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 ---------------------------- C O N T E N T S ------------------------------
 1. "Call to Action" Campaign for Ethical use of Computer and Information
    Technology Announced by Global Hi-Tech Groups
 2. Aldus and Linotype-Hell Lead Formation of Font Consortium
 3. Creative Technology and 3DO Sign Formal Licensing Agreement
 4. Nanao Brings Color Sync Color Management to FlexScan Monitors
 5. InstaColor's Brochure Maker Software and Services
 6. Creative Technology Introduces New Screen Singer Family Entertainment
    Software Titles
 7. Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner Takes the Mystery and Misery
    Out of Managing Your Money
 8. Virtual Landscape CD-ROM Provides Unique "Virtual" Experience
 9. CSA's Mega-Midget Racer May Be Worth Hundreds of Dollars with New
    Trade-Up Program
10. RAW Entertainment and Decision Games Combine Skills
             "Call to Action" Campaign for Ethical use of Computer
          and Information Technology Announced by Global Hi-Tech Groups
  ___     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 / _ \
| |_| |                 Washington, D.C. May 16, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_| "call to action" designed to make the ethical and responsible use of 
computer and information technology a national priority, was announced today by

some of America's leading computer software, technology, chemical, and 
financial companies and trade membership associations.
The National Computer Ethics & Responsibilities Campaign (NCERC) is a formal, 
structured effort designed to promote ethical computing and information 
practices. Its main purpose is to raise awareness of current and future ethics
issues and dilemmas associated with the "information superhighway" and other
computer, information and communications technologies.
Principal sponsor of the NCERC is the Washington, D.C.-based Computer Ethics 
Institute. Launch sponsors include: Symantec Corporation; CompuServe; Monsanto;

Merrill Lynch & Co.; the Software Publishers Association; the Business Software

Alliance; the National Computer Security Association; Ziff-Davis Publishing
Company; and the Atterbury Foundation.
NCERC will formally "kickoff" its effort on June 21 at a morning press 
conference in the Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. The 
announcement will be attended by NCERC sponsors, with members of Congress and 
the Clinton administration also invite to the event. A Congressional Forum, 
also in Rayburn and open to the general public, follows from 11:30 am to 3:30 
p.m. An NCERC reception for Congress is slated for 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. that 
NCERC is alarmed by the lack of awareness of the profound effects that computer

technologies have on the ethics of human interaction. "Concepts such as: what
is private or in the public domain; what constitutes theft, libel or 
plagiarism; or how to deal with electronic versions of pornography, as well as
many other topics, have very different manifestations in cyberspace," said Dr.
Peter Tippett, NCERC Co-Chairman and Director of Security and Enterprise 
Products for Symantec Corporation of Cupertino, CA.
"It is easy to understand the concept of trespass in physical terms," said 
Tippett. "But when someone uses a co-worker's personal computer to view a 
private directory, or when someone creates a computer virus which is 
transmitted via shared software to other computers without the owner's 
permission or knowledge, then that person may be guilty of cyber trespassing,"
Tippett concluded.
"As computers become progressively more mobile, and as voice and data 
capabilities become more interrelated, the perils and pitfalls of irresponsible

or unethical use of information technology grow in leaps and bounds," said Nick

Routledge, NCERC's other Co-Chairman.
"People simply have not had the occasion to develop or learn about responsible
computing practices - the vast majority of technology users came of age in an
environment where there were simply no teachers, no guidelines, and no accepted

codes of behavior," Tippett said. "There is a computer ethics void facing
America today," he warned.
NCERC is a non-political entity. Its only agenda is to raise awareness and to 
promote discussion  and dissemination of information on computer ethics and 
related issues. NCERC does not take a stand on any given issue of computer 
ethics or seek adoption of any particular code of ethics. However, some of the
NCERC's sponsors, as well as other hi-tech entities, have developed basic 
tenets of responsible computer use.
The campaign's ultimate goal is to increase the acceptance and public trust in
computing and information technology. "Computers, television, radio, 
telephones, libraries, money, credit and a host of other things are all 
interconnected on the nationwide data path," said Routledge. "When strategic 
use of computers and communications is compromised or constrained by 
irresponsible behavior, or onerous and costly protective restraints, technology

