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 ---------------------------- C O N T E N T S ------------------------------
 1. Dell DL-1460NI Computer Monitors Recalled Due to Fire Risk
 2. Kaleida Labs Restructures to Focus on Core Technology
 3. Digital Announces Desktop and Server Systems Based on New Intel
 4. Digital Announces New Daughtercard Upgrade For DECpc XL Premium and
    DECpc XL Server Models
 5. Chips & Technologies Brings Desktop-Level Graphics to Notebook Computers
 6. Microsoft TechNet Announces the Microsoft TechNet Supplemental
    (Drivers & Patches) CD and Server Licensing
 7. Moon Valley Puts Victory & Roar of the Crowd on Your PC with ESPN
    Sports Shorts
 8. GameTek Previews Cinema Division with 30 Full-Motion Video Titles by
    Christmas 1994
 9. Microsoft Announces Availability of Bookshelf '94 for Windows and Mac
10. 7th Level's TuneLand, World's First Interactive Cartoon, Listed as
    Top-Selling Children's Entertainment CD-ROM Title at CompUSA
11. Autodesk Animator Pro Player v1.3 Available
 _         Dell DL-1460NI Computer Monitors Recalled Due to Fire Risk
| |        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| |                    Washington, D.C. -- May 20, 1994
| |
| |
|_|n cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Dell
Computer Corp., Austin, Texax is voluntarily recalling Dell model DL-1460NI
14-inch SVGA computer monitors. Internal components in the Dell model DL-1460NI

monitor can overheat, and the monitor can catch fire.
PRODUCT:  Approximately 63,000 Dell Model DL-1460NI 14-inch SVGA color computer

monitors sold by Dell, Sam's Club, Costco, Price Club, and CompUSA.
PROBLEM:  Internal components may overheat causing a fire hazard.
WHAT TO DO:  Consumers using Dell computer monitors should look for the model 
number DL-1460NI on the back of the monitor. Those having model DL-1460NI 
monitors should call Dell at 800/913-3355 to arrange for shipping and repair of

the monitor.
Dell Computer Corporation has received 32 reports of monitors overheating and,
in some cases, catching fire. None of the reported incidents involved personal
injury and the reported fires did not spread. Dell reported this problem to the

Dell Computer imported the monitors from a Taiwanese manufacturer in 1992 and 
1993. The involved monitors were sold by Dell directly, and at Sam's Club, 
Costco, Price Club, and CompUSA. Approximately 63,000 involved monitors are 
believed to be in use.
Consumers using Dell computer monitors should look for this model number on the

back of their monitors. ONLY model DL-1460NI monitors are involved. Consumers
having this model should unplug the monitors, and call Dell's recall number
800/913-3355 between 9 AM and 9 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, or 11
AM and 3 PM Eastern Time, Saturday, to arrange for a free pick-up and repair of

the monitors. Owners may also obtain information and register for repair
through Dell's computer bulletin board (512/728-3589), the Dell forum on
CompuServe and America OnLine. The company will send packing materials
overnight to owners of the monitors. Airborne Express will then pick up the
monitors for return of the repaied unit in 3-5 working days.
Consumers should not call any other Dell 800 number, or any retailer from whom
the monitor may have been purchased, as this will only delay repair of the
monitor. Information on this recall is available via Dell's Techfax(SM) fax
service at 800/950-1329.
Note: To report an unsafe consumer product or product-related injury, consumers

should call the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's toll-free hotline at
800/638-2772. A teletypewriter for the hearing and speech impaired is available

at 800/638-8270.
 _   _        Kaleida Labs Restructures to Focus on Core Technology
| | / )       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| |/ /                Mountain View, CA -- May 10, 1994
|   <
| |\ \
|_| \_)aleida Labs today announced it will restructure the company to better 
focus on its core technology, ScriptX. This action is a result of an intensive
effort by CEO Mike Braun and Kaleida's board of directors to better align the
company's business model with its core customers and technology, and to gain
more strategic leverage from Apple and IBM investments in complementary
Kaleida will now focus completely on the delivery of its ScriptX multimedia 
development environment, eliminating positions not essential to bringing those
core technology to market. A work force reduction of approximately 20 percent
is aniticipated. Before reductions, Kaleida employed 126 people.
"Our most important priority is to deliver ScriptX and the Kaleida Media 
Player," said Mike Braun, Kaleida's CEO. "We won't eliminate any positions 
critical to the development of the product or the support of our developers. 
While the decision to reduce staff is diffucult, it is important that the 
organization be sized according to our mission and with a narrower focus, our 
structure can be scaled back."
"Our vision has not changed, we have only redefined our plans to implement it,"

said Braun. "We are going to enter the market intensely focused on our most
important customers -- multimedia developers -- and our first products, ScriptX

development kits for personal computers."
Kaleida remains committed to its plans to develop ScriptX enhancements that 
allow multimedia content to be implmented on distributed systems in both the PC

and TV arenas. Braun added that "multimedia developers want their ScriptX 
skills and the content they create to bridge the PC and TV worlds, so cross 
platform capabilities are fundamental to our system design and product plans."
"Our work on a graphics chip and operating system for set-top boxes was 
initiated to fill a market void and create a target platform for ScriptX," said

