiga Un-Sig of Southern Michigan) Gateway Amiga Club, Inc. Abilene Amiga Users Group Niagara Amiga (Users) Group N.A.G. (Canada) New Orleans Commodore Klub Amiga Group Ohio Valley AUG (A $147 donation from this Group!!!) Miami Amigos (Miami Amiga Users Group) ************** Company Donations: Randhir J. Jesrani (CompuQuick Media Center, Columbus, OH) Dale L. Larson (Intangible Assets Manufacturing, Drexel Hill, PA) Intangible is a new company that has just released its' first product by the name of Amiga Envoy. No further info available. Dale? This gentleman also has challenged other companies that have benefited from FFish's efforts to join the effort. **************** Many thanks to Robert Glover for posting these messages from FidoNet in the Amiga Report (latest issue 201). The drive has received numerous donations/inquiries from Europe and Australia because of that publication. (This is getting more international..Where's Hong Kong etc.??) * Total donations as of 1/22/94 are $950.50. (Who's going to send in the donation to break the $1000 mark?) Still have a ways to go folks to purchase the ??? but the fund drive seems to be picking up some steam. BTW, FFish does in fact already own an A4000 (shoot!). Suggestions? A CD32 looks to be the most popular alternative. Please talk this up with all concerned (Amiga users) and pass the word on to your Users Groups. If you haven't joined the effort, slip that hand into the pocket and pull out some bucks, put it into any envelope and send it in. Let's show what the Amiga community is all about. Check over some of the programs you have benefited/are benefiting from. Register them and/or pitch in for FishFund. Donations to: CVCUG FFish 1000th % Jon Peterson P.O. Box 2661 San Angelo, TX 76902 * Reminder to everyone PLEASE!!! Pass the word at any Users Group meetings you attend. This is to be a group effort on behalf of all the Amiga users throughout the world. Please donate whatever you can afford - or even better - what you honestly think FFish's work has been worth to you through the years. Thanks. BTW, there have been some very nice comments to/about FFish included in the envelopes with donations. As I have been saving these, think I will include them along with the donation "pot"/CD32 when the time comes. May this be a happy and prosperous New Year for all - the year of the Amiga. *** Area: AMIGA Date: 24 Jan 94 21:43:04 *** From: Tim Lloyd (1:3612/42.69) *** To : ALL *** Subj: Amiga Format - Feb Review OK it's that time of the month again... well it's early, I just did the Jan review of Amiga Format... well the Feb issue has just hit my letter box. Ok Coverdisks Wordworth 3 Demo (very nice it is too) Fractal Pro (need I say more) Tornado (won't run as I have a screwed disk) Toado (frogger game) Certainly the Wordworth 3 demo is worth a look at, problem is they have cut it down somewhat in order to fit it onto the one disk (Fractal Pro is also on the same disk). Print out's looked fine, but I could only access the one font they supplied. Graphically it looks very nice on screen, but I think you will have to wait for the full version to become available before we can see exactly what features it will have... who know's it could be a Final Writer beater (I certainly think Final Writer will have it's work cut out when this finally gets released). Also reviewed : 16-bit sound cards Disk Expander Emplant 3.4 (bit behind the times on this one.. it's at 3.7) Trapfax (again)? Rainbow III graphics card Typesmith 2 Designer Objects 1 - The Diner Upper Disk Tools Playmation ProText 6 Plus there is all the usual games reviews. Right onto the news section. The one thing that I found most interesting was the bit about Commodore's advertising in the UK (YES they are doing it)! One of the things they have been doing is plastering large Hoarding signs all over the place - get this - they placed a LARGE advert on the hoarding right outside the main entrance of Sega's headquarters in London !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laugh - I nearly died :^) There is a picture in AF showing the main building with Sega in large letters on the side of the buliding - and the hoarding. The advert says "To be this good will take Sega ages" on the right hand side is a picture of the CD32 console, with the words under it, "Amiga CD32". It's placed so that the Sega employee's would see it every day they went to work :) Now if that's not Commodore's way of saying "Spin on this" I don't know what is. Finally news of the Amiga CD only magazine, apparently the original issue never got into print (it was supposed to have started last year) - but all is not lost, the new CD magazine will be going on sale in April, it has no title at the moment, but is being published by the same people who do Amiga Format (and Amiga Shopper, Amiga Power). It will have a cover mounted CD with the latest game demo's and public domain games. The magazine will also cover things relating to the FMV module as well. Right that just about covers it for this issue. Tim » AmigaNet News « ============= *** Area: TRICK_AMY Date: 18 Jan 94 0:00:10 *** From: Steve Slatin (40:708/10.0) *** To : IVS users *** Subj: Probs. with IVS Trumpcar I was hoping someone out there may have had a problem similar to mine, and found a solution ... I have an A-500 with IVS Trumpcard Pro w/84 meg Seagate HD. The drive was formatted and partitioned with the IVS software. My ROM is 2.04, running WorkBench 2.1. I have occasional lockups (I don't know what better to call them) in which the drive goes to access, but the procedure doesn't ever finish. Often the green "operating" light on the drive box stays on. The mouse continues to move the cursor, and the gadget to push windows forward and back works, but other functions don't -- the keyboard won't do anything, and if I double click on a drive or drawer, it will open a window but nothing comes up in it. In any event, the drive doesn't access again when I do this, even if the green light is off. When the green light is off, I _can_ reboot successfully with Ctrl-A-A, but if I try with the green light on, it stays on -- so I can reboot from floppy, but not HD. I tried replacing my 8520's, but the problem remained. Someone on a local BBS solved a similar problem by lowering the MaxTransfer rate. (He did not have an IVS.) He did this from HDToolbox. I can't get mine to work, though I have edited the tool type on my HDDisk tool to have a line that reads "SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=IVSSCSIpro.DEVICE, and I have IVS_SCSIpro.device in the DEVS drawer. IF I load up the HDToolbix, though, it always gives me the message "driver not installed". I can't figure out how to lower the MaxTransfer rate from the TCUtils menu, either. Has anyone else with a similar problem figured out how to get around this logjam? (i.e., how to use HDToolbox to accept the driver, or to lower MaxTransfer without using HDToolbox.) I'll try most anything, it's getting to be personal .... *** Area: TRICK_AMY Date: 21 Jan 94 9:31:00 *** From: Sam Noonan (40:402/11.0) *** To : Steve Slatin *** Subj: Probs. with ivs trumpcar First, you don't need to use HDToolBox and it's not recommended. If you double click on the partition in the TCUtils you will get another window that has the information you want to change. But changing the Max Transfer would just be a kludge and not fix the real problem at hand. You are getting SCSI Bus lockups. This can be caused by a bad cable, improper termination, insuffient power, bad controller card. They should be checked in that order. Since you only have one drive, your setup is rather simple. One cable and both the Trumpcard Pro and the drive should be terminated. Remember terminaters that are plugged in backwards will cause problems. There is a dot on the terminator to denote pin 1. If you have alot of stuff connected to your A500, it could be that your are overloading your power supply. Or it could just be a bad card. But I doubt it, bad cards usally don't work at all. It's best not you use HDToolBox, our utilities do everything HDToolBox does, and HDToolBox doesn't know about our caching or updated drives. So by using HDToolBox you would not have a read cache and you would be running with older device drivers. For more help, Let me know more about your system. What's in it. What revision of our software you have. The latest is 2.1c. You can also get help and/or download newer software from the IVS BBS @ (714) 537-2751 Sam Noonan IVS *** Area: HARD_AMY Date: 23 Jan 94 17:22:34 *** From: Bruno Amsler (39:110/501.0) *** To : All *** Subj: Piccolo Hi there I bought the Piccolo gfx board two days ago and I'm still not happy with it. The board works great when I use EGS-software or when I re- direct applications which use their own screen to the Picasso. So I suppose there is no hardware problem. The problem starts when I try to use one of the Piccolo resolutions for the Workbench screen with the screenmode preferences program. After selecting the 'use' button the screen just becomes white, or shows garbage. In the latter case the mouse pointer is still visible. The garbage is obviously pro- duced by the Amiga graphics, so the Piccolo grapics are not even activated (I tried this connecting one monitor to the display en- hancer and another to the Piccolo board). In short: The Workbench emulation only works on screens opened by applications. But using Piccolo screenmodes for the Workbench screen does not work. I use the following system configuration: A2000 Rev. 6.2 (~ 3 years old) Nexus SCSI adapter with 2MB RAM (16 bit) Quantum LPS 52 Quantum ELS 85 A2630 Processor board (68030) with 4MB RAM (32 bit) A2320 Display Enhancer Kickstart 37.175 (2.04) Workbench 38.35 (2.1) Piccolo Rev. 2.1 with 2MB. Jumper set to 'Force Zorro II' (I tried autosensing, though) Version numbers of some of the programs ( not all of them have one) EGSAmigaDriver 6.011 EGSPiccoloDriver 6.020 EGSConfig 6.005 (This is the software of the most recent update) Other errors: TV-Paint Junior crashes often immediatly after startup Dia sometimes cannot obtain VisualInfo PLEASE HELP I tried about everything: I installed a plain WB2.1 without any additional programs on it's own partition. I disabled all other partitions so that no other software could be loaded. ONLY ORIG. WB2.1 PROGRAMS. I tried both Zorro jumper positions. I tried one and two monitor installations. But nothing worked. Has anyone encountered this problem yet? Has anyone actually solved this problem? Thanx for help Bruno » Portal News « =========== .../Message Bases/Entertainment - Games & Diversions/Maxis interested again? 