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    In This Issue...
 1. Adobe Systems and Aldus Corporation Announce Agreement to Merge
 2. Virtual Reality Comes "Home" with Virtus VR
 3. SENSE8 Corporation Ships WorldToolKit for Windows
 4. Electronic Arts Announces Studio Reorganization
 5. Centaur Demonstrates OpalVision Desktop Video System at NAB94
 6. MONTAGE 24: 24-Bit Video Titling & Graphics Software for Amiga
 7. DareWare Multimedia Shareware Available
      Adobe Systems and Aldus Corporation Announce Agreement to Merge
          Creators of Electronic Publishing Industry Join Forces
           to Seize Expanding Opportunities in the Creation and
    _             Communicication of Digital Information
   / \
  / - \             Mountain View, CA -- March 15, 1994
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)dobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) and Aldus Corporation 
(NASDAQ: ALDC) today announced a definitive agreement to merge through an 
exchange of common stock of the two companies, creating a new half-billion 
dollar leader in software for authoring and publishing electronic information.
Under the agreement, which has been approved by the boards of directors of both

companies, Adobe will exchange 1.15 shares of its common stock for each share
of Aldus common stock. Based on approximately 13.8 milion shares outstanding of

Aldus stock and the current Adobe stock price, the transaction will have a
value of approximately $525 million. The merger is intended to qualify as a
tax-free reorganization and a "pooling of interests" for accounting and
financial purposes. "We are committed to achieving the cost savings necessary
to make this transaction non-dilutive in the first full year of the combined
operations," said Jack Warnock, Chairman and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated.
The merger will be considered for approval by shareholders of both companies at

separate meetings anticipated in July 1994 with the merger to be effective 
immediately following shareholders approval. Paul Brainerd, president, founder
and major shareholder in Aldus, has agreed to vote his shares in favor of the
merger and has given Adobe an irrevocable proxy for all of his Aldus shares in
connection with such vote.
In addition, Aldus and Adobe have each agreed to the payment of a break-up fee
if under certain circumstances the transaction should not be completed. The
merger is subject to numerous conditions.
"We believe our two companies, each with a rich hisotry of inventing different
aspects of the electronic publishing revolution, are simply much stronger
together -- both technologically and financially -- than we would be by
remaining separate," said John Warnock. "Combined, the two companies offer 
products that address every aspect of information authoring and representation,

and in the future, can draw from that expertise to pioneer the process and
provide the tools required to help our customers move from today's paper-based
information infrastructure to tomorrow's digital world."
"The challenges of the competitive landscape and the breadth of new market 
opportunities offered by the digital revolution can be much more effectively 
met by merging our companies than by either company individually," said Chuck 
Geschke, president and COO, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "The combined company 
offers tremendous opportunity for more competitive marketing, higher levels of
customer service and better responsiveness to customers' evolving needs."
Paul Brainerd said the merger offers both short and long term benefits because
of the broad array and depth of products that the companies can now market and
distribute together, as well as the tremendous technological synergy that
exists between the two companies for the development of future products.
"Together, Adobe and Aldus can generate tremendous momentum to meet customer
requirements. The new company will have the largest, most respected typeface
library, and world's top-selling page layout solution, and best-of-breed
illustration, photo-editing, presentation, image retrieval and video-production

applications. These technologies are the foundation for today's most powerful
publishing and authoring solutions and tomorrow's tools for creating and
distributing information digitally."
Brainerd, Warnock and Geschke are widely recognized in the software industry 
for having created the desktop printing and electronic publishing phenomena, 
which has grown into a $2 billion industry since the early 1980s. Adobe, 
founded in 1982, provided the first open standard for representing the printed
document, PostScript, and the technology to support that standard. Brainerd,
who founded Aldus in 1984, coined the term "desktop publishing" and created the

top selling PageMaker software system that allows visually rich documents to be

created on personal computers.
Under terms of the merger agreement, Warnock, 53, will become chairman and CEO
of the new company with headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Charles Geschke, 54,

president of Adobe, will retain the ame position in the new company. Brainerd,
46, and another current member of Aldus' board, will become members of the
Board of Directors of the new company once the merger is complete. The
structure of the merged company will consist of operation divisions including
Systems Products, Application Products, and Consumer Products. Facilities will
be maintained in both Mountain View, CA and Seattle, WA. Current plans call for

the new company to continue to market and support all major products of both
compaies. Future corporate identity plans will be determined when the merger is