will be used less flexibly, less widely and less profitably," he said. "All of
us will lose," Routledge concluded.
According to an information sheet released today by the NCERC:
"There is no technological fix to a computer ethics problem. Educating people 
to this fact, and providing them with the guidelines and tools they need to use

technology in responsible ways is essential if we are all to use technology
effectively and beneficially."
NCERC is available to provide individuals and organizations with the tools and
resources needed to promote responsible computer use. For more information,
contact NCERC Co-Chairmen Nick Routledge (310-478-6599) or Peter Tippett
(310-459-9565) at the National Computer Ethics and Responsibilities Campaign,
18054 Bluesail Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90272-2901, or on Email, at Internet:
The National Computer Ethics & Responsibilities Campaign
The National Computer Ethics & Responsibilities Campaign (NCERC) includes a 
series of ongoing initiatives which bring an influential group of individuals 
and organizations behind a coordinated national "call to action" designed to 
make the ethical and responsible use of information technology a national 
priority. The Campaign message is wholly non-partisan. The primary objectives 
 a) to raise awareness of the need for discussion, education and action,
 b) and to provide individuals and organizations with the tools and resources
    they need to further promote responsible computing in their spheres of
The campaign launch phase is being supported by three major constituencies: 
companies that are large users of information technology, companies that 
provide technology products or services, and organizations representing many 
types of users. The Campaign's principal Sponsor is the Computer Ethics 
Institute. Current Campaign Launch Sponsors include Merrill Lynch & Co., 
Monsanto, Symantec Corp., CompuServe, the Software Publisher's Association, the

Business Software Alliance, the National Computer Security Association, 
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company and the Atterbury Foundation, with more expected.

Campaign Launch Events and Activities
Capitol Hill  Press Conference
CompuServe Forum & Internet FTP Site
Congressional Briefing & Forum
Catalog of Commercial Ethics Resources Reception for Legislators
Conference Promotions & CEI Activities Aggressive Press Promotion
A Capitol Hill Press Conference will be held in the Rayburn (House Office) 
building on June 21. More than 20 press announcements will be made about 
activities which support the campaign. Sponsor's activities, activities to 
foster ad-hoc and extended campaigns & educational programs, as well as other 
topical computer ethics issues will be presented. The results of at least two 
studies on Ethics in America will be presented. A Congressional Briefing & 
Forum on computer & information ethics will be held later on June 21 with many
of the world's key visionaries on ethics, privacy, security and related issues
Open to the public, it is sponsored by The Honorable Edward J. Markey, Chairman

of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance, and The Honorable
George E. Brown, Jr., Chairman Committee on Space, Science and Technology. A
Reception for Legislators, members of the executive branch, staff members, and
others will be held that evening.
Aggressive Press Promotion & Advertising which promotes the need for education
and discussion of computer ethics and PR activity on the campaign itself as
well as timely ethics issues will begin in May, 1994.
CompuServe Forum & Internet FTP Site
A CompuServe forum with both moderated discussion threads on computer ethics 
issues as well as a repository for ethics, privacy, security and related 
documents, training materials, guidelines, etc. will begin in mid-May. A 
similar FTP site will be established on the Internet. A Catalog of Commercial 
Ethics Resources will be created by the National Computer Security Association
(NCSA). It will contain any guides, books, tapes, and other materials not
amenable to electronic distribution and will be available as a "one-stop-shop"
via an 800 number. Conference Promotions & CEI Activities Activities of the
Computer Ethics Institute including its National Computer Ethics Conference;
presentations, forums, and work groups on computer ethics.
  ___        Aldus and Linotype-Hell Lead Formation of Font Consortium
 / _ \       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| |_| |                   Seattle, WA -- May 16, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_|ldus Corporation, makers of the leading desktop page layout program, 
Aldus PageMaker, in conjunction with Linotype-Hell, a leading manufacturer of 
typographic fonts, and International Typeface Corporation, a leading supplier 
of typeface designs, today announced the formation of the Font Consortium to 
create new font technology specifications.
The Font Corsortium's mission will be to devise cross platform font standards 
that will benefit font and application vendors by expanding the demand for 
enhanced typographic features. End users will profit from the development of a
standard that leads to increased font functionality and improved font 
interoperability among their applications and computing platforms.
The Font Consortium will first focus on defining and expanding the 
specifications such as those used in building fonts to support the advanced 
typographic features and capabiltities offered by QuickDraw GX, which is soon 
to be released from Apple Computer. The Consortium's goal is to have font 
vendors manufacture fonts using an open format, and for application vendors to
implement new features across platforms.
"QuickDraw GX provides an exciting platform for future generations of 
PageMaker," said David Roberts, director of print publishing products for 
Aldus. "We want to make sure that our customers will be able to use this power
in a straightforward manner without encountering the problems caused by 
inconsistencies in existing font formats."
Over 20 font vendors attended the first Consortium meeting, which was chaired 
by Allan Haley, president of Resolution, a knowledge development company. The 
participants focused on defining a common character set for text usage and 
establishing the basic features and internal data representation of the font 
The meeting also addressed the need for a font format that will take advantage
of TrueType GX characteristics without being limited to only GX applications or