Braun. "We will be transitioning out of these projects because we can now
depend on Apple, IBM, and others to provide and/or license basic ITV platforms
to companies developing such products."
Transition discussions with interactive television partners and Kaleida's 
parent companies regarding the set-top operating system and Malibu graphics 
chip are underway.
"As we prepare to ship our next developers release this week to some 200 
developers, Kaleida and our customers look ahead to defining the next 
generation of multimedia content," Braun continued. "In ScriptX and the Kaleida

Media Player, we have combined a complete object system, hundreds of core
classes, a dynamic language designed expressly for multimedia and a 
platform-independent design to give developers an extraordinary development 
environment. They will be able to create better and more unique titles and 
applications, create them once at lower cost, and distribute them anywhere. 
Kaleida is now totally focused on delivering this value to multimedia 
Kaleida Labs, Inc. is an independent, privately-held firm, co-owned by Apple 
Computer and IBM Corporation. Its mission is to create a new platform for the 
development of multimedia content. The Kaleida Platform consists of two major 
components: ScriptX, the first object-oriented programming language designed 
specifically for the development of multimedia content; and the Kaleida Media 
Player, a multimedia system that provides the software resources for delivering

content across a broad range of operating systems. Kaleida Media Players will
initially be available for Windows, Macintosh, and later for OS/2, UNIX, and
set-top terminals. Kaleida Labs is based in Mountain View, California.
                  Digital Announces Desktop and Server Systems
                        Based on New Intel Processors
 ____              ... And the 'Greening' of its Value Line
|  _ \
| | ) |                  Maynard, Mass. -- May 17, 1994
| | | |
| |_) |
|____/igital Equipment Corporation today announced 13 new models in its DECpc 
Value, Premium and Server lines. Nine of the new models are based on the 
recently-introduced IntelSX2, IntelDX4 and Pentium 735/90 Intel processors. 
Also included in the announcement are desktop systems in the company's popular
Value Line of i486-based desktop PCs carrying the Energy Star logo.
"Digital continues to invest in expanding its range of personal computer 
products to meet the diverse needs of today's PC buyers," said Enrico Pesatori,

vice president and general manager of Digital's Systems Business Unit and
Personal Computer Business Unit. "With today's introduction, we are responding
to the increasing demand of our customers and resellers by offering the widest
possible product choice, and the latest in processor and graphics technology,"
added Harry Copperman, the PC Business Unit's vice president, U.S. Sales and
'Green' Machines for Desktop Value
As part of today's announcement, Digital added two new models to its popular 
DECpc LPv+ family of Energy Star Value Line desktops. The systems are based on
the recently-introduced IntelSX2 (50MHz) and IntelDX4 (100MHz) microprocessors.

Designed for price and energy conscious users, the DECpc LPv+ family cuts
energy consumption, providing PC users with substantial savings. The DECpc LPv+

450s2 slimline system with 4MB RAM (upgradable to 64MB), 8KB internal cache, S3

805 local bus video, upgradable CPU and a 170MB hard drive is priced at $1,249.

A similarly configured DECpc LPv+ 4100 with 16KB internal cache is priced at
The company also announced it has updated the four i486-based members of its 
successful DECpc LPx family to the new DECpc LPx+ 433sx, DECpc LPx+ 433dx, 
DECpc LPx+ 450d2 and DECpc LPx+ 466d2 -- all now Energy Star-compliant and all
at the same price as the DECpc LPx models. Competitively priced, the DECpc LPx+

family combines superior performance and energy-efficient features in an
expandable desktop package.
At the same time, two new 'green' models, also based on the new Intel 
processors, were added to the DECpc LPx+ family for a total of six new systems.

The new DECpc LPx+ 450s2 full-profile desktop system with 4MB RAM (upgradable
to 64MB), 8KB internal cache, S3 805 local bus video, upgradable CPU and a
170MB hard drive is priced at $1,379. A similarly configured DECpc LPx+ 4100
with 16KB internal cache is priced at $2,329.
Standard with all the new Value Line systems are factory-installed MS-DOS 6.21
and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, a keyboard, mouse and floppy disk drive.
With the new models in the DECpc Value Line desktop families, Digital becomes 
one of the first vendors to offer a complete line of i486-based desktop Energy
Star-compliant products.
"Top to bottom we're 'green' with our i486-based Value Line desktop offerings,"

said Jesse Parker, director of desktop and server product management and
marketing. "All systems now have Advanced Power Management to give users
control over how they manage their energy-saving features."
Using the Power Management Windows icon feature of Advanced Power Management, 
users can easily control their power down settings -- monitor suspend, monitor
power down, and disk drive suspend -- for optimum power management, resulting
in lower power consumption and operating costs. For example, a user can select
monitor time-outs in intervals of one to 30 minutes before the monitor goes
into suspend or power-down modes.
Premium Line Extends Investment Protection
Also introduced today are two new systems in Digital's flexible Premium Line. 
Using the new IntelDX4 and Pentium 90 processors, the new DECpc XL 4100 and 
DECpc XL 590 round out Digital's family of high-performance, 
processor-upgradable minitower systems.
Based on the company's innovative motherboard/daughtercard XL architecture, the