Each company has sales and distribution operations outside of the United 
States. In Europe, Adobe is headquartered in Amsterdam and Aldus is based in 
Edinburgh. Both Aldus and Adobe maintain Pacific Rim operations in Tokyo and 
other major cities.
On a combined basis, the companies had revenues last year of $520 million and 
more than 2,100 employees located throughout the world. For fiscal 1993, Adobe
reported revenues of $313 million and net income of $57 million, while Aldus
reported total revenues of approximately $207 million and net income of $9.5
million. Adobe has approximately 45.7 million shares outstanding, and Aldus has

approximately 13.8 million shares outstanding.
Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software products and 
technologies that enable users to create, display, print and communicate 
electronic documents and manipulate digital content to moving pictures and 
sound. The company licenses its technology to major computer and publishing 
supliers, and markets a line of type and application software products 
Aldus creates computer software solutions that help people throughout the world

effectively communicate information and ideas. The company focuses on three
main lines of business: applications for the professional publishing, prepress
and video markets; applications for the consuemr market; and applications for
the emerging interactive publishing market.
               Virtual Reality Comes "Home" with Virtus VR
        New low-priced entertainment package lets home users explore and
   customize virtual worlds on Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows systems
 _     _
( \   / )              Scottsdale, AZ -- March 1994
 \ \_/ /
  \   /
   \_/irtus Corporation is shipping Virtus VR, a $99 desktop virtual reality 
package that allows consumers to explore, alter and invent realistic, 3-D 
worlds in the comfort of their own homes. Virtus Corporation, an award- winning

developer of 3-D drawing and visualization software, is releasing versions of
Virtus VR for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. The new product is
designed as an entertainment package, but can also be used to plan home
remodling or other projects.
Virtus VR comes with five "prefab" worlds: the White House, complete with the 
Oval Office; a futuristic ocean floor apartment and research complex; the 
Hindenberg blimp hovering, explosion-free, over Paris; a mystery house (within
a house, within yet another house...); and Dealey Plaza, site of the John F.
Kennedy assassination. The latter scene features Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy in their
limousine, riding by the grassy knoll before a scanned image of the Texas
School Book Depository. Users can view the grassy knoll from the perspective of

the limo, or "fly" up to the School Book Depository and peek through the
fateful window. In addition to viewing the Virtus VR worlds, users can modify
them. For example, they could remodel the Virtus VR White House, changing its
wallpaper, adding furniture, and enlarging the rooms.
"There's no 'helmet law' in virtual reality," said Virtus founder and president

David Smith. "You really don't need expensive high-tech gear to become immersed

in the 3-D world and interact with it in an engrossing manner. Virtus VR has
high entertainment value: Users can experiment easily, wandering around, adding

and rearranging objects, and creating entirely new scenes.
"Virtus VR's customization features make it challenging and creative with 
repeated use -- which is good, because some of our customers will be kids, and
they're very demanding!" Smith continued. "Others might be shoppers, people
looking for something totally new to give to the computer user who 'has
everything.' With this is mind, we deliberately priced Virtus VR well within
the reach of the average consumer."
Virtus is supplementing Virtus VR with an ongoing series of new sites and 
object galleries. Priced at $39, each add-on package comes with five 'worlds' 
and over 100 objects. The first two, a gallery of homes and a science fiction 
gallery, are available at the same time as Virtus VR. Sample homes include a 
mountain retreat, beach house, country club estate, and a model of Frank Lloyd
Wright's Pope-Leighy House. The add-on also includes a gallery of typical
rooms; for example, users who want to build a house can choose from several
styles of bathroom, kitchen, living, bedroom, basement, and decorate them with
a selection of tile samples, wood floors, wallpaper patterns -- essentially
everything they might need to construct digital homes of their own. Scenes in
the science fiction gallery include a lunar penitentiary, a space colony, and a