systems. Participants also emphasized that the planned standards are not
intended to preclude the design and use of non-conforming fonts.
"We support the efforst of Aldus and Linotype-Hell in forming the Font 
Consortium, and we appreciate the show of support from the participating 
developers at this first meetings," said Mich Allen, manager, graphics 
engineering, at Apple Computer. "Apple believes the Font Consortium will be an
effective forum for establishing industry standards based upon QuickDraw GX
technology for the benefit of everyone in the design, publishing, and printing
"The meeting has seen a high level of commitment from participating companies 
to support the new QuickDraw GX format," said Peter Klink, director of the Font

Business Unit for Linotype-Hell AG. "We began development of tools for GX fonts

over two years ago. We started production less than a year ago, and today have
completed the core set. This inlcudes Helvetica, Times, and Palatino fonts, as
well as many more designs suited to the rich typographic features of QuickDraw
GX. At the release of Apple's Macintosh System 7.5, Linotype-Hell will ship 35
core fonts in an extended, full-featured version. Additional QuickDraw GX fonts

are under development."
TrueType is a resoution independent font technology, introduced by Apple 
Computer, which has been in use on several platforms since 1990. The new 
TrueType GX font technology specifications will encompass support for large 
character sets, data and sophisticated typgraphic features along with an 
expanded international functionality. The Font Corsortium will work to expand 
the benefits of TrueType GX by developing an open standard for cross platform 
font and feature portability.
The Font Consortium promotes an open development process. Vendors interested in

participating in the Font Consortium should call Molly Seaverns at Aldus, 
Aldus Corporation (NASDAQ: ALDC) creates computer software solutions that help
people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas. The
company focuses on three main lines of business: applications for professional
publishing, prepress, and video markets; applcations for the consumer market;
and applications for the emerging interactive publishing market. Aldus has
subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network of

dealers and distributors.
Linotype-Hell is a worldwide leader in prepress technology and sets standards 
with a wide range of computer publishing products and integrated system 
solutions for text and image processing. Maintaining the highest quality design

has always been a priority throughout the over 100 years that typefaces have
been drawn and developed at Linotype-Hell. The company offers one of the
largest typeface libraries in the most popular formats and storage media for
both the Apple Macintosh and MS-DOS platforms.
           Creative Technology and 3DO Sign Formal Licensing Agreement
  ___  Creative to be Exclusive Provider of 3DO Technology on PC Platform
 / _ \
| | )_|                   Singapore -- May 23, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/reative Technology today announced that it has signed a formal licensing
agreement with The 3DO Company (THDO) as a follow-up to the Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) signed by the two companies on March 10, 1994. As a result
of meeting specific milestones, Creative will be the exclusive provider of
single slot PC add-in cards incorporationg 3DO's advanced interactive
entertainment technology.
Creative's 3DO-based products will feature full screen, full motion video, and
special effects. Creative plans to demonstrate the technology at Spring COMDEX
1994 and plans to release the first products during the fourth quarter of 1994.