16031.3.64.1 Maxis interested again? 1/24/94 23:41 33/1319 EVAlien I called Maxis today regarding SimFarm and SimCity 2000. My last question to them was "And are you still supporting the Amiga platform?" His response was that they were still selling the inventory that they have for the Amiga and that the support lines are willing to answer questions but that their staff might have a problem answering some of the questions that were really Amiga specific. He then asked me how much I liked my Amiga. Informing him that I have four Amigas he was rather amazed. Every Amiga owner he had chatted with told him how much they appreciated their fine little machines but he also stated that the community of Amiga people was just too small for them to continue developing for the Amiga. His questions began to get further and further into depth. Almost like he was polling me for information. "Should we continue developing for the Amiga?" "Would it be worth it to look into CD-32?" Something gave me the impression that this guy was more of a big-wig or developer than just "tech support". Any thoughts? Ed Vandehey - .../Message Bases/Entertainment - Games & Diversions/Maxis interested again? 16031.3.64.2 Re: Maxis interested again? 1/25/94 17:38 32/1418 DennyA >I called Maxis today regarding SimFarm and SimCity 2000. My last question >to them was "And are you still supporting the Amiga platform?" Actually, Maxis itself dropped Amiga development a couple of years ago. However, they licensed Amiga ports to Mindscape in the UK. Mindscape did SimLife and whichever one preceded that (SimAnt, I think). Mindscape _IS_ working on SimCity 2000 for the Amiga, and it's expected this summer. >His questions began to get further and further into depth. Almost like he >was polling me for information. "Should we continue developing for the >Amiga?" "Would it be worth it to look into CD-32?" > >Something gave me the impression that this guy was more of a big-wig or >developer than just "tech support". > >Any thoughts? I think he probably was just a tech support guy, but Maxis may be using the tech support lines to do a bit of research. At any rate, MindScape UK is a huge Amiga developer, and they're still committed to porting the SimStuff to the Amiga. .../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 16046.3.81.1 SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 1/27/94 04:19 5/138 Hubert - Cross SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SENT A SINGLE RED CENT TO A SHAREWARE AUTHOR? WHAT MAKES YOU BELIEVE ANYBODY ELSE WILL? .../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 16046.3.81.2 1/27/94 07:44 7/423 Tony-Preston Well, last year, I registered 4 shareware packages. Also from one program I had released as shareware I recieved about $150 (15 people registered it) and while it does not seem like much, it was enough to keep me believing that shareware does work. I know one person that recieved over 300 registrations for a program. It does not work as well as selling a program commercially, but is alot lett work for the author. .../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 16046.3.81.3 Shareware Does Work 1/27/94 12:21 13/461 SteveX Shareware works for good products. The makers of DOOM have reportedly earned a lot of money. There are quite a few other sharewarew "Success Stories". Me, I register shareware. I also write shareware - and did abysmally until PortalX, which has earned me some money (although certainly not enough to live on). If you expect to get rich on Shareware, then you'd better put as much resources into the product as whatever you are competing with. ...Steve .../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 16046.3.81.4 Re: SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK! 1/27/94 16:03 8/392 djjames I routinly register shareware products. If I use it regularly I'll send in the money. If I find that I only use it once or twice a year I don't bother. I do object to people asking a small fortune for their products unless it's an extremely superior product. $10-20 seems about right. I guess that the $50 I spent for the registered version of DICE was the most I've ever paid. Djj .../General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED 16026.3.679.1 The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED 1/27/94 06:02 76/2974 Hubert - Cross In My Humble Opinion, The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED. I wrote to several software houses to see if they would be interested in publishing a program that I wrote. Here are some bits from some of the answers I received: ELECTRONIC ARTS: ...We are unlikely to publish an Amiga program... ACCLAIM: ...We are not seeking softare in this category... [Amiga] KONAMI: ...It has been decided that Konami will no longer publish... ...Amiga Software... IMPRESSIONS: this time we are not accepting any programs for Amiga... GAMETEK: ...Unfortunately, the Amiga software distribution system in North America has deteriorated to the point where we are no longer publishing new Amiga titles. My suggestion would be to approach some European publishers, where the Amiga still has a strong (though declining) following... A letter from Europe: ACCOLADE EUROPE LTD: ...Unfortunately, the Amiga market in Europe is declining rapidly and we are not, therefore, looking to produce further Amiga product... I also sent a letter to Commodore, explaining clearly that I had written a game and that I was looking for a publisher. I even enclosed some color photocopies of my game's screens. They took months to answer: ...Thank you for your letter requesting information. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise (sic) for the extreme delay in responding to your enquiry... ...It may be that you have now successfully found a resolution to your enquiry elsewhere. If you have, could you please still complete the section below and return it in the reply paid envelope enclosed, in order that we bring this matter to a mutually satisfactory conclusion and close your file... -------------------------Cut along this Line----------------------- ...Regarding your reference number 1336, I have/have not been able to obtain the information required elsewhere. I do/don't require this information. (please delete as necessary)... And then a month latter: ...Further to our recent communication regarding your enquiry. As we have received no reply, we therefore presume that you have managed to obtain the information you required from an alternative source, and as a result have closed your file... ...Should this not be the case... I still wonder if they ever had an idea of what I wrote them about. I have also been reading about a CD32 or something that is the future of Commodore and that is selling 20,000 or 100,000 units a week or a month or whatever. I have been to Toys -R- Us twice and haven't seen it. How can they be selling a zillion units a week when I can't even find the thing on the stores is beyond my comprehension. I haven't sold my Amiga and gotten a PC only because I spent over $2000 on the damned thing and now probably nobody would give me even $300 for it. Comments or flames welcome. [Editor's Note: Is this guy asking for trouble, or what??] .../General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/PCPursuit ends 1 Apr. 94 16026.3.680.1 you can switch to PortalPursuit 1/27/94 08:38 63/2859 Harv Please note the following article is cross-posted from PCPursuit's BBS, The Net Exchange. This is *not* a rumor. If you currently get to Portal via PCP you will not be able to anymore as of 1 April 1994. Your alternative is to contact Portal (email cs) and ask to sign up for a Portal Pursuit account. For $30, you get 30 hours of Portal each month via Sprintnet (up to 9600bps) and there are other plans for heavier users. Portal Pursuit requires no fancy indial/outdial or other passwords - its all transparent to the user plus you get an account reconciliation each time you log off Portal so you know excactly what you've used each month and how much you have left that month. If you use Portal for more than 12 hours each month via SprintNet you are already paying $30 (12 x $2.50/hr) so it would be wise for you to switch to Portal Pursuit as you WILL SAVE MONEY! It is a good deal. Here is Sprint's announcement regarding the cancellation of PCPursuit services:: ------ SERVICE DISCONTINUATION: PC PURSUIT AND PC BUSINESSCALL SERVICES ________________________________________________________________ PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall Services are being discontinued. Users will be receiving the following letter via mail. Thanks, -support ________________________________________________________________ January 27, 1994 Dear Customer: Over the past several months, Sprint has conducted a thorough business evaluation of the PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall services. Based on the results of this evaluation, Sprint's PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall services will be discontinued, effective April 1, 1994. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause you. We are taking this step in order to focus our resources on the growing demand for local dial-in access to online, "information provider" computer hosts which are directly connected to SprintNet. The continued growth in the number and variety of these dedicated hosts and host applications has minimized the need for PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall. Today, access to these host-based applications far surpasses the usage of dial-out access via PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall. Per this notification, your PC Pursuit or PC BusinessCall ID/password will become inoperable on April 1, 1994. No further charges for these services will be billed to your credit card or electronic funds transfer account after the April 1, 1994 date. (Note: Users: If you would like to discontinue your service prior to April 1, 1994, you may do so here on the Net Exchange via the "Cancel" option included within the "Questionnaire" section. Type "Q" to access the questionnaire area, then choose prompt "2", "cancel." Then answer the prompts requesting your cancellation information). If you have already recently discontinued your PC Pursuit or PC BusinessCall service, please disregard this notification. » Delphi News « =========== 22249 26-JAN 01:39 General Information Commodore going out of business? From: JAKEHAMBY To: ALL Just got my shareholder's report from Commodore and they are really screwed up. Last fiscal year, they lost $356 million, and had DEFICIT equity of $53 million and deficit working capital of $107 million! In addition, they're in default under various credit agreements and a mortgage loan, and they're worried because many of the companies under which CBM operates, unlike the U.S., they can't seek judicial protection (a.k.a. Chapter 11) to prevent liquidation of their assets! In fact, the CPAs who audited the books expressed "substantial doubt about the Company's ability to continue as a going concern." Well, I wouldn't mind so much (I bailed out of Amiga land half a year ago, caved in and bought a PC [and am loving it!]) except that I own 40 shares in a stock which isn't worth more than $3 a share on a good day! Well, maybe somebody will buy Commodore out, knock some sense into their marketing division, and start selling some computers. I can't think of any company that would want to buy out Commodore, though, except maybe Newtek (and they probably don't have the capital), or possibly Apple (although it would be hard, but not impossible, for them to integrate the Amiga somehow with the Macintosh line). Maybe Sega or Nintendo, but that's about it. Actually, in the latest Ami Report on Delphi, there was a blurb about a Wall Street Journal article which stated that a company called "Sage Enterprises" wanted to buy out another company called "CBM". It could happen... It really saddens me to say, but the Amiga's been dying for the past year or so. And while people have been predicting Commodore's downfall since 1987, I'm sure that a critical point will be reached before next year. Either they get bought out, or they go bankrupt. And if Commodore files for bankruptcy, the Amiga will go the way of the TI-99/4A, the Kaypro, and the VIC-20. Sad, but true. I bailed out of the Amiga scene half a year ago, and have never once regretted it, but I think a lot of people and companies (Newtek, GVP, etc.) won't, and they'll be riding the S.S. Commodore to their watery graves. ---Jake 22270 27-JAN 00:01 General Information RE: Commodore going out of business? (Re: Msg 22265) From: PELLEGRINO To: JAKEHAMBY (NR) Regarding the possible purchase of Commodore by Newtek or Apple - I just saw an episode of MacTV tonight spotlighting video products for the Mac. One of the products was a Video Toaster! Yes, a rep from Newtek was demonstrating a Toaster as a Mac peripheral utilizing Newtek's Toasterlink software interface to the Mac. The Newtek rep did a pretty good demo of some simple Toaster effect as well as talking about its bundled software products including Lightwave. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Toaster was really an Amiga 3000 with a sophisticated board and software inside it and in plain view to the audience right behind the shows host, neither the words Commodore nor Amiga were mumbled during the segment. The host kept trying to play up the Mac sideof things but it was apparent that Toaster did not need any input of Mac art/video work, just that it is now capable of easily taking in such works. Maybe that is what Newtek intented in a subtle marketing attempt. Mmmmmm....... As an aside, I also saw the first episode in the Babylon 5 series tonight. I had not seen the pilot episode last year but was blown away at the sophistication, quality, and length of the animated sequences. In a word... AWESOME!! What a great advert for the Amiga, Video Toaster, and Lightwave. Maybe all is not lost.
Amiga Babble Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Amiga Babble By Robert Niles %% %% ( %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Ack! It's a slow week. Maybe it's the fog ...or the snow ...could be that it's just that "blah" feeling of winter setting into everyone's bones, but nothing much is going on this week in Amiga land. Well the >>BIG<< news of this week is that I ganglefooked my article again. The article in AR203 about Aminet was ...well, not quite right. There was the mention of ab20 being apart of the Aminet. Well I read it wrong ...the cold gettng to my brain, I guess ...but ab20 was a site seperate and distinct from Urban Mueller, amiga.physik, and Aminet. ab20 was one of the places people used to visit and FTP Amiga files. I suggest reading the article on Aminet that's in AR127. Becuase somehow I know that if I try to go any futher, I'll mess up the details again :) The readership of Amiga Report is growing each week. Now I have over 450 people on the mailing list who recieve Amiga Report uuencoded auto- matically each week in their mailbox. We also have several distribution sites that carry Amiga Report. My site usually has about 18 people who call to get AR. AR is also distributed over ADS (FidoNet) and, I think SAN (FidoNet). Now I've tried to figure out how many people read AR each week. Trying to be conservative I came to the conclusion that at least 730 people read AR each week. 450 for the mailing list, 18*10= 180 from the distro sites (we have more than 10 distro sites... I was just being conservative here), and lets say from all the BBSes that are connected to FidoNet we have 100 people there. Geez, why the <beep> am I telling you all this?? Well I figure that if we have so many readers, it would be great if some of you out there could lend us a hand and write some articles for AR. What about?? ....Well, about anything you please, as long in some manner it would contribute to the Amiga community. People have been asking for more reviews on software and hardware. More news from Europe and Australia. I would like to see some news from the former Soviet Block nations describing what people are doing with the Amiga over there. People have repeatedly asked for articles on "C", and "ARexx" as well. So write about something you think would be interesting to others. Send digitized pics as well, we'll include them. Don't worry about editing. We have an editor just waiting to take those articles and incorporate them into AR. It's hard to come up with something to write about each week. Especially since this is a voluntary magazine, in which none of the writers or staff get paid, special bennies, or what-not. So if you have any idea, articles, please send them to We'd like to hear from ya! Two final notes: On behalf of AR, I would like to extend out thanks to those who moderate and c.s.a.announce, and to those who write for those two groups. With out them our readers wouldn't get anywhere near the information that we currently provide. The information out of those groups are professionally done without the biased opinions that the paper mags have to give. And last, but certainly not least. SUPPORT SHAREWARE!!! If you use it, send the requested amount to the author. A good portion of the software that we all use are written as shareware. Even if the program is freeware, giftware, whatever, send them a note, donation or whatever. They'll appreciate it, and most of all, it will encourage them to keep on writing those fantastic programs!!!