Mount Rushmore of the future that gives users a glimpse inside the heads of
presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Clinton.
Touring Virtus VR -- How it Works
Desktop "travelers" move through Virtus VR worlds with continuous motion that 
produces the feel of simulated flight. Traveling by mouse, they can explore 
whatever areas they like, choosing the direction and angle of their view as 
well as the path they take through the environment. Navigation is controlled 
either by clicking on arrows at the bottom of the screen, or clicking around a
cursor inside the 3-D world.
Users can enhance their explorations by altering an environment's look and 
content. Virtus VR includes extensive galleries of real-world objects 
represented onscreen by 3-D icons. When users click on an icon, a rotating 3-D
version appears, revealing its features from every angle. Again with the mouse,

users can drag the object -- a desk, for example -- into the 3-D scene. Virtus
VR automatically sizes the object, making it the right proportion to its
"Drag-and drop" capabilities make it easy for novice computer users to create 
new worlds. Virtus VR includes basic building blocks like cubes, squares and 
pyramids for making objects from scratch. World-builders can develop complete 
environments, employing the product's object galleries and construction tools 
to produce anything from a model bathroom to the main bridge of the U.S.S. 
Enterprise. For complex, finely detailed models, however, advanced users will 
want to graduate to Virtus's highter level products, Virtus WalkThrough or 
Virtus WalkThrough Pro. Virtus VR is compatible with these products.
Users can save their tour paths for repeated viewing, or take an entirely new 
route each time. Paths can be saved as QuickTime(TM) or PICS movies on the 
Macintosh, or as Animator Pro files for integration into other Windows 
Pricing and Availability
Virus VR for the Macintosh and Virtus VR for Windows are available now at a 
suggested retail price of $99 each. The Virtus VR Home Design Gallery and 
Virtus VR Science Fiction Gallery are also available with a list price of $39.
The products each include five worlds with approximately 12 galleries 
containing about 125 objects, including basic geometric building blocks.
Virtus VR products are sold primarily through major mail order houses such as 
MicroWareouse, Mac Warehouse, Mac Zone and PC Zone. The products are also 
available through select retail stores.
About Virtus Corporation
Founded in 1990, Virtus Corporation is based in Cary, North Carolina. The 
company's sophisticated 3-D drawing and visualization technology has been 
employed in the development of major motion pictures such as "The Abyss" and 
"The Firm," and is used throughout the world by architects, set designers, 
interior designers, maketing consultants, and other creative professionals. 
Virtus's first product, Virtus WalkThrough for the Macintosh, won MacUser 
Magazine's coveted "BreakThrough Product of the Year" award upon its release in

1990. Other Virtus products include Virtus WalkThrough for Windows and Virtus
WalkThrough Pro.
Privately held, Virtus is backed by Motorola Inc.'s New Enterprises Division, 
author Tom Clancy, and film maker Michael Backes, among others. The company is
rapdily emerging as a leader in real-time rendering and visualization, 
providing software that allows creative professionals to quickly test and share

their visual concepts.
  ____          SENSE8 Corporation Ships WorldToolKit for Windows
 / ___)         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
( (__                    Sausalito, CA -- March 15, 1994
 \__ \
 ___) )
(____/ENSE8 Corporation, leading provider of software tools for building 
real-time virtual reality (VR) and graphics simulation applications, today 
announced the commercial release of WorldToolKit for Windows.
WorldToolKit for Windows represents a breakthrough for Microsoft Windows 
developers by giving them access to powerful, real-time graphics simulation 
capabilities for building intuitive applications and interfaces. When used with