"The collaboration of Creative and 3DO merges the consumer entertainment gaming

community with the PC multimedia marketplace," said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and
CEO of Creative Technology. "We believe that the relationship between Creative
and 3DO will allow us to drive new PC standards by offering high performance,
interactive and exciting products that have a broad range of appeal."
"We are pleased to join forces with Creative Technology, a pioneer of 
multimedia technology," said Trip Hawkins, president and CEO of The 3DO 
Company. "Creative is the ideal company to help us introduce 3DO to the PC 
community because of its expertise and market leadership in PC sound and video
as well as its outstanding commitment to quality."
Creative Technology Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a family of sound 
and video multimedia products for IBM-compatible PCs. The company's Sound 
Blaster(TM) sound platform enables IBM-compatible PCs to produce high-quality 
audio for entertainment, educational, music, and productivity applications, and

has been accepted as the industry standard sound platform for PC-based 
Creative Technology Ltd. was incorporated in 1983 and is based in Singapore. 
Creative Technology's U.S. subsidiaries include Creative Labs, Inc., E-mu 
Systems(R), Inc. and ShareVision(R) Technology, Inc. Creative also has other 
subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The 
company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol CREAf.

          Nanao Brings Color Sync Color Management to FlexScan Monitors
                       First to Add Software-Based Color
 _   _              Calibration to Line of Display Products
| \ | |
|  \| |                   Atlanta, GA -- May 23, 1994
|     |
| |\  |
|_| \_|anao USA Corporation demonstrates true WYSIWYG color to desktop users at

COMDEX Spring with the new Colorific(TM) color management software. Nanao USA
is the first independent supplier of monitors for the Windows-compatible market

to provide the first software-only solution for Kodak technology, and for
Macintosh, to provide a software based solution to ColorSync color calibration.

The new Colorific color management software calibrates a user's individual
monitor for color presentation and publishing, eliminating color "surprises" on

screen or in print.
Nanao is first to provide this easy to use, Windows- and Macintosh-compatible 
software to users, free of charge with every FlexScan monitor.
Color Management for Today's Business User
The desktop publishing (DTP) revolution not only brought the efficiency of 
computing to graphics and publishing professionals, but also introduced the 
concept of graphic design to previously uninitiated users. With high quality 
color monitors and printers available to the masses, color became a new tool to

add life to presentations and publications. However, one of the problems with
today's computers and printers is that the colors you see on your monitor are
not often true and, even if they are, they are not always reproduced accurately

by the printer you are using. Today's user just wants the printer to provide a
faithful rendering of what has been produced and displayed on-screen. At no
cost to the end-user, Naneo now offers such a solution: Colorific.
"We want Nanao users to get the most out of their monitors -- this includes 
having proper color," noted Dan Makino, executive vice president. "Colorific 
allows users to match colors between the monitor and the printer without bulky
devices or extensive training; in fact, it's a simple, one-time-only process."
Colorific -- Color Calibration Through Software
Colorific uses a patent pending process developed by Sonnetech, Ltd., a San 
Francisco-based company. The process identifies all aspects of monitor color 
balance, all through software. Colorific compensates for variables such as 
ambient room lighting, monitor brightness settings, video card bias, and other
environmental factors affecting monitor color purity.
Colorific works at the Windows OS level on IBM-compatibles, and with Apple's 
Colorsync Color Management utility on the Macintosh, to translate your choices
into matching printed materials. It uses data gathered through an end-user set
up sequence to correct colors appropriately on-screen and at print time.
Colorific enables the computer to adjust for color biases in the CRT and
graphics card, and for the color effects caused by ambient lighting in the
user's workspace.
Colorific adds Kodak's Precision(TM) color management system into the Windows 
GDI kernel, providing "no surprise" color printing. Printed colors match what 
you see on-screen.
"Kodak believes that color management belongs at the system software level, 
where it is available to Windows offices and other business applications. 
Colorific brings the Kodak color management to monitor users today and provides

consistency with upcoming operating system releases that will integrate Kodak
technology," said Myron Kassarabe, director of licensing and market development

for the Kodak Color Management Systems Group.
Once you have calibrated your monitor with Colorific, no further user 
intervention is required.
How Colorific Works
Colorific measures the colors on your monitor to ensure that printer output 
closely matches those same colors. It works with virtually any graphics 
program, format, and graphics adapter. It does so by leading the user through a

series of choices, choices that determine the color space of the monitor (the
color space of any device is a mathematical description of its color- rendering