systems will support multiple generations of i486 and Pentium technologies, as
well as future Alpha AXP technology. This gives users excellent expansion,
unparalleled upgradability, and superior investment protection. Designed for
"power" users, the DECpc XL systems are ideal in accounting, design,
engineering and other processing-intensive applications.
The new DECpc XL 4100 systems offer a high level of expandability with 8MB of 
memory (expandable to 128MB), 8K internal cache (with an external cache of up 
to 256K), six full-sized slots (2 PCI, 3 Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) 
and 1 PCI/ISA), PCI local bus video, an upgradable CPU, 340MB SCSI hard drive.
With both a 3.3 and 5.0 volt power supply, the systems can accommodate future
technology choices, without the expense and inconvenience of changing power
supplies. The new DECpc XL 4100 is priced at $2,749. A similarly configured
DECpc XL 590 is priced at $3,399.
Digital also added Intel's new 100MHz processor to its DECpc MTE family. Based
on the IntelDX4 chip, the DECpc MTE 4100 is the latest in a family of powerful,

expandable minitower systems. The DECpc MTE 4100 can be used as a standalone
system for multimedia and other high-throughput needs. The DECpc MTE family
protects users investments in two ways. The family is easily upgradable to
future Intel processors, and the systems accept industry- standard VESA/VL and
EISA add-ons, which are in common use. A DECpc MTE 4100 with 8MB RAM
(upgradable to 128MB), 6 slots (5 EISA, 1 EISA/VESA VL), 8K internal cache
(with an external cache of up to 256K), optional S3 805/S3 928 video adapters,
upgradable CPU, and a 340MB hard drive is priced at $2,649.
The new Premium Line systems come standard with MS-DOS 6.21 and Windows for 
Workgroups 3.11 factory installed, as well as a keyboard, mouse and floppy disk

Flexible Servers Incorporate Unique XL Architecture
Digital also announced two new models in its recently-introduced DECpc XL 
Server family. The DECpc XL Server 4100 and the DECpc XL Server 590 are 
targeted at departments in mid-sized or large corporations, government 
organizations, and finance and insurance institutions. Incorporating the unique

XL architecture, the DECpc XL Servers are the only servers on the market
designed to give PC users the flexibility to implement a top-of-the-line CISC
platform today, as well as support Alpha AXP RISC processors in the future. 
These high-performance, flexible servers ensure investment protection for the
Based on the 100MHz IntelDX4 and the 90MHz Pentium processors, the new DECpc XL

Servers are aimed at PC users requiring high-end file and print services, along

with system expansion to run other applications such as small data bases,
communications and electronic mail. In addition, the servers run the widest
range of popular networking and operating systems, including Novell NetWare and

UNIXWare, Microsoft Windows, Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT, SCO UNIX,
IBM OS/2, Digital PATHWORKS and Banyan VINES.
A typically configured DECpc XL Server 4100 with 8MB RAM, standard external 
cache of 128KB (upgradable to 256KB maximum), 2xCD-ROM, 535MB Fast SCSI disk, 
floppy disk drive, mouse, and keyboard is $4,099. A similarly configured DECpc
XL Server 590 with 16MB RAM, 256KB cache and 1GB disk drive is $5,599. Standard

with the systems are support for Fast-Wide SCSI-2, RAID and 8GB of internal
State-of-the-Art Graphics Technology Provides Increased Performance
Included in the announcement were accelerated graphics cards based on S3's 
Vision864 chip. A PCI version of the card is standard on the DECpc XL. Offered
as a VL-bus option for the DECpc LPx+ line, the card is priced at $225. Both
are available immediately.
Users can expect significant improvement in graphics performance over the 
current generation of 32-bit graphics controllers. Digital is one of the first
system vendors to introduce 64-bit graphics acceleration based on the S3
Vision864 chip as an option across its mainstream product offerings.
All of the systems announced today are available through Digital's channel 
partners, including master resellers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, VARS
and system integrators, as well as the Digital PC Catalog and Digital's direct
sales organization. The new DECpc MTE 4100, DECpc XL 4100, and the DECpc LPx+
models are available immediately; the remaining systems are available the first

week of June.
The new DECpc Value and Premium line products carry a three-year, limited 
warranty -- first year on-site, second and third year returned to Digital. The
DECpc Servers are covered by a three-year, on-site limited warranty, one of the

most comprehensive in the industry.
Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open client/server 
solutions from personal computers to integrated worldwide information systems.
Digital's scalable Alpha AXP platforms, storage, networking, software and
services, together with industry-focused solutions from business partners, help

organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.
Note: Sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-722-9332. Additional 
product and technical information are available in fact sheets.
                  Digital Announces New Daughtercard Upgrade For
                    DECpc XL Premium and DECpc XL Server Models
 ____                    ...Names Program PowerGrade
|  _ \
| | ) |                  Maynard, Mass. -- May 17, 1994
| | | |
| |_) |
|____/igital Equipment Corporation today announced a new name for the unique 
motherboard/daughtercard upgrades for its XL architecture announced last 
November -- the PowerGrade Program. Also, the company added a new daughtercard
based on Intel's Pentium 735/90MHz processor.
Under PowerGrade, users of Digital's DECpc XL Premium Line personal computers 
and DECpc XL Servers now can easily adapt to their changing business and 
technology needs.
"PowerGrade assures our XL customers that the system they buy today will meet 
their needs well into the future. It is the easy and economical alternative to
purchasing a new system," said Harry Copperman, vice president, U.S. Sales and
Marketing for Digital's Personal Computer Business Unit. "The program enables
customers to fully upgrade their existing systems as their needs dictate. We
make it easy by supplying everything they need in one convenient package," he
Using the company's unique XL architecture motherboard/daughtercard design, 
Digital's PowerGrade Program gives DECpc XL and DECpc XL Server users a 
full-processor upgrade. The design places CPU-specific components on the 
daughtercard and common system components on the motherboard. This optimized 
approach offers excellent flexibility in configuring systems, while providing 
customers with a superior upgrade path to Pentium and future Alpha AXP 
The convenient PowerGrade package comes with a daughtercard, new BIOS 
diskettes, warranty upgrade stickers and installation instructions. If 
purchased within the original three-year warranty period, the warranty is 
extended by one year. The customer returns their original daughtercard in the 
same mailing package, and receives a trade-in allowance for the card.
The PowerGrade package for the Intel Pentium 66 upgrade is priced at $1399; the

Intel Pentium 735/90 is priced at $1599. Trade-in allowances range from $200
for an DECpc XL 433 daughtercard, to $500 for a DECpc XL 566 daughtercard.
The PowerGrade packages are available at the end of the month through Digital's

channel partners, as well as the Digital PC Catalog and Digital's direct sales
Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open client/server 
solutions from personal computers to integrated worldwide information systems.
Digital's scalable Alpha AXP platforms, storage, networking, software and
services, together with industry-focused solutions from business partners, help

organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.
Note: Sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-722-9332.
   Chips & Technologies Brings Desktop-Level Graphics to Notebook Computers
                   New Mustang controllers make possible
  ___                live video in Windows on notebooks
 / _ \
| | )_|                 San Jose, CA -- May 5, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/hips and Technologies, Inc. today announced a new family of VGA graphics
display controllers that bring desktop computer graphics capabilities to
notebook computers. Notebooks equipped with one of these controllers can run
graphics intensive software programs, including live video in a Windows
environment, that were previously restricted to office computers.
"By breaking down the wall between what must be done in the office and what can

be done in the field, we believe we've enabled the notebook computer to truly
come into its own as the new centerpiece of personal computing," said Jim
Stafford, president and CEO. "The new controllers are further proof of Chips
and Technologies' commitment to pioneering and leading the development of
graphics chips for the notebook computer industry."
The 65540 and 65545 are now the flagships of Chips and Technologies' product 
line, being the world's first flat-panel controllers to add video overlay 
capability. These devices will allow notebook computer makers to easily and 
inexpensively bring full motion video from VCRs, laser disks, camcorders, and 
other sources to add multimedia to their products. The most immediate impact of

this will likely be the creation of new markets for entertainment, business
presentations, and video networking on notebook computers.
Both devices, the first members of the Mustang family, represent compatible 
high-end additions to Chips and Technologies' established Vampire line of flat
panel controllers. Among Vampire's customers are IBM, AST, Dell, 
Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, and AMBRA, a subsidiary of IBM. The addition of the 
Mustang family gives designers a flexible and reliable high-performance 
solution -- requiring minimum reconfiguration -- across the spectrum of 
notebook designs.
The 65545 uses a hardware accelerator that multiplies the speed of data 
transfer to the display to offer deskstop performance in notebook systems. The
65540 is designed for mainstream applications that do not require hardware
acceleration but still need high-speed performance.
One of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of notebook computer design
is the graphics subsystem. Because the 65540 and 65545 are fully hardware and
software compatible, computer OEMs now have a single design that serves the
requirements of several market segments -- from low end monochrome systems to
high end desktop replacements.
The Mustang controllers are also designed for maximum flexibility and 
usefulness to computer designers. For example, both are available in 5 volt and

the new energy conserving 3.3 volt 'Green PC' versions. Both feature 'power
down' modes that reduce power consumption and extend battery life.
In terms of software, the two controllers come equipped with VGA-compatible 
BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to make most efficient use of all features of
the products. Further, Chips and Technologies offers high performance drivers
for Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2 at different resolutions and color depths.
Price and Delivery
Samples and production quantities of the 65440 are available now. Price, in 
10,000 unit quanities, is $24.00. The 65545 will be sampling in July. 
Production quantities will be available in September with pricing of $31.00 for