Intel's Pentium processor and a local-bus graphics board, WorldToolKit for
Windows sets new performance levels for inexpensive, real-time 
three-dimensional simulations. The announcement was made at Software 
Development/Business Solutions, San Jose, Calif., March 15-17.
Richard Wirt, director, software technology labs, Intel Corporation, said, 
"WorldToolKit for Windows will enable a whole new class of 3D graphics and VR 
applications on PC platforms. Using a Pentium processor-based PC, developers 
are now able to produce real-time, texture-mapped 3D images under Windows 
faster than on some workstations that cost over $10,000."
Tom Coull, president of SENSE8, said, "The number of desktops that can support
WorldToolKit for Windows is well over six million, and we have already seen a
large amount of interest among Windows developers who had not previously
considered themselves in the market for VR tools."
"There has been a tremendous response to WorldToolKit for Windows by a first 
wave of developers eager to take advantage of the product's features," added 
Ken Pimentel, vice-president of SENSE8. "WorldToolKit for Windows represents a
new era of graphics performance."
WorldToolKit for Windows is a real-time graphics development environment for 
building 3D simulations and virtual reality applications under Windows 3.1. It
offers software developers an unprecedented level of power and flexibility, and

easily links to mainstream, data-rich applications such as Microsoft Excel to
present new ways of viewing and interacting with data. As a C library of over
400 function calls, WorldToolKit for Windows dramatically simplifies the
process of creating real-time interactive 3D simulations and VR applications.
WorldToolKit reads 3D objects created with tools such as Autocad, 3D Studio,
Swivel 3D or any other modeler that generates DXF or 3DS files. WorldToolKit
for Windows allows a developer to interact with and explore these 3D models in
real-time using existing PC hardware. Support for wire-frame, smooth-shaded and

texture-mapped surfaces is included along with support for head-mounted
displays, sound boards, mice, joysticks and ultrasonic-tracking devices.
 * Supports Windows 3.1 and Windows NT
 * Real-time rendering of Gouraud-shaded and textured surfaces
 * Portability: Windows, Digital OSF, SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, Sun OS,
Microsoft DOS
 * Supports DDE
 * Supports 16 to 16.7 million color modes
The commercial release of WorldToolKit for Windows is available now and is 
priced at $795. A 486DX PC (or better) running Windows 3.1/NT with either a 16,

256, 32K or 64K color graphics driver is required. A local-bus PC using a 
Pentium chip provides additional performance capability.
SENSE8 was incorporated in 1990 as a software company dedicated to providing 
affordable real-time 3D graphics for the interactive visualization and 
simulation of data, designs, concepts and physical systems. SENSE8's flagship 
product, WorldToolKit, was born out of the desire to provide a powerful yet 
easy-to-use software system accessible to a wide range of users. WorldToolKit 
is available directly from SENSE8 as well as from a worldwide network of 
distributors in the U.S., Japan, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Finland, 
Portugal, Spain, Australia, Taiwan and Korea. SENSE8 can be reached at 4000 
Bridgeway, Suite 101, Sausalito, CA 94965. 415/331-6318, Fax: 415/331-9148.
     ____       Electronic Arts Announces Studio Reorganization
    / ___)      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / (_                San Mateo, CA -- March 8, 1994
  / ___)
 / (_
(____)lectronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today that the company has created

three divisions that align production, development, and marketing resources
with key product categories and new technology areas. These divisions -- EA
SPORTS, Simulation and Interactive Movies, and Entertainment -- were created
within the EA Product Development headed by Bing Gordon, executive vice
"Electronic Arts' mission is to be a leading worldwide publisher and 
distributor of interactive consumer software," said Lary Probst, president and
chief executive officer. "In order to achieve that goal, we are adjusting our
studio organization's structure to focus on key product categories and new
hardware technologies. This focus will facilitate growth and enable Electronic
Arts to compete more successfully in this rapidly changing market."
EA SPORTS Division
Jack Heistand will assume the role of senior vice president and general manager