characteristics). This process of choices utilizes on-screen color combinations

and template cards that can be easily applied and removed from your Nanao
Once this process is finished, Colorific creates a profile of your monitor. 
This profile is measured against an international standard of perfect color, 
and then it's optionally reset to a more accurate set of colors. The best part
is that the user only needs to do this once; this setup will remain for every
application, every time you turn on your computer.
Colorific is available in both Macintosh and Windows versions, and is 
distributed free upon receipt of a returned Nanao warranty registration card. 
Colorific will begin to ship in July. Nanao USA also continues with its free 
After Dark give-away for all energy-saving monitors, so buyers are receiving 
the most in price and performance with their Nanao monitor purchase.
For more information, contact your local retailer or Nanao USA Corporation, 
23535 Telo Ave., Torrance, CA 90505, telephone 310/325-5202.
Sonnetech, Ltd., based in San Francisco, California, is an innovator in color 
management and other system software for enhancing computer displays. The 
company's first product, Colorific color management for monitors, is marketed 
through manufacturers such as Nanao USA.
Nanao USA Corporation, based in Torrance, California, is the United States 
marketing subsidiary of Nanao Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of 
monitors, graphics boards and other electronic products.
               InstaColor's Brochure Maker Software and Services
                        A revolutionary software program
 _                   that saves you money on color printing!
| |
| |                        Seattle, WA -- May 1994
| |
| |
|_|nstaColor of Seattle, Washington, makes it possible for you to create 
professional-looking, low cost, color brochures quickly and easily with their 
Brochure Maker(TM) software for Windows-based computing systems.
Brochure Maker is a revolutionary new Windows-based program that allows you to
select from a library of 47 professional brochure designs in a wide variety of
styles. Simple to use, you pick a design and type your copy into pre-defined
spaces in the design you selected which appears on your computer screen. You
then send your disk and photos or files to the Brochure Maker print facility at

You can expect to save up to 75% of what you would normally pay for the same 
full color product by using Brochure Maker since our state-of-the art printing
facility takes it from there. You will see a full color proof, and in a few
days you will receive your beautifully produced full color brochures, fully
The cost of producing full color brochures with Brochure Maker is often less 
than what you have been paying for 1 and 2 color printed materials.
Factory Direct
"If you can type, you can produce your own full color brochures," said Jim 
Martine of InstaColor. "Brochure Maker combines desktop publishing and the 
power of color printing, so there are no more expensive designers or complex 
typesetting decisions to make. No more expensive printers to deal with, since 
you order Factory Direct."
Brochure Maker provides 47 professionally designed templates requiring only 
your copy and photos or graphics images. You don't need to be a computer 
wizard. Simply select a design and type in your copy. It's just like filling 
out a form. "There is no easier or more economical way to produce full color 
printed materials," said Martine.
"You don't need to pay for a professional graphic artist," he added, "since 
we've done the designing for you. Don't hire a typesetter--that's included in 
our pricing. Plus there's no need to learn a complicated desktop publishing 
program because Brochure Maker walks you effortlessly through each and every 
step," he added. "You won't lose time searching for a reputable, quality print
shop either. Our print facility has been in business for 35 years."
Brochure Maker
Brochure Maker includes 47 professionally created designs in three different 
styles. Some include color bars, and you can choose from InstaColor's 32-hue 
color palette to match your photos or logo. Others offer textured or 
"marble-ized" backgrounds, and many designs include borders:
 * 24 front side designs for 8-1/2" x 11" one-page brochures
 * 13 back side designs for 8-1/2" x 11" one-page brochures
 * One-page brochures can be either single or double-sided
 * 5 designs for three-panel brochures
 * 5 designs for 4-page brochures
 * Perfect for flyers, newsletters, bulletins, and brochures
 * Each design is unique with varying amounts of space for text and pictures
All designs include picture areas. You provide color or black-and-white prints
and/or camera-ready artwork along with cropping instructions, and we will print