Commodore Shareholder Movement Update! Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% THE COMMODORE SHAREHOLDER MOVEMENT %% %% MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - 1/27/93 %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Commodore's Annual Report and Shareholder Proxies have finally been sent out. The Shareholders' Meeting will be held on March 2, 1994 at 10:00am at the Lyford Cay Club, Nassau, Bahamas. All shares bought before January 10th, 1994 entitle their owner to vote by proxy or in person at the meeting. Items to be voted on for this meeting: 1. Election of Class III Directors - Irving Gould and Alexander M. Haig Jr. Choices are FOR all nominees, WITHHOLD authority to vote for both nominees, and FOR both nominees, EXCEPT the nominees written in. 2. Amendment of the Company's Articles Choices are For Amendment and Withhold authority to vote for the Amendment. ************************************************************************ * * * IF HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PROXY, HERE'S WHAT TO DO: * * * * SIGN AND DATE YOUR PROXY VOTE. BUT PLEASE DO NOT CHECK OFF ANY * * RESPONSE BECAUSE DOING SO PRECLUDES ANY OTHER OPTIONS WHICH MAY * * BE MORE EFFECTIVE (The way the choices are worded, you either vote * * for the nominee/amendment or not at all). * * * * SEND THE VOTE AND ITS ENVELOPE TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: * * * * COMMODORE SHAREHOLDERS MOVEMENT * * P.O. BOX 8296 * * PHILADELPHIA, PA 19101 * * * ************************************************************************ The Director positions have three year terms (these two ending in 1996). The Amendment is an important change to the Company's Articles of Incorporation. It essentially removes the necessary 3/4 vote of all outstanding shares on decisions by Commodore's Board of Directors to certain things including mergers, transfers of stock or assets, or loans over $10 million in value. The possibilities range from selling the company to just being able to accept larger loans.
UseNet Reivew - Picasso II Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Usenet Review: Picasso II By Humerto L. Gomez %% %% ( %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% PRODUCT NAME Picasso II 24bit retargetable graphics board for Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000. [MODERATOR'S NOTE: Over the years, there has been much discussion and debate on USENET about the meaning of the term "retargetable graphics" or "RTG". In this review, Humberto Gomez uses the term "RTG" as it is found the Picasso II documentation. Mr. Gomez quotes from their manual: "The term RTG means - No more CHIP RAM BLUES. The Picasso II RTG emulator has been designed so that it uses no Chip RAM for its emulation. Following Commodore WB4.0 guidelines, the Picasso II on-board blitter which supports drawing speeds up to 30 megabytes per second can use the RTG to let programs able themselves to run on the board instead of the ECS graphics or AGA." Mr. Gomez felt strongly about using the term "RTG" in his review, even though its use here may be controversial or disputed, so we agreed to leave the review as-is and put this disclaimer at the top. - Dan, Moderator of] BRIEF DESCRIPTION This is a 24-bit graphics board that fits inside an Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000. It is RTG (Retargetable Graphics), and it is a Zorro II card. AUTHOR/COMPANY INFORMATION Name: Village Tronic/ Expert Services Address: 7559 Mall Road Florence, KY 40142 USA Telephone: (606) 371-9690 Fax: (606) 282-5942 LIST PRICE It lists for $599.99 (US). But most places sell it for $449.99 (1 MB version) and $499.99 (2 MB version). SPECIAL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS HARDWARE At least 2 megs of Fast RAM required. Monitor? Well it really helps if you have a MultiSync monitor if you do not own a 3000. A 3000 uses the deinterlacer and can use all resolutions on a regular SVGA Monitor. You only need one monitor, but it has to be at least SVGA... not RGB. It works on a 68000, but a faster processor is recommended. SOFTWARE AmigaDOS 1.3 or higher. Works with AmigaDOS 2.0 and 3.0. Under 3.0 I have experienced some problems. Screen dragging jerks, and then also the pointer sometimes gets stuck on the menus. A call to the company verified some problems with 3.0 screen drawing routines, and the company is working to correct the problem. These 3.0 problems are very minimal and due to software, not hardware. COPY PROTECTION None. MACHINE USED FOR TESTING Amiga 3000, 2 megs Chip RAM, 4 megs Fast RAM 250 meg hard drive. AmigaDOS 2.0 and 3.0. INSTALLATION The board installs in an Amiga Zorro slot. [MODERATOR'S NOTE: If you are not comfortable opening up your Amiga, then you should have the work done by an authorized Amiga service center. Opening your Amiga yourself may void your warranty, and careless work may even damage the machine. - Dan] The software installs using the Commodore Installer utility. It is very easy to do. REVIEW I am very happy with this board. First of all, it fits into a Zorro II or Zorro III slot. The board itself is Zorro II. The back of the board contains two 15-pin jacks. One of these is for the Amiga output that goes into the card. The other is for a cable (supplied) going from the card to the monitor. Requiring only one monitor, the card auto-switches between its display modes and the Amiga's. This switching is transparent to the user. You just use the Amiga as you would normally do. If an Amiga screen is in the front and a Picasso screen in the back, then you just use the screen depth gadget as usual, and the board switches to the Picasso screen. All Picasso resolutions are available to all programs that let you select a screen mode. For those programs that don't let you select a screen mode, then the Picasso includes a Change Screen Commodity that goes into the WBStartup drawer (AmigaDOS 2.0 and higher). This commodity pops up every time a program is used that does not use a Picasso resolution. The commodity gives you the ability to select a Picasso screen for the program to use. This is useful for ASDG's Art Department Professional (ADPro) and other program s that always appear in lo-res. ADPro savers are included, along with other graphic programs so that you can save your images to the Picasso II board for immediate displaying in any of the resolutions. Resolutions include 640x400 with 16 million colors, 800x600 with 16 million colors (with 2 megs installed), 1280x1024 with 256 colors, and many others. Anything higher than 800x600 may be displayed with 256 colors. But I noticed in ADPro, all of these resoltuions had the ability to display 64,000 colors with no problem. Many intermediate resolutions are also available. IMPORTANT AmigaDOS 3.0 is required to select resolutions that have more than 16 colors. If you do not have 3.0 ,then this board will only give you the ability to display up to 16 colors for your programs, unless it is a graphic program that can dump the image directly to the board like ADPro. But ProPage, DPaint IV, and all other programs that let you select screen modes will give you only up to 16 colors in the resolutions supplied. ADDED BONUS The Picasso turns your pointer into a professional hi-res pointer. Actually your pointer will reflect the resolution that you select. So if you select 800x600, then your pointer resizes for that resolution. LIKES AND DISLIKES ('+' means like, '-' means dislike) + I like the ability to use my Amiga programs using the Picasso II board resolutions. Under AmigaDOS 3.0, I opened up a 256-color ProPage screen at 1280x1024, and it displayed all pictures with their colors correctly. Very impressive. + You can choose the colors using the Palette Preferences program supplied by Commodore and see all the colors swirl. + Includes a 24-bit screen blanker that draws lines in 