of EA SPORTS. The sports category has become one of the largest and most
competitive market segments of the interactive entertainment industry, and
Heistand's charter is to further enhance Electronic Arts' position as a global
market leader. Prior to joining Electronic Arts in 1992 as head of marketing,
he was a general manager of two different Hearst Corporation businesses.
Simulation and Interactive Movies Division
Robert Garriott has been promoted to senior vice president and general manager
of this new division which will focus on high-end story and simulation
products, including the Origin brand. Garriott and his team will have the
mission of defining and developing a leadership position in the new genre of
"interactive movies." Prior to its acquisition in 1992, Garriott served as
president and chief executive officer of Origin Systems, a leader in
role-playing games.
Entertainment Division
Monty Finefrock has been promoted to senior vice president and general manager
of the Entertainment Division, which has been charged with creating 
world-class, action-oriented products for both the home and destination-based 
markets. Finefrock is a 10-year production and studio management veteran of 
Electronic Arts; most recently he headed studio operations and development for
the company.
In a separate move, Steve Salyer and Stewart Bonn, both Senior Vice Presidents,

have been charged with the responsibility of defining Electronic Arts' strategy

for developing and electronically distributing entertainment, education, and
information software into the home. Salyer, who most recently was in charge of
the company's business development effort, joined EA in 1989 from Strategic
Simutations, Inc. where he served as vice president of sales and marketing.
Bonn, an 11-year EA veteran, just finished leading the company and its Advanced

Entertainment Group into the exciting new 32-bit market -- the next generation
of interactive technology.
Probst concluded his announcement by expressing his conviction that "each of 
these changes will contribute to achieving our long-term objectives and will 
generate continued revenue and profit growth." He also congratulated each of 
these EA executives and wished them success in their new assignments.
Electronic Arts is a diversified interactive entertainment and education 
company that develops, publishes, and distributes software worldwide. The 
company was founded in 1982 and has an annual sales rate of about $400 million.

Corporate headquarters are located in San Mateo, California. The company has
offices in Texas, Canada, the United Kingdon, Europe, Australia, and Japan.
         Centaur Demonstrates OpalVision Desktop Video System at NAB94
    ____ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / ___)              Los Angeles, CA -- March 21, 1994
  / /                                         (predated)
 / (__
(_____)entaur Development is demonstrating the complete OpalVision(TM) Desktop
Video System at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, March
21-24 in Las Vegas. According to Gary Rayner, OpalVision project Technical
Director, "OpalVision sets new standards for the desktop video industry. The
quality and variety of our DVEs, the versatility of our switcher, and the
breadth of our functionality puts OpalVision way ahead of the pack."
The OpalVision Video Processor provides hundreds of pre-defined three- 
dimensional Digital Video Effects and an unlimited variety of user-created 
effects, a real-time, 24-bit framegrabber, and a professional quality genlock 
with chroma, luma and transparency keying. It also sprovides software for the 
creation and editing of DVEs, controlling software for all functions and 
MONTAGE for OpalVision for one nanosecond, network caliber video titling.
The OpalVision Main Board has already earned a reputation as the best 24-bit 
video board for the Amiga series computers. It is a true 24-bit display device
and frame buffer with 16.7 million colors available for every pixel. Bundled
software includes the award-winning OpalPaint, widely acknowledged in the press

as the very best of Amiga painting programs.
The OpalVision Video Suite is a complete audio and video mixing, switching, and

transcoding device. This nine-input, rack-mountable video switcher is 19-inch,
rack-mountable unit with nine Video inputs, with video in and out available
simultaneously in RGB or Y/R-Y/B-Y, compostie and S-Video. The linear
transparency key provides transparency control between 2 video sources on a
pixel-by-pixel basis. The 10-input audio mixer is fully software sequenced with

smooth fades and full 5-band stereo frequency equalization.
The OpalVision Desktop System automatically self-configures for both PAL and 
NTSC video modes, and is fully compatibe with AmiLink series of Video Editing 
products marketed by RGB Computer and Video, Inc. The OpalVision Main Board is
available now and has a suggested retail price of $995.
For more information visit Centaur Development's exhibit at NAB94, Sunday March