them in your brochures. You can have your artwork printed in a single color
chosen from our selection of 32 four-process colors as well, and multi-colored
artwork is available for an additional charge.
Every design has space for your company logo, your address, telephone, and fax
An easy-to-use word processor is built into Brochure Maker with features that 
 * Built-in spell checker developed by Houghton Mifflin Company
 * Proof text command
 * Automatically enlarges or shrinks text to fit the available space
 * Center, left, and right alignment options
 * Line draw command to enhance your text
 * A variety of bullet point styles
 * Supports many different font sizes and styles
 * Text styles include headlines, subheads, photo captions, superscript,
   subscript, and fine print
 * Enhance your text with underline, bold, italics and reverse styles
 * View your brochure in actual size or magnified up to 300%
 * Import ASCII files
System Requirements
Brochure Maker requires an 80286 CPU or higher IBM-compatible PC with 2 
megabytes of RAM, a hard disk with 1.5 megabytes of free space, DOS v3.1 or 
higher, Microsoft Windows v3.0 with Adobe Type Manager or Microsoft Windows 
v3.1 with TrueType fonts enabled. You will also need a Windows-compatible 
printer, EGA, VGA, or SVGA display, and a mouse.
Price and Availability
Brochure Maker provides low published prices for printing. Example: 1000, 
8-1/2" x 11" flyers for as low as $525. That's for everything except delivery.
Brochure Maker provides big savings because you do most of the work. It
eliminates costly pre-press work.
Special Offer
Brochure Maker is available now for $199.95 directly from InstaColor. As a 
special offer, the cost of the software will be deducted from your first print
order. A FREE packet containing prices, absolutely magnificent sample brochures

using the templates supplied in the program, and a demo disk is available by
calling 1-800-622-2814.
Demonstration Library File
A functional (except for file save) demonstration version of Brochure Maker is
available for downloading from the Cyberspace/Multimedia Library.
 /                                  \
|      Cyberspace Library File       |
| Number: 1053  Name: BMAKER.ZIP     |
| Address: CYBERSPACE   Date: 940606 |
| Approximate # of bytes: 687616     |
| Number of Accesses: 3  Library: 3  |
| Description:                        \_____________________________________
| Brochure Maker by InstaColor: The only thing this functional demo won't   |
| let you do is save designs to disk. Brochure Maker is wonderful for       |
| designing professional brochures. It includes ALL SORTS of pre-formated   |
| layouts you can pick among, then you point and click to place art, photos,|
| headlines, import (or type) copy, logos, etc. It's easy to use and even   |
| outputs to a Linotype printer. Requires Windows 3.0 with Adobe Type       |
| Manager or Windows 3.1 with TrueType enabled, at least an 80286 CPU with  |
| DOS v3.1 or later, 2 MB RAM, 1.5 MB free hard disk space. Install in      |
| Windows with x:/setup from File/Run menu.                                 |
For more information, contact InstaColor at 1605 Boylston, Seattle, WA 98122, 
telephone 1-800-622-2814, fax 206/325-1636.
               Creative Technology Introduces New Screen Singer
  ___                Family Entertainment Software Titles
 / _ \               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| | )_|                   Singapore -- May 23, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/reative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAf), a leading provider of multimedia

products for the PC platform, today announced that it will be releasing new
titles for its Screen Singer(TM) CD-ROM series in August, 1994. The additional
titles, which will have an SRP of $29.99, feature four applications on one
CD-ROM: music video entertainment, karaoke, musical screen savers, and
presentation clips. Each title provides CD-quality professionally arranged
musical pieces, high resolution color images, and animation.
"The introduction of our Windows-based Screen Singer series answers the growing

demand for wholesome family entertainment that spans all ages and musical
interests," said W. H. Sim, Creative Technology's chairman and CEO. "In
addition to taking advantage of our Sound Blaster audio standard, Screen Singer

features a variety of exciting applications that are easy enough for young
children to use. It's a great way to get families together."
From Pop Hits to Show Tunes
Creative's Screen Singer titles cover a wide range of music including movie 
themes, Broadway show tunes, country and western, golden oldies, pop hits of 
the '80's and '90's, children's melodies, American folk songs, and Christmas 
carols. Featured with each song, which is professionally arranged and recorded
in the style of the original artist, is a set of 640x480, 256-color images
enhanced with animation and special effects. In addition to being played on a
PC, Screen Singer can also be played as an audio CD on a home or car stereo.
Clip Art and Screen Savers
Each CD-ROM also includes over 50 captivating color images and 20 stylish 
presentation templates. These images and templates can be imported into any 
leading graphics presentation software and used to create business 
presentations, graphics design work or multimedia demos. The musical screen 
savers bring PC screens alive with Creative's broad selection of songs and 
colorful graphics.
System Requirements
Screen Singer requires a 386-33 MHz or higher IBM PC/AT or 100% compatible with