16.8 million colors. + The autoswitch feature is really nice. + It uses the Picasso memory for displaying Picasso screens, leaving all of your Chip RAM alone. + It includes TV PAINT JR. Graphic viewers are included for display GIF, IFF, MPEG, and JPEG pictures using the Picasso board. - Minor problems with the screens in 3.0. They wont drag correctly and the pointer sometimes gets stuck at the menus. - The manual is not user-friendly. Information is not very clear and it does not explain things very well. It looks like it is photocopied, not professional. - Some of the programs supplied are in German, not English. - It requires AmigaDOS 3.0 to select more than 16 colors in the resolutions for programs such as ProPage, DPaint, and others. - TV Paint JR always says it does not have enough memory for UNDO buffer, even if you install a full two megs on the board. [MODERATOR'S NOTE: I suspect that TV Paint Jr. is limited by the amount of RAM in the Amiga, not just on the Picasso board. - Dan] COMPARISON TO OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS GVP's EGS Spectrum ranks slightly higher in my book. Although this board is very hard to find with 1 meg on it, the full two megs gives you higher resolutions than the Picasso II board does. It also autosenses whether you have a ZorroII or Zorro III machine and uses whichever one your machine has for better throughput. No problems with AmigaDOS 3.0 experienced yet with this board. Besides that, the boards compare well. They both autoswitch, and they both are RTG. But in my opinion, the EGS is a better board than the Picasso. But the EGS Spectrum is also more expensive. BUGS Already mentioned. Mostly due to software. The company is working on an update of its libraries to let them function correctly under AmigaDOS 3.0. VENDOR SUPPORT Although friendly with regards to my question, they seemed unknowledgeable. I asked what advantages are there to having 2 megs on the board and they just did not know. They did not know of specific AmigaDOS 3.0 problems, just that there were some. The board packaging also shows an AmigaDOS 3.0 A3000 Workbench screen with 256 color pictures, but the representative I spoke with said that 3.0 is not fully supported. WARRANTY Depends where you buy it. 30 days from my sales firm, 1 year from the company. CONCLUSIONS If you can afford the EGS Spectrum, then buy that board. But if you can't then the Picasso II will take you beyond AGA graphics to workstation resolutions at a minimal price. It performs fairly well, and updates of the software are planned so that the bugs with AmigaDOS 3.0 will be resolved. An Amiga with a Picasso II outdoes any SVGA 80486's that I have ever seen. It outdoes an Amiga 4000 in graphics capabilities, and all the screens can use the Picasso II board . It is a very good, highly impressive product. It is a must to own one if you want to get out of the old age of Amiga display capabilities and go forth to the higher, faster, more-color resolutions of the future and today. RATING SCALE GVP Spectrum: 9.5 out of 10 Picasso II: 8.5 out of 10
UseNet Review - The Amiga Guru Book Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Usenet Review: The Amiga Guru Book By Heiko Rath %% %% ( %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% PRODUCT NAME The Amiga Guru Book - a reference manual [MODERATOR'S NOTE: This is a serious review, but beware of subtle jokes...! - Dan :-)] BRIEF DESCRIPTION The Amiga Guru Book is a book about the Amiga and its operating system. It offers fundamental knowledge of the Amiga system and covers such areas as: guidelines for proper multitasking programming, ANSI C, Aztec C and SAS/C, debugging techniques, AmigaDOS, the file systems, the format of load and object modules, process creation, CLI and user shells, handlers and packets (more than complete list of packets), and many other areas. There are many useful bits and pieces about the OS that you'd have a hard time finding anywhere else. AUTHOR/COMPANY INFORMATION Author: Ralph Babel ISBN: no ISBN number Guru-No.: 8703 8001 C7E4 D9E4 Available at: Buchhaus Gonski Buchhandlung Bouvier Neumarkt 18a Am Hof 32 D-50667 Koeln D-53113 Bonn Germany Germany Vox: +49 (221) 20909-72/76 Vox: +49 (228) 72901-69 Fax: +49 (221) 20909-59 Fax: +49 (228) 72901-78 Hirsch & Wolf OHG Mainhattan-Data Mittelstrasse 33 Schoenbornring 14 D-56564 Neuwied D-63263 Neu-Isenburg Germany Germany Vox: +49 (2631) 8399-0 Vox: +49 (6102) 588-1 Fax: +49 (2631) 8399-31 Fax: +49 (6102) 51525 (Mastercard/Eurocard/VISA) (Mastercard/Eurocard/VISA/AE) DTM-Computersysteme Unlimited GmbH Dreiherrenstein 6a Kehrstrasse 23 65207 Wiesbaden 65207 Wiesbaden Germany Germany Vox: +49 (6127) 4064 Vox: +49 (6127) 66555 Fax: +49 (6127) 66276 Fax: +49 (6127) 66636 (Mastercard/Eurocard) LIST PRICE The recommended price ("Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung") is DM 79,- in Germany, which would convert to about $47 (US). SPECIAL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS HARDWARE No special hardware required. Compatible with all Amigas. SOFTWARE Knowledge of English. COPY PROTECTION Excessive manual-word-lookup copy protection. Every time you use the book, you CONSTANTLY have to look up words and whole sentences in the manual. The word lookup scheme is ingenious: while using the product, you don't normally notice that you're looking up the phrases! ;-) MACHINES USED FOR TESTING Amiga 1000 Amiga 3000/25 COMPONENTS SUPPLIED IN PACKAGE - The Amiga Guru Book (W6.7" x H9" x D1.5") (W17cm x H23cm x D3.7cm) (about 1.2 kg) - 736 pages - coated cover - comes with its own documentation :-) REVIEW After having bought "Das Amiga-Guru-Buch" several years ago by the same author, I immediately went out and obtained the "Amiga Guru Book" when I heard that Ralph Babel had finished it. The Amiga Guru Book is the successor to "Das Amiga-Guru-Buch" and contains pretty much all of the original information (updated) and quite a bit of new stuff. Every chapter starts with a few quotes related to the topic at hand. For example, here is one of the quotes for the chapter "Legal Alien: AmigaDOS, the Englishman in the System": "BRAIN-DAMAGED. adjective. Obviously wrong; extremely poorly designed; {cretinous}; {demented}. There is an implication that the person responsible must have suffered brain damage, because he should have known better. Calling something brain-damaged is really extreme. The word implies that the thing is completely unusable, and that its failure to work is due to poor design, not accident." -- Guy L. Steele Jr. et al., The Hacker's Dictionary and another one for the chapter "Hooking in at Boot Time": "ColdCapture and CoolCapture vector operation will change because ExecBase can be in fast memory (the result of this is to raise the temperature of ColdCapture about 60 degrees)." -- Bryce Nesbitt, Compatibility Risks for 1.4 and Beyond The book can be used as a tutorial on programming the Amiga, but it is also very useful as a reference manual. The index looks like a VERY big hash table. ;-) Throughout the book, you'll find quite a few assembly-language and SAS/C listings to further the enlightment of the reader on a specific topic. The code examples range from short fragments to complete working programs (for example, the complete source code for a user shell). It would have been a nice idea to offer a disk with all the sources to accompany the book; but then again, the listings are meant to clarify certain subjects. Therefore this isn't a big problem. Among the many useful bits and pieces that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else are Amiga-specific information about the 68040; compiler internals; system start-up procedures and different types of reset-resident programs; CON custom-screen magic; user shells; FFS data structures; and background information about BCPL, Tripos, and the Global Vector. The