10,000 unit quantities.
About Chips and Technologies
Chips and Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHPS) supplies advanced semiconductor 
devices to the worldwide personal computer industry. The company pioneered the
concept of implementing discrete functions in highly integrated chipsets. 
Chips' products are found in a wide range of systems from compact portables to
high performance desktop computers.
For more information, contact Chips and Technologies, 3050 Zanker Road, San 
Jose, CA 95134, telephone 408/434-0600.
                Microsoft TechNet Announces the Microsoft TechNet
            Supplemental (Drivers & Patches) CD and Server Licensing
 _    _     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| \  / |
|  \/  |                 Redmond, WA -- May 23, 1994
|      |
| |\/| |
|_|  |_|icrosoft Corporation recently released a supplemental Microsoft TechNet

information CD containing the complete Microsoft Software Library that includes

drivers for the entire line of Microsoft software products, code samples,
articles and useful utilities along with the patches for the Microsoft Windows
NT operating system.
Called the Microsoft TechNet Supplemental (Drivers & Patches) CD, this release
of more than 900 drivers is the first of a supplemental monthly CD sent as part

of an annual membership to Microsoft TechNet. It enables users to access
printer, video, audio, storage, pen or network drivers as well as install the
latest Windows NT patches. Future CDs will include patches for LAN Manager (and

other products); and the Microsoft Networking Client Kit, which is the standard

networking client for the Windows NT Advanced Server, Windows for Workgroups
and LAN Manager networks. The kit includes network client software for MS-DOS,
the Windows operating system version 3.1, and OS/2.
Earlier this fall, Microsoft began issuing quarterly customer service packs 
with code, updating users to the most current release of Windows NT. However, 
this is the first time the information is available on CD, allowing customers 
not only to proactively address and work around interoperability issues, but 
also to minimize the time and effort needed to access the information. To 
simplify the process, users install all of the Windows NT patches at once, 
using a simple installation program provided on the CD.
"Customers, support professionals and system administrators told us they need 
easy access to current drivers and patches in order to effectively support and
administer business-critical systems. Microsoft TechNet responded by delivering

the Microsoft TechNet Supplemental (Drivers & Patches) CD, our latest addition
to the Microsoft TechNet program," said Gregg Smith, Product Manager, Microsoft

TechNet. "This CD is a collection of software that will empower our customers
to more effectively do their jobs."
J. Matthew Merrick of Merrick Printing received an advance copy of the 
Microsoft TechNet Supplemental (Drivers & Patches) CD and found it invaluable.
"As we implement Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server in our corporate
environment, we are confident Microsoft has committed to providing regular
updates to handle any operating concerns, making it a very stable operating
system. Regular delivery of these updates through Microsoft TechNet will
literally save me hundreds of dollars," said Merrick.
Microsoft TechNet
Microsoft TechNet is an CD-ROM-based information service created for those who
support or educate end users, administer networks or databases, create 
automated solutions, and recommend or evaluate information technology 
solutions. Microsoft TechNet provides timely, in-depth technical information 
about Microsoft products and about supporting and administering Microsoft-based

solutions. Since its inception last spring, the CD-ROM information service has
become an invaluable tool for tens of thousands of MIS and help-desk managers,
as well as other support professionals worldwide. Microsoft TechNet was
recently awarded a Win100 award (a top 100 Windows product of 1993) by Windows
Magazine, which said, "This is a must-buy for any technical service
professional" (February 1994).
Along with the monthly Microsoft TechNet Supplemental (Drivers and Patches) CD,

Microsoft TechNet members also receive monthly Microsoft TechNet CDs that 
contain the complete Microsoft Knowledge Base; complete product Resource Kits 
with utilities for Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and the Windows and 
MS-DOS operating systems and others; Microsoft training materials; customer 
solutions; conference session notes from key Microsoft conferences; and other 
valuable technical and strategic information. This vast arsenal of information
is simple to access with a Windows-based interface and a full-text Boolean
search engine. Membership in Microsoft TechNet also includes a $20 CompuServe
usage credit, a 20% discount on Microsoft Press books and a printed Microsoft
Services Directory (as well as an in-depth, online version).
The cost for 12 monthly TechNet and TechNet Supplemental (Drivers and Patches)
CD's is $295 for a single user license, or $695 for a single server - unlimited

users license. Both are accompanied by a 90-day, money-back guarantee. For more

information or to join Microsoft TechNet, call (800) 344-2121, extension 3003.
Outside the United States and Canada, call (402) 691-0173 for local contact
Cyberspace Observation: Visit the Microsoft RoundTable for information about 
accessing these products on GEnie. Type MICROSOFT at any GEnie prompt.
                Moon Valley Puts Victory & Roar of the Crowd
                    on Your PC with ESPN Sports Shorts
              $39.99 CD-ROM features Wacky.WAV files, intense
              action screen savers, and desktop customization
 _    _         for favorite team colors on Windows desktop.
| \  / |
|  \/  |          San Luis Obispo, CA -- April 28, 1994
|      |
| |\/| |
|_|  |_|oon Valley Software has announced its first sports title, ESPN Sports 
Shorts, a $39.99 multimedia CD-ROM that includes live ESPN action sports video
clips from around the world; hundreds of sports-themed sound effects and
expressions by popular ESPN announcers; screen savers, wallpapers, slide shows;

