MAG Disk (Mar 1994) : PlinkPlonk / Readme_First

				PlinkPlonk Assign

	In order to run PlinkPlonk correctly you must make an assign
    called 'XOXGames:'. This can be done from workbench if you are running
    from disk by using the pulldown menu option Workbench >> Execute Command 
    then type in:  assign XOXGames: <Drive>:plinkplonk  

	If this is going on your hard drive I suggest modifing your User-
    Startup so you won't have type in the assign each time:
    place this line in your User-Startup: assign XOXGames: <Partition>:path> 
    i.e.assign XOXGames: Dh0:Games/PlinkPlonk


    NOTICE: I have taken the liberty of creating a small script file that will
make the assign command and boot the game for you merely by double clicking
the PPGame.boot icon.  This script will continue to work as long as the 
PlinkPlonk sub-directory remains in the root directory and iconx is in your
c sub-directory of any floppy disk.  If you wish to move this game to a hard 
drive, then by all means follow the above instructions for modifying your 
User-Startup.  Also, you might use any picture viewer to look at the 
instructions file for a hint to play the game.  PlinkPlonk is a two-player
game so enjoy.

 Bill Bowers, Memphis Amiga Group....