chapters on dos.library and DOS packets cover these subjects much more in depth than anything else I've seen so far. The Guru Book clarifies several ommisions and errors of the AmigaDOS Manual in regard to dos.library, autodocs, packets and FFS data structures. Included also is information about DOS data structures and the program/process start-up environment. Here are the contents of the book: I Programming 1 Data Types 2 Programming Guidelines 3 Assembly-Language Programming 4 Programming in C 5 SAS/C 6 Reference Charts for SAS/C and Aztec C 7 amiga.lib 8 Terminal Debugging II System Internals 9 Low-Level Hard- and Software Architecture 10 Hooking in at Boot Time 11 Alerts, Gurus, and Traps III AmigaDOS 12 Legal Alien: AmigaDOS, the Englishman in the System 13 The Console Handler 14 The Command Line Interface 15 The AmigaDOS Filesystem 16 BCPL and the Global Vector 17 DOS Functions 18 AmigaDOS Error Codes 19 AmigaDOS Data Structures 20 Forms of Program Execution 21 Packets and Handlers 22 The Format of Load and Object Modules Appendices About Listings Glossary Bibliography Index DOCUMENTATION The Guru Book's documentation is excellent. It comes with a 31-page index, so it's very easy to find a particular subject. Obviously, the TeX typesetting system was used in preparing the book and it really shows. There's just one description of the quality: excellent. LIKES AND DISLIKES There are lots of fun quotes, sideblows (many more than in its predecessor) and interesting footnotes. Ralph Babel reused some of the best quotes from "Das Amiga-Guru-Buch". The book cover is now fully Style-Guide-compliant and displays a normal 2.x window border and guru. The book is neither Zorro I/II or III compatible, and it doesn't fit into the video slot nor the 3.5" and 5.1/4" bays of any Amiga. The book's resolution cannot be duplicated by any normal graphics adapter for the Amiga. At 1270 dpi it has an approximate resolution of 8509 * 11430 pixel. The display is rock steady and non-interlaced. All this is monochrome, though. It is not hard disk-installable. Making a backup copy for safety reasons is a LOT of work. COMPARISON TO OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS It completely replaces the Bantam AmigaDOS manual (though it doesn't include the bugs... therefore if you liked them, you'll have to fall back on Bantam). It is more fun than the Amiga ROM Kernel and Hardware Reference manuals and has a better form factor. BUGS Immediately upon receiving the book I sprayed it with insecticide, so I'm pretty sure that there are no bugs left... at least none alive. VENDOR SUPPORT Ralph Babel can be found on several groups on USEnet, where he's known and feared for his short/precise/crisp answers/flames. WARRANTY There's a pretty impressive disclaimer in the book that disclaims all shapes/colours. I didn't read it completely though, as reading Lawyer Talk always gives me headaches (although you can find a joke in anything, if you look hard enough). CONCLUSIONS The Amiga Guru Book ranges somewhere between a specialized book and light literature. It is excellently researched, pleases the eye, and contains numerous hints, tips, tricks, and knowledge nowhere else to be found. It is a must for every serious (and especially for the not quite so serious) Amiga programmer. Don't walk, RUN out to your nearest book store and buy it. Better buy three copies: one to use as a mousepad, one to keep the door closed, and one to put under your pillow. ;-) COPYRIGHT NOTICE All the typos above are mine, all mine. You can't have them, so nyha, nyha ;-) Copyright 1993 Heiko Rath. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.
Amiga Report Mailing List Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Amiga Report Maillist List %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% No Official Amiga Report Distribution Site in your local calling area? Are you tired of waiting for your local BBS or online service to get Amiga Report each week? If so, have we got a deal for you! If you have an internet mailing address, you can receive Amiga Report in UUENCODED form each week as soon as the issue is released. To be put on the list, send Email to Your account must be able to handle mail of any size to ensure an intact copy. For example, many systems have a 100K limit on incoming messages. Please do not send general Email to Amiga-Report-Request, only requests for subscription additions or deletions (or if you are not receiving an intact copy). All other correspondence concerning the mailing list should be directed to Robert Niles at Also, please do not send subscription list requests or changes to the editor. Many thanks to PORTAL Communications for setting this service up for us! P.S.: Please be sure to include your Email address in the text of your request message, it makes adding it to the list much easier. Thanks! ** IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE be certain your host can accept mail over ** 100K! We have had a lot of bouncebacks recently from systems with a ** 100K size limit for incoming mail. If we get a bounceback with your ** address in it, it will be removed from the list. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reader Mail Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Reader Mail %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: Sun, 23 Jan 94 19:50:30 +0200 From: (Mike Noreen) Subject: The Jaguar STILL isn't 64-bit, you know. To: I just read AmigaReport v2.03, and was distressed to see that a) CD32's only real competitor, the Jaguar, gets mentioned more than the CD32 IN AN AMIGA NEWSLETTER!, and b) that the Jaguar is still falsely claimed to be 64-bit. It's got a *16-bit* CPU, with two *32-bit* custom chips, located on a *64-bit* bus! In addition, one of the *32-bit* custom chips has some 64-bit registers. Big deal. My 68882 maths coprocessor is 94-bit internally. Does that make my A3000 a 94-bit system? Not in anybody's book except Atari's. I honestly don't understand how an Amiga newsletter can help spread such obvious hype - the Jaguar was claimed to be 64-bit FIVE TIMES! A tleast you didn't claim it to be a RISC machine this time, at least that's something. What really ticked me off was the Atari Jaguar game list. Why did you include that into the newsletter? I suppose one or several of you own Jaguars - but that's no reason to give it so much coverage. ------------------------------ First of all, Mike, I cover the Jaguar in Amiga Report just as I would a PC compatible -- it's a 'competitor' so it should get enough coverage so that people know what's going on 'on the other side.' You should always keep up on your competitors. Now, just because we're an Amiga magazine doesn't mean we should ignore everybody else. No way. The idea here is to keep everybody informed on matters besides the Amiga. It's just like watching the news on TV -- do you only care what happens here in the US, or do you like to know what's going on in Europe and Asia? I do. Which leads me to the 64 vs. 16-bit issue. The Jaguar IS a 64-bit machine, and it IS in fact a RISC machine. The MAIN CPU is a 64-bit RISC chip that was developed to be a graphics-specific CPU. This does not make it a coprocessor, because the actual program code runs on the 64-bit chip. The Jaguar also has a 68000, which handles communication between the other custom chips, and the CPU. The CD32 is entitled to just as much coverage as the Jaguar, or any other game system. When I have material to print on it, I will do so. Likewise, I will print new info on the Jaguar as it becomes available. For the record, no, I don't own a Jaguar. Not yet anyway. I have used one, and I'm very impressed with it. I've also used a CD32. It's a nice machine, but it's hard to be impressed with it since it's nothing more than a CD-ROM machine with the guts of a 1200... the computer I've owned for over a year.