20 through Thursday, March 24, 1994, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, or
contact the company directly at 2645 Maricopa Street, Suite B, Torrance, CA
90503, phone 310/787-4530, fax 310/222-5882.
        MONTAGE 24: 24-Bit Video Titling & Graphics Software for Amiga
    _  _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \/ \             San Leandro, CA -- March 15, 1994
  /      \
 / /\  /\ \
(_/  \/  \_)ONTAGE -- (mon tazh') 1. The process of making an artistic 
composition by bringing together a number of different images and arranging 
these, as by superimposing one on another, so that they form a blended whole 
while remaining distinct. 2. A rapid sequence of thematically related images 
that exhibit different aspects of an idea. 3. The definitive solution for video

titling, image composition and effects presentation on Amiga AGA, OpalVision,
and ImpactVision 24 platforms!
Character Generation and graphics composition on the Amiga take a radical new 
turn with MONTAGE 24 from InnoVision Technology, the company that pioneered 
broadcast quality video titling on the Commodore Amiga. MONTAGE 24 is the first

24-bit titling and graphics application for Amiga AGA, OpalVision and 
ImpactVision 24 platforms. MONTAGE features real-time font scaling, 16 million
color graphics creation and manipulation plus AGA transition sequencing.
MONTAGE 24 propels your Amiga workstation into the cutting edge of high-end
titling capabilities!
Real-time "click and drag" font scaling allows for unprecedented text display 
flexibility. Create dazzling text with embossing, color spreads and 
transparency with an effective resolution of 1 nanosecond -- regardless of 
Brilliant 24-bit, 16.8 million color graphics display in IFF-24 or Framestore 
formats. Image processing capabilities include translucency blending, image 
compositing, gradient color spreads, beveled boxes and wallpaper embossing!
Make popular, eye-catching AGA transition effects such as wipes, checker- 
boards and slides with variable playback speeds and dwell times for creating 
and sequencing truly exceptional video presentations!
Unlimited 24-bit image compositing, automatic anti-aliasing of imported IFF 
graphics, unprecedented power and ease of use make MONTAGE 24 the final word in