even the ability to create one's own phrases with Moon Valley's proprietary
"text-to-speech" capability.
All of the files in this massive compilation can be attached to various 
Microsoft Windows events, from the festive sound of team cheers to the 
screaming and burning of rubber of Formula One Race cars, said Kirk Keys, vice
president of sales and marketing. In addition, the program includes the Moon
Valley "Style-O-Rama" function set which allows users to customize everything
from the program manager title bar to the dialog boxes with special graphic
effects featuring one's team colors and backgrounds.
"America is sports crazy," said Keys. "ESPN has realized this fact for many 
years now. Moon Valley, where everyone is crazy all the time, brings this 
vision to the computer-using mass market with a gigantic collection of 
sports-themed diversions for the PC desktop."
ESPN Sports Shorts is the second Moon Valley title to feature a text-to- speech

module called Let's Talk(TM), which allows users to create their own phrases
(e.g. "Let's Go, Lakers!") and attach them to any Windows event, such as dialog

boxes, buttons or icons. These phrases can also be set to go off at particular
"We're very excited about the upcoming release of ESPN Sports Shorts," said Tom

Hagopian, vice president, ESPN Enterprises. "Now, sports fans will be able to
enjoy a lot of the great sights and sounds of ESPN on their PCs."
System Requirements
The title requires an IBM-compatible PC with a 386 or higher processor, Windows

3.1, 2 MB RAM, 10 MB available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, mouse, VGA
monitor and graphics card (Super VGA and 256-color recommended). A sound card
is also highly recommended, although the program includes a driver for the PC
ESPN Sports Shorts will ship in less than a month. Street price for the $39.99
title is expected to be around $25.
Sample Screens
Moon Valley generously provided Cyberspace Report with two sample wallpaper 
screens from ESPN Sport Shorts with permission to make them available in the 
Library! Download them in this file:
Number: 1031  Name: MOONVAL.ZIP
Address: CYBERSPACE  Date: 940526
Approximate # of bytes: 238720
Number of Accesses: 1  Library: 8
Two cool, sample Windows wallpaper screens (converted to GIF) from Moon Valley
Software's new sports title, ESPN Sports Shorts. Display on any computer with a

GIF viewer; 640x480x256 colors.
ESPN, Inc., a brand name synonymous with quality sports television worldwide, 
is America's largest cable network and features events, news and lifestyle 
programming. ESPN, owned 80 percent by Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., and 20 percent

by The Hearst Corporation, reaches 63 million households, 67 percent of
American television homes. The 24-hour network, headquartered in Bristol, CT,
debuted September 7, 1979, and televises more than 4,500 live and/or original
hours of sports programming a year.
ESPN Enterprises was created in 1992 to extend ESPN into related ancilliary 
businesses, including interactivity, multimedia, electronic publishing, 
licensing, home video, and merchandising.
Moon Valley is a place where people go to have fun on their computers. Moon 
Valley Software, where the employees are known to sing "Fly Me to the Moon" at
the slightest provocation, is headquartered at 141 Suburban Road, Suite A-1,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, with manufacturing and distribution offices in
Phoenix, AZ.
Despite, or perhaps because of the company's general lunacy, its products are 
widely available through leading retailers, including Electronic Boutique, 
Egghead Software, Babbages, CompUSA, Micro Center, and Best Buy. Having the 
number one selling CD-ROM in America, ROMaterial, for much of 1993 also didn't
For more information or a date with Moon Rabbit, the company's furry white 
mascot (he's the one on all the boxes), just concentrate real hard and click 
your heels together three times. Or, if you're less interesting, you can always

call 800/473-5509.
                    GameTek Previews Cinema Division with
                30 Full-Motion Video Titles by Christmas 1994
  ___            "Lights, Camera... GameTek Cinema Action!"
 / _ \
| | )_|             North Miana Beach, FL -- May 11, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/lassic Hollywood movies and TV programs -- from George Romero's horror 
film, "Night of the Living Dead" and Fritz Lang's science fiction fantasy, 
"Metropolis," to a compilation of favorite "Our Gang" episodes and Charlie 
Chaplin shorts -- will now be transformed into full-motion CD-ROM computer 
video products by GameTek Cinema.
GameTek (NASDAQ: GAME), the international developer, marketer, and publisher of

computer, CD-ROM, Sega and Nintendo System software, announced its leap into
the multimedia entertainment industry today with the launch of its new GameTek
Cinema Division.
MPC and Macintosh CD-ROMs
Positioning GameTak as a leader in the full-motion video industry, the GameTek
Cinema Division will bring to Macintosh CD and IBM-compatible MPC computer
screens an array of top Hollywood motion picture entertainment.
Six full-length animated children's features such as "Treasure Island" and 
"Wind in the Willows" -- under an exclusive license with Omnivision, Los 
Angeles, -- will be simultaneously unveiled under GameTek's new KidStuff Cinema