Portal Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Portal: A Great Place For Amiga Users %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Portal Communications' Amiga Zone The AFFORDABLE alternative for online Amiga information ------------------------------------------------------- The Portal Online System is the home of acclaimed Amiga Zone, which was formerly on the People/Link System. Plink went out of business in May, 1991 and The Amiga Zone's staff moved to Portal the next day. The Zone has just celebrated its second anniversary on Portal. The Amiga press raves about The Amiga Zone, when compared to its competition. If you live in the San Jose, CA area, then you can dial Portal directly. If you live elsewhere, you can reach Portal through any SprintNet (formerly Telenet) indial anywhere in the USA. If you have an account on another Internet-connected system, you can connect to Portal using the UNIX Telnet programs, from anywhere in the industrialized world. Delphi and BIX users can now Telnet into Portal for a flat $19.95 a month, with *unlimited* use. Some of Portal/Amiga Zone's amazing features include: · Over 1.5 GIGabytes of Amiga-specific files · The *entire* Fred Fish collection of freely distributable software, online. · Fast, Batch Zmodem file transfer protocol. Download up to 100 files at once, of any size, with one command. · Twenty Amiga vendor areas with participants like AmigaWorld, ASDG, Soft-Logik, Black Belt, Apex Publishing, Stylus, Prolific, NES. · 35 "regular" Amiga libraries with thousands of files. Hot new stuff arrives daily. · No upload/download "ratios" EVER. Download as much as you want, as often as you want, and never feel pressued doing it. · Live, interactive nightly chats with Amiga folks whose names you will recognize. Special conferences. Random chance prize contests. Famous Amiga folks aren't the exception on Portal, they're the norm. · Vast Message bases where you can ask questions about *anything* Amiga related and get quick replies from the experts. · Amiga Internet mailing lists for Imagine, DCTV, LightWave, HyperAmi, Director and Landscapes are fed right into the Zone message bases. Read months worth of postings. They don't scroll off, ever! No need to clutter your mailbox with them. · FREE unlimited Internet Email. Your Portal account gets you a mailbox that's connected to the world. Send letters of any length to computer users in the entire industrialized world. No limits. No extra charges. No kidding! · Portal has the Usenet. Thousands of "newsgroups" in which you can read and post articles about virtually any subject you can possibly imagine. · Other Portal SIGs (Special Interest Groups) online for Mac, IBM, Sun, NeXT, UNIX, Science Fiction, Writers, amateur radio, and a graphics SIG with thousands of GIF files to name just a few. ALL Portal SIGs are accessible to ALL Portal customers with NO surcharges ever. · The entire UPI/Clarinet/Newsbytes news hierarchy ($4/month extra) An entire general interest newspaper and computer news magazine. · Portal featues an exciting package of Internet features: IRC, FTP, TELNET, MUDS, LIBS. Free to all Portal customers with your account. Internet Services is a menu driven version of the same kinds of utilities you can also use from your Portal UNIX shell account. · All the files you can FTP. All the chatting you can stand on the IRC. And on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you can talk live, in real time with Amiga users in the U.K., Europe, Australia, the Far East, 24 hours a day. · Our exclusive PortalX by Steve Tibbett, the graphical "front end" for Portal which will let you automatically click'n'download your waiting email, messages, Usenet groups and binary files! Reply to mail and messages offline using your favorite editor and your replies are sent automatically the next time you log into Portal. (PortalX requires Workbench 2.04 or higher) · And Portal does NOT stick it to high speed modem users. Whether you log in at 1200 or 2400 or 9600 or 14.4K you pay the same low price. How does all that sound? Probably too good to be true. Well, it IS true. Portal Signup or for more information: 408-973-9111 (voice) 9a.m.-5p.m. Mon-Fri, Pacific Time 408-725-0561 (modem 3/12/2400) 24 hours every day 408-973-8091 (modem 9600/14400) 24 hours every day or enter "C PORTAL" from any Sprintnet dial-in in the USA, or telnet to "" from anywhere. PORTAL'S CURRENT RATES: All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars Total Total Total Total Cost Cost Cost Cost Fee 1 hr. 5 hrs. 10 hrs.30 hrs. Startup Monthly Per Per per per per Fee Fee Hour month month month month $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Portal 19.95 19.95 2400/9600/14.4Kbps, *direct 24 hrs 0.00 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 2400/9600bps nonprime Sprint 2.50 22.95 32.45 44.95 94.95 2400/9600bps prime Sprint +% 5.50-10 29.95 69.95 119.95 varies 2400/9600bps non prime # PCPursuit 1.00 20.95 24.95 29.95 49.95 * plus cost of phone call if out of Portal's local dialing area Direct rates also apply to connections made to Portal using the UNIX "telnet" program from an account you may already have on an Internet-connected system. % 9600 bps Sprintnet in over 300 cities areas + $10 rate prevails at smaller US Cities # PCPursuit is a service of US Sprint. Portal is a PCPursuit "Direct Access Facility" thus connection to Portal with a PCP account is simply a matter of entering C PORTAL,PCP-ID,PCP-PASSWORD at the SprintNet login prompt instead of C PORTAL. Note: Portal Direct 9600/14400 bps service is availble for both USR HST modems, and any V32/V32.bis modems. There are dozens of direct-dial high speed lines into Portal. No busy signals! SprintNet 9600bps service is V.32 modem protocol only. Again, Portal does NOT surcharge high speed modem users! Portal subscribers who already have an account on an Internet-capable system elsewhere, can use that system's "telnet" program to connect to Portal for $0.00 an hour. That's right ZERO. From anywhere in the world. If you're in this category, be sure to ask the Portal reps, when you signup, how to login to Portal from your existing Internet account. Call and join today. Tell the friendly Portal Customer Service representative, "The Amiga Zone and Amiga Report sent me!" [Editor's Note: Be sure to tell them that you are an Amiga user, so they can notify the AmigaZone sysops to send their Welcome Letter and other information!] That number again: 408-973-9111. Portal Communications accepts MasterCard, Visa, or you can pre-pay any amount by personal check or money order. The Portal Online System is a trademark of Portal Communications.
BIX Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% BIX - Byte Information Exchange %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% BIX is the premier online service for computing professionals and en- thusiasts. While other online services cater to computer novices, BIX is the place for knowledgeable people to go for answers to tough questions. You're likely to find many others in similar situations who can offer advice, give technical assistance, or point you in the right direction. BIX is divided into areas called conferences, each devoted to a particular area of interest. They range from algorithms to windows, from writers to Amiga. Conferences are categorized into groups, usually referred to as exchanges, so that you can browse through whatever groups interest you and see a list of the conferences it contains. These are some of the exchanges on BIX: - the place for Amiga developers and enthusiasts byte - the full text of each issue of BYTE magazine; source code too e.and.l - Entertainment and Leisure; music, pets, games, more - everything from OS/2 to PC clones - Mac news, support, software, advice professionals - consultants, engineers, financiers gather here programmers - some of the best brains in the business! wix - the Information Exchange for Windows; Windows Magazine online writers.ex - the professional and amateur writer's exchange *** FULL INTERNET ACCESS! *** BIX also features access to the Internet - you can use FTP to transfer files from sites all over the world, telnet to log on to other online services, schools, and research sites, and send Internet mail to millions of people at services like DELPHI, CompuServe, America Online, MCI Mail, and other sites and services. Services like "WHOIS" and "Finger" are also available, with more features on the way (like USENET newsgroups; our newsreader is currently being tested and should be available very soon!) There are no usage fees or special charges for Internet access - it's all part of your BIX subscription. ============================== Rates and Connect Information: ============================== BIX membership costs $13 per month, plus connect time. There are several different ways to connect: SprintNet* $3/hour evenings/weekends $9/hour weekdays Tymnet:** $3/hour evenings/weekends $9/hour weekdays (SprintNet and Tyment rates shown are for 48 contiguous US states only.) Tymnet Canada: $4/hr eves/wkends $9/hour weekdays Tymnet Hawaii: $10/hr eves/wkends $20/hour weekdays Telnet(via Internet): $1/hour, round the clock Direct dial (Boston): $2/hour, round the clock (up to 9600 bps) * SprintNet daytime hours are from 6am to 7pm, M-F, ET. ** Tymnet daytime hours are from 7am to 6pm, M-F, ET. To find your local SprintNet number, call SprintNet at (800) 877-5045, ext. 5. Internationally, call (404) 859-7700. To find a local Tymnet number, call Tymnet at (800) 937-2862. Internationally, call (703) 442-0145. ================ There is no surcharge for 9600 bps access via either telecom carrier. There is no surcharge for up to 10mb of Internet mail per month (sent and received). There will be a charge of $1 per 100,000 bytes thereafter. ================ 20/20 