Amiga video and graphics composition!
Font Scaling Innovation
 * 8 scalable master typefaces with high level anti-aliasing
 * Instantaneous "click and drag" font scaling on any number of characters
 * Text can be resized on independent vertical and horizontal axes
 * All typestyles include special symbols, international characters, and
   small caps
 * Import of popular font formats including Toaster Fonts and Chroma Fonts
 * Additional scalable MONTAGE fonts available for expanded typeface libary
   with MONTAGE Fonts 1
 * Additional MONTAGE PostScript Module allows use of PostScript type 1 & 3
   and Compugraphic fonts
Stunning Text Attribute Options
 * Vibrant 16 million color titles
 * Anti-aliasing of charcters to background images for 1 nanosecond
   effective resolution
 * Outline, shadow, and cast attributes with fully adjustable size, color
   and fill mode
 * Character effects include variable transparency, gradient color fills,
   embossing and soft shadowing
 * Automatic or user-controlled character kerning
 * Select any combination of fonts, sizes, and colors per line
Powerful AGA Transition Capabilities
 * Sequence MONTAGE pages with included transition effects
   (Effects are limited for non-AGA display adapters)
 * Automatic/manual playback of transition effects with variable playback
   speeds and dwell times
 * GPI trigger for external video link
24-Bit Graphics Imaging
 * IFF-24 and Super Hi-Res HAM 8 and Toaster Framestore backgrounds & logos
 * Generate gradient color spreads, beveled boxes, embossed wallpaper and
   tile pattern backgrounds
 * Real-time compositing control and translucency blending for text& graphics
 * Automatic anti-aliasing of graphic elements
Complete Text Editing Control
 * Easy "click and drag" scaling and title composition
 * Convenient attribute copy, save and paste
 * Undo function and instant recall of attribute presets
 * Completely flexible character and line overlap
 * Video safe-title area indicator
Professional Video Output
 * Ultra high level anti-aliasing reduces video flicker
 * Supports NTSC and PAL overscan formats
 * Super Hi-Res output (1504 x 480/576) for AGA
Minimum System Requirements
 * Amiga AGA 1200/4000 or Amiga 2000/3000 with OpalVision or GVP
   ImpactVision 24
 * 8 Mb Fast RAM and 1 Mb Chip RAM
 * Hard drive with 10 Mb free
 * AmigaDOS 1.3 or higher (2.x recommended)
 * 68020 Accelerator or higher required
MONTAGE 24 for the Amiga $399.95 (US$) Suggested Retail
MONTAGE for the Video Toaster $499.95 (US$) Suggested Retail
The new Amiga AGA, OpalVision and ImpactVision systems put unrivaled video 
production potential on your desktop. Now MONTAGE 24 from InnoVision Technology

ignites that potential with broadcast quality titling and graphics like you've
never seen!
For more information contact InnoVision Technology, 1933 Davis Street, Suite 
238, San Leandro, CA 94577, phone 510/638-0800, fax 510/638-6453.
 ______           DareWare Multimedia Shareware Available
(__  __)          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  / /              Cyberspace, U.S.A. -- March 18, 1994
 / /
(_/he Multimedia RoundTable is working directly with DareWare Inc. to bring you

their full line of popular shareware in the latest enhanced releases! The 
following programs -- all FULLY FUNCTIONAL Evaluation versions, will be 
available for downloading from the Library, including:
Four Fine Files are Available Now! (File descriptions below)
  Multimedia 1 v2.0 -- The Creator!
  Multimedia Maker v2.1 (MMM21) -- Adds Sound Blaster Input Support
  Show Maker v3.0 -- Audio/Visual Show Maker for Novices
  Jurassic Spelling v2.0 -- Talks as it Teaches Kids to Spell; Dinosaurs!
Coming Soon!
  Image Processor v1.5            ABC-Talk v3.1
  Cinema v2.0                     123-Talk v3.0
  View v1.2                       123-Talk for Sound Cards
                                  Talking Spanish v1.5
 SOUND/MUSIC/SPEECH               Talking Teacher v2.0
  PlayIt v2.0                     Spelling Beez v2.0
  Play v1.2
  45 RPM Music
  PC_Talk v2.2
MULTIMEDIA 1  -- The Creator
MULTIMEDIA 1 v2.0 will allow you to create your own custom presentations, 
advertisements, demos, tutorials, courseware authoring, reports, school 
projects and much more. With it, you can combine real human SPEECH, MUSIC and 
sound effects with high resolution IMAGES (up to SVGA) to create custom 
AUDIO/VIDEO SHOWS on any subject, place, product or procedure you desire. This
package includes:
 * OVER 1 MEG. of speech, music and sound effects.
   (Excellent sound quality that plays thru the PC speaker)
 * SOUND BLASTER support. (Create your own VOC files)
 * Display GIF, PCX, PIC, TIFF and TARGA image files.
   (Supports CGA, EGA, VGA and SVGA)
 * Create an interactive USER MENU for your application.
   - Multiple overlapping windows - Mouse support
   - Pull down menu  - Copy and Paste features
   - Scaling - Clipping - Printing - Conversion - and more.
 * Allows you to incorporate other popular packages.
   (Autodesk Animator, Grasp and your custom programs)
 * Easy to use - No programming experience needed.
 * VGA graphics and Hard Drive are required.
A fully functional Evaluation Version may be downloaded from the Multimedia 
RoundTable Library on GEnie Page 2000 (keyword CYBERSPACE) as File 965:
Number: 965  Name: MULTI20.ZIP
Address: MULTIMEDIA    Date: 940318
Approximate # of bytes: 878592
Number of Accesses: 1  Library: 3
MULTIMEDIA 1 v2.0, "The Creator" from DareWare, allows you to create custom 
interactive presentations, advertisements, demos, tutorials, courseware, school