label. KidStuff Cinema will also debut children's computer products based on
PBS-TV's "Reading Rainbow," winner of five Emmy Awards.
GameTek is best known for the success of its best-selling entertainment 
software such as the award-winning "Frontier Elite II," "Humans" and such TV 
game show simulations as "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy!" The initial 
premiere of GameTek Cinema titles will involve 12 entertainment products in 
September, eight KidStuff products in October, and six more GameTek Cinema 
products in November 1994.
Virtual Movie Theatre
What's more, GameTek Cinema entertainment software will take viewers one step 
closer to the actual movie-going experience, thanks to a pop-up computer 
interface that leads them through a point-and-click 'Virtual Movie Theatre.'
Movie fans begin in a theatre lobby, which offers a playable arcade filled with

GameTek game demonstrations, an interactive refreshment stand, and other 
surprises. "The 'Virtual Movie Theatre' will provide startlingly authentic 
entertainment, even before the movie starts," says GameTak Creative Director 
Stephen Curran. "The only thing we left out was the ju-ju-bees on the theatre 
Further heightening the movie experience, users can play movie director -- 
using a full array of movie control features including: Play, Pause (variable 
speed), Fast Forward, and (variable speed) Rewind, Frame-by-Frame Forward and 
Frame-by-Frame Backward.
"By releasing nearly three dozen CD-ROM multimedia entertainment products in 
the next half-year, GameTek Cinema is poised to become one of the leading 
sources for full-motion video products and multimedia development," says 
GameTek president, Bruce Lowry.
"But for the TV and film industry, GameTek Cinema offers an unprecedented 
opportunity to bring the most exciting entertainment properties in Hollywood 
into the digital age of CD-ROM. We will be aggressively seeking out new movies,

TV programs, and cartoons to add to the GameTek Cinema line."
GameTek will support all GameTek Cinema entertainment titles with mass 
distribution through more than 15,000 consumer electronics and other retail 
outlets, reinforced by nationwide merchandising, promotion, and advertising 
GameTek's products, designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of age groups, 
include TV game show and productivity titles for adults; action, fantasy and 
simulation games for teenagers; and developmental and educational titles for 
The GamTek Cinema Division, based in North Miami Beach, can be reached through
Carleen Carty at 305/935-3995, ext. 103.
    Microsoft Announces Availability of Bookshelf '94 for Windows and Mac
                       Most Significant Upgrade Ever
 _    _           to Popular Microsoft Reference Library
| \  / |
|  \/  |                 Redmond, WA -- May 2, 1994
|      |
| |\/| |
|_|  |_|icrosoft Corporation today announced the availability of Microsoft(R) 
Bookshelf(R) 1994. The new version, announced earlier this year, is the most 
significant upgrade ever made to Microsoft's popular multimedia CD-ROM 
reference library and will be available in separate versions for the Microsoft
Windows(TM) operating system and Apple(R) Macintosh(R) computer. The release
also continues the momentum for the Microsoft Home brand of consumer multimedia

Bookshelf '94 features the complete texts of seven best-selling, newly updated
reference books on a single CD-ROM disk. Bookshelf '94 goes beyond printed
reference books to offer rich multimedia, such as 80,000 dictionary 
pronunciations, each spoken in a human voice, and more than 60 animations and 
video clips of scientific concepts and historical events. It also contains more

up-to-date material than is possible in printed works, as well as powerful new
tools that make it easier to access information and to facilitate fast searches

across all of the books in Bookshelf '94.
"Consumers are increasingly demanding about the quality of their multimedia 
software; they want the comprehensive content available from print titles, 
along with stimulating and informative sights and sounds," said Richard Tait, 
general manager of the family reference business unit at Mirosoft. "Bookshelf 
provides information in a way not possible with printed reference material. 
Best of all, with one-click access to best-selling reference information from 
within any program, Bookshelf '94 is the new way to look it up. The continued 
and expanding popularity of Microsoft Bookshelf proves that we are meeting this

high consumer standard."
QuickShelf Information Retrieval
Bookshelf '94, the most significant upgrade since Microsoft introduced the 
pioneering multimedia CD-ROM softare title in 1987, redefines the way people 
can work with reference information. For example, the all-new QuickShelf(TM) 
information retrieval tool gives users one-click access to each of the seven 
reference works in Bookshelf from within any other software program for the 
Windows operating system or Macintosh computer. Because the books are 
integrated, users can also double-click any word in Bookshelf to see its 
definition and hear its spoken pronunciation instantly.
Because users depend on reference information when creating presentations and 
reports, Bookshelf '94 works well with other programs for Windows and the 
Macintosh. Users can copy and paste facts, quotes and even pictures into their
word processors, spreadsheets or presentation programs.
Seven Best-Sellers
Four of the reference volumes in Bookshelf '94 are completely new: The American

Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition; Roget's Original Thesaurus of Words and
Phrases; The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations; and The People's Chronology.
Bookshelf '94 also includes newly updated versions of The Concise Columbia
Encyclopedia, Hammond Intermediate World Atlas, and World Almanac Book of
Facts(R) 1994.
Price and Availability
To bring Bookshelf '94 within reach of the rapidly expanding market of 
multimedia computer users, Microsoft is making this new version available for 
the suggested retail prie (SRP) of $99 through Dec. 31, 1994. Licensed users of

previous versions are eligible for a $40 in-box rebate. The Windows-based 
version of Bookshelf '94 is available now. The version for the Macintosh is 
scheduled to be available next month.
For users of Windows, Microsoft Bookshelf '94 requires a multimedia PC or 
compatible with a 386SX or higher microprocessor, 4MB of RAM, at least 2MB of 
available hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, a VGA display, an audio board, 
headphones or speakers, and a mouse of similar pointing device.
For users of Macintosh, Microsoft Bookshelf '94 requires a color Macintosh or 
PowerBook(R) computer with System 7 or higher, 4MB of RAM, at least 2MB of hard

disk space, and a Macintosh-compatible CD-ROM drive.
The Microsoft Home brand is a broad range of consumer software products 
targeted at the rapidly expanding market of home software users. The Microsoft
Home brand has been created in response to customer demand for a line of
userful and enjoyable products for the entire family. Under the Home brand,
Microsoft offers software in the categories of personal productivity, kids,
games, educational entertainment and reference, and will continue to expand
these categories throughout the year.
        7th Level's TuneLand, World's First Interactive Cartoon, Listed
        as Top-Selling Children's Entertainment CD-ROM Title at CompUSA
 _____  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
|_   _|
  | |                    Dallas, TX -- April 6, 1994
  | |
  | |
  |_|uneLand from 7th Level, starring Howie Mandel, was the best-selling 
children's entertainment CD-ROM title at leading superstore group CompUSA 
during February, 1994. "It hit CompUSA no. 1 seller's list for CD-ROM 
entertainment titles just after its release," according to David Peterson, a 
buyer for CompUSA disttributor Ingram Micro. Mr. Peterson was quoted in the 
3/14/94 issue of the LA Business Journal.
Described as a "living cartoon," TuneLand was also one of the best-selling 
titles during the same period at Ingram, which is the world's largest PC 
hardware and software distributor. TuneLand came in third behind long-running 
hits Microsoft Encarta(TM) and Virgin Games' 7th Guest(TM).
This remarkable showing for 7th Level's first title is reinforced with two 
awards given the product recentlly. TuneLand received "Best of Show" for 
product design from Game Bytes Magazine at January's Winter Consumer 
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "TuneLand defines multimedia," said Ross 
Erickson, editor-in-chief of America's only on-line game publication. 
"Unquestionably, TuneLand is one of the finest CD-ROM products ever made," he 
TuneLand was also named to the "A-List" by CD-ROM News Extra. "The music is the

most sophisticated and professionally recorded to date," said the publication
in its February issue.
The next release from 7th Level is an adult comedy title, "Monty Python's 
Flying Circus," containing game elements and some of the more outrageous skits
from the famous British comedy troupe. Celebrating Python's 25th anniversary,
the title is set for release in late summer of this year.
For more information, contact 7th Level, Inc. 1711 International Parkway Suite
101, Richardson, TX 75081, telephone 214/437-4858, fax 214/437-2717.
                  Autodesk Animator Pro Player v1.3 Available
 ____             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
|  _ \
| | ) |                Cyberspace on GEnie -- May 27, 1994
| | | |
| |_) |
|____/isplaying graphics and animations created on other computing platforms 
has been made dramatically easier for IBM-compatible MS-DOS users with 
availability of Aniplay, Autodesk's Animator Pro Player v1.3, in the 
Multimedia/Cyberspace Library on GEnie Page 2000.
Properly installed using MS-DOS (see the file description for details -- it's 
not hard), Aniplay displays a huge number of file formats including its own 
Autodesk MOVie, FLI and FLC formats, and PCX, RND, SLD, Targa, TIF, 
TAG/TIFFGREY, in addition to files created on Amiga, Atari ST and Macintosh 
 * Amiga Deluxe Paint III Animations, RIF, and native IFF/LBM screens
 * MacPaint B/W
Download the following file to get this capability:
Number: 1032  Name: ANIPLAY.ZIP
Address: CYBERSPACE   Date: 940526
Approximate # of bytes: 328320
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3
Aniplay, Autodesk's fantastic Animator Pro Player v1.3, displays animations 
(even 3-D) and graphics from MS-DOS. Formats include: Amiga DPaintIII Anims, 
B/W, Autodesk MOVie, PCX, RND, SLD, Targa, TIF, TAG/TIFFGREY, and FLC/FLI. 
Control with scripts (instructions included) or from its GUI/mouse interface. 
Put ANIPLAY.EXE in a directory named whatever you like; inside it create 
another directory named RESOURCE and store everything else in this archive 
there. Requires IBM-compatible with VGA grahics, and installation of your Vesa
driver for best results.
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  |      Upon CONNECTion, enter HHH. Enter HHH each time you use GENie.  |
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