PLAN OPTION (for USA-48 users only): Volume users can choose the 20/20 Advantage Plan, which is $20 per month and includes the first 20 hours of access by any combination of methods from the contiguous United States. Additional use is $1.80 per hour (additional use for telnet access is $1 an hour). The 20/20 Plan's cost is in addition to the $13 monthly fee. INTERNATIONAL USERS: If you wish to connect internationally through Tymnet or SprintNet, please contact your local PTT. BIX accepts prepaid international calls, direct dial, or telnet connections. In order to make a "collect" (not prepaid) call to BIX, your account must be verified before the charges are accepted. When you complete the registration, we'll mail you a BIX Membership Agreement by regular US Mail. Whe you receive it, sign it and return it to us by mail. When we receive it here, we'll authorize your account to make reverse charged calls. If you want to access BIX right away, contact your local PTT to set up a prepaid account. You'll pay your local carrier for your calls to BIX in advance, so there's no waiting period or verfication needed. Or, connect at BIX via telnet to SprintNet international calls from most locations are $24 an hour. Tymnet international charges vary, but are generally between $20-$30 an hour. ==================== Billing Information: ==================== You can charge your monthly BIX membership fees to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card. You may have your company invoiced for one or more BIX memberships with a BIX Corporate Account. To do so, send by US Mail or fax a Purchase Order including a Purchase Order number, invoice address, contact person, a phone number where we can reach the contact person, and the company's fax number. Please direct it to the attention of Connie Lopes, who handles corporate accounts. Our fax number is 617-491-6642. Your corporate account will generally be set up within 24 hours. =================== To Sign Up For BIX: =================== Dial by modem 1-800-695-4882 or 617-491-5410 * (use 8 data bits, no parity, full duplex) Press a few carriage returns until you see the Login:(enter "bix") prompt, then type bix At the Name? prompt, type bix.amrpt * Users already on the internet can telnet to instead. At the USERNAME: prompt enter bix, then at the Name? prompt. Once your account is registered, you can connect the same way, except at the Name? prompt you'll enter your BIXname and then your password. Using the above procedure will allow users in the 48 contiguous United States to take advantage of our special "5 for $5" offer. This offer lets you use up to 5 hours of evening/weekend time on BIX during the current calender month (whatever month you sign up in), for $5. Additional time is $1.80 per hour ($1 per hour for telnet). At the end of the calender month, you will be placed into our standard rate plan, at $13 monthly plus connect charges. You may also join the 20/20 Plan at this time. If you have other questions, please contact BIX Member Services at (800) 695-4775; send a fax to BIX at (617) 491-6642; or send Internet mail to BIX Member Services hours are 12pm - 11pm, Monday through Friday, ET.
Dealer Directory Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% The Grapevine %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% - Topeka, Kansas -------------- Sources report that Paul Montgomery has left NewTek, and has taken some engineers with him. More on this story as it unfolds... - King of Prussia, Pennsylvania ----------------------------- Other sources report that ImageFX v2.0 will be released "Real Soon Now."
Humor Department Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% The Humor Department %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF GOD HAD TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? Reprinted from STReport #10.04 AND GOD SAID: "IN THE BEGINNING, GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH." He was then faced with a Notice of Violation and a class action lawsuit for failing to file a Part A notification and an environmental impact statement with HEPA (Heavenly Environmental Protection Agency), an angelically staffed agency dedicated to keeping the Universe pollution free. God was granted a temporary permit for the heavenly portion of the project, but was issued a "cease and desist" order on the earthly portion, pending further review by the HEPA. Upon completion of His construction permit application and environmental impact statement, God appeared before the Heavenly Environmental Protection Commission to answer unresolved questions regarding His application. When asked why He began these projects in the first place, God simply replied that He liked to be "creative." This was not considered adequate reasoning; and God was required to substantiate this further. HEPA was unable to see any practical use for earth, since "THE EARTH WAS VOID AND EMPTY, AND DARKNESS WAS UPON THE FACE OF THE DEEP." And God said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT." He really should never have brought up this point, since one Commission member was very active in the Sierrangel Club and immediately protested, stating "How was light to be made? Would it be a nuclear-powered or coal-fired generating plant? Would there be strip mining? What about thermal pollution? Air pollution? Universal warming?" God explained that the light would come from a huge ball of fire. No one on the Commission really understood this, but it was provisionally accepted assuming (1) there would be no smog or smoke resulting from the ball of fire, (2) a separate burning permit would be required, and (3) since continuous light would be a waste of energy, it should be dark at least one-half of the time. And so God agreed to "DIVIDE THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS, AND HE CALLED THE LIGHT 'DAY', AND THE DARKNESS 'NIGHT'." (The Commission expressed no interest with in-house semantics.) When asked how the earth would be covered, God said "LET THERE BE FIRMAMENT MADE AMIDST THE WATERS, AND LET IT DIVIDE THE WATERS FROM THE WATERS." One ecologically radical Commission member accused Him of double-talk, but the Commission tabled action since God would be required first to apply for a "firmament" permit from the ABLM (Angelic Bureau of Land Management), would be required to obtain water permits from the appropriate agencies involved, and further, insure that construction of any firmament would result in no net loss of wetlands. The Commission asked if there would be only water and firmament, and God said "LET THE EARTH BRING FORTH THE GREEN HERB, AND SUCH AS MAY SEED, AND THE FRUIT TREE YIELDING FRUIT AFTER ITS KIND, WHICH MAY HAVE SEEN ITSELF UPON THE EARTH." The Commission agreed to this, as long as only native seeds were to be used. About future developments, God also said "LET THE WATERS BRING FORTH THE CREEPING CREATURE HAVING LIFE, AND THE FOWL THAT MAY FLY OVER THE EARTH UNDER THE FIRMAMENT OF HEAVEN." Here again, the Commission took no formal action, since this would require approval of the Game and Fish Commission, coordinated with the Heavenly Wildlife Federation and the Audubongelic Society. It appeared that everything was in order until God said that He wanted to complete the project in six days. At this time He was advised by the Commission that His timing was completely out of the question. HEPA would require a minimum of six to nine months to review the permit application and environmental impact statement, and then there would have to be a 45-day public comment period followed by public hearings. After any and all public comments were considered, it could feasibly take 12 to 18 months before a permit could be issued. And God said, "THE HELL WITH IT!"
In Closing Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% _ _ __ ___ _ %% %% /\\ |\\ /| || // \ /\\ %% %% / \\ | \\ /|| ||(< __ / \\ %% %% /--- \\| \/ || || \\_||/--- \\ %% %% /______________________________\\ %% %% / \\ %% %% Amiga Report International Online Magazine %% %% January 28, 1994 ~ Issue No. 2.04 %% %% Copyright © 1994 SkyNet Publications %% %% All Rights Reserved %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Views, Opinions and Articles presented herein are not necessarily those of the editors and staff of Amiga Report International Online Magazine or of STR Publications. Permission to reprint articles is hereby granted, unless otherwise noted. Reprints must, without exception, include the name of the publication, date, issue number and the author's name. Amiga Report and/or portions therein may not be edited in any way without prior written per- mission. However, translation into a language other than English is accept- ble, provided the original meaning is not altered. Amiga Report may be dis- tributed on privately owned not-for-profit bulletin board systems (fees to cover cost of operation are acceptable), and major online services such as (but not limited to) Delphi and Portal. Distribution on public domain disks is acceptable provided proceeds are only to cover the cost of the disk (e.g. no more than $5 US). Distribution on for-profit magazine cover disks requires written permission from the editor or publisher. Amiga Report is a not-for-profit publication. Amiga Report, at the time of pub- ication, is believed reasonably accurate. Amiga Report, its staff and con- ributors are not and cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of information contained herein or the results obtained there from. Amiga Report is not affiliated with Commodore-Amiga, Inc., Commodore Business Machines, Ltd., or any other Amiga publication in any way. All items quoted in whole or in part are done so under the Fair Use Provision of the Copy- right Laws of the United States Penal Code. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%