projects and much more. With this package you can combine real human SPEECH,
MUSIC and sound effects with high resolution IMAGES (up to SVGA). Use it to
make your own custom AUDIO/VIDEO SHOWS on any subject, place, product or
procedure you desire, with motion, special effects, user menus. Built-in image
processor and text editor, plus OVER 1 MEG. of speech, music and sound effects.

$79 registration gets LOTS of enhancements! Runs under Windows and requires
IBM-compatible, DOS, VGA and Hard Drive. Sound Blaster-compatible card
This next one offers all the fine features of The Creator PLUS Sound 
Blaster-compatible INPUT control!
Number: 964  Name: MMM21.ZIP
Address: MULTIMEDIA     Date: 940317
Approximate # of bytes: 695168
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3

It offers all the great features as File 965 MULTIMEDIA 1 (The Creator) PLUS
Sound Blaster-compatible support as input so you can produce state-of-the-art
talking interactive presentations, tutorials, tests, advertisements, courseware

authoring. Use this package to create dynamic attention grabbing interactive
AUDIO/VIDEO shows. Requires IBM-compatible, VGA, Sound Balster-compatible card,

and hard drive.
Keywords: Multimedia,Author,Business,DOS,IBM,DareWare,ShareWare,VGA,SB 
Also available now!
Number: 963  Name: SHOW30.ZIP
Address: MULTIMEDIA    Date: 940317
Approximate # of bytes: 349056
Number of Accesses: 1  Library: 3
presentations, tutorials, interactive talking slide shows. Speech and music 
thru optional Sound Card or PC Speaker. VGA and Hard Drive required. Main Menu
choices: Examples & Testing, Quick Tutorial, Word Processor, Image Processor,
Users Manual, Quit. No mouse support. DOS batch files call utilities,
manipulate graphics, do wipes and fades, play music and voice files. $39
registration gets ADVANCED version with additional commands, functions,
effects, SVGA support, advanced image and text processors, screen capture
utility, sound library, mouse support. This is a fully functional evaluation
copy from DareWare for IBM-compatibles using DOS.
Keywords: Multimedia,Authoring,DOS,IBM,Show,Maker,DareWare,Shareware,PC,VGA
Just Released!
Jurrassic Spelling v2.0
If you're looking for a FUN program to teach and test your child on spelling, 
this is it! You enter the words, and when your child spells them correctly, he
or she is rewarded with VGA quality PREHISTORIC PICTURES and text!
Eons of exciting spelling fun for young Homo Sapiens!
Number: 966  Name: JURASSIC.ZIP
Address: CYBERSPACE    Date: 940318
Approximate # of bytes: 654848
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3
JURASSIC SPELLING, V2.0 <ASP> is DareWare's fantastic new spelling program that

really talks! It features sound-board or PC speaker support and high resolution

graphics. You can use the existing word files or enter your own words -- up to
500 of your own word files. Get visual and/or aural rewards for correct
responses. Lots of fun and well worth the download! Requires IBM-compatible
running DOS 2.1+, 286 processor or greater, 640K RAM and VGA.
More great programs from DareWare are coming SOON to a Library near you! :)
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