a minimum of 4 MB RAM, 2 MB free hard disk space, Microsoft Windows 3.1 
supporting 640x480 and 256-color SVGA, a Sound Blaster audio card, CD-ROM 
drive, speakers or headphones.
Creative Technology Ltd. was incorporated in 1983 and is based in Singapore. 
Creative Technology's U.S. subsidiaries include Creative Labs, E-mu Systems, 
Inc. and ShareVision Technology, Inc. Creative also has other subsidiaries in 
China, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.
                  Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner
           Takes the Mystery and Misery Out of Managing Your Money
                    New Electronic Book Uses Multimedia
                    to Bring Alive Advice and Tips from
  ___              Nationally Recognized Financial Expert
 / _ \
| | )_|               Cambridge, Mass - March 21, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/onsumers can now get personalized advice from nationally recognized 
financial planning expert Jonathan Pond in the form of a new multimedia 
electronic book for personal computers. Available today from Vertigo 
Development Group, Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner uses interactive
software, video, and sound to bring Mr. Pond and his expertise alive. Written
exclusively for Vertigo's ActiveBook(TM) format, the book steps consumers
through the process of building individualized personal financial plans that
meet their lifetime financial goals. It is a complete guide to money
management, chock-full of valuable financial advice and insight on investment
strategies, tax planning, retirement budgeting, and other financial topics.
Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner comes in both CD-ROM (full
multimedia) and floppy-disk versions and runs on personal computers equipped
with Microsoft Windows.
"Multimedia and interactive software let us bring Jonathan Pond and his wealth
of knowledge directly to bear on your personal situation," says Vertigo's
president Martin J. Fahey. "The ActiveBook makes it easy to navigate through
the text. When you are ready to apply the information to your personal
situation, the book does the calculations for you. And Jonathan is always
available to offer suggested strategies, explain a financial term, or share his

"The ActiveBook technology will revolutionize personal finance books. Now, 
authors can have a much more personal level of interaction with their readers 
-- something that's particularly useful in helping readers to build 
personalized financial plans," says Mr. Pond. "My ActiveBook lets me deliver 
information in an immediately useable form. An additional benefit is that users

can easily update their plans whenever their financial situations change."
Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner presents a process for building a 
financial plan using text, interactive quizzes and tests, and 
ActiveInformation(TM) pages. At the beginning of the book, a Wealth Test 
assesses your financial picture and recommends a customized reading plan based
on your individual needs. Each chapter begins with a short quiz to help you
identify issues to concentrate on and ends with a personal action plan. The
text and ActiveInformation pages -- interactive solutions pages developed by
Vertigo working with Mr. Pond -- cover topics such as getting records 
organized, accumulating wealth, and planning for later life.
Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner looks like a book on your computer 
screen. You can turn pages, read the text sequentially, look up topics in the 
index or table of contents, skip back and forth, make notes in the margin, find

a term in the glossary, or insert a bookmark. You navigate through the book by
pointing-and-clicking with your mouse and selecting items from pull-down menus
or pop-up dialog boxes.
When you take the Wealth Test or chapter quizzes, you input personal 
information into an ActiveInformation page. Mr. Pond reviews the information 
and suggests actions specific to your needs. As you proceed through the book, 
your personal information is stored and summarized in a Smart Planner Report, 
which outlines a total action plan for getting control of your financial 
affairs. If your objectives or financial situation changes, you can go back 
into the book, enter the new information, and produce an updated plan. You can
also do "what-if" scenarios by, for example, assessing how increasing your
savings rate or paying off a loan earlier would help your long-term financial
For example, the "Getting Organized" chapter helps you take stock of your 
personal financial well-being, examines your insurance needs to reduce your 
personal risk, and focuses on budgeting to create a customized spending and 
borrowing action plan. Another section reviews how you can accumulate wealth by

using your home as an investment, investing wisely, and planning for tax 
minimization. A final section helps you plan for later life by saving for a 
comfortable retirement, developing a customized estate action plan, and listing

specific actions for achieving financial peace of mind.
Mr. Pond pops in with advice, suggests alternatives, or points out potentially
incorrect information that you have entered. Definitions of common financial
terms and cross-references to other incidences of the terms are available at a
mouseclick. The CD-ROM version of the book includes interactive video clips
with personal tips from Mr. Pond.
Parts of Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner are adapted from portions 
of "Pond's Personlaized Financial Planning Guide for Self-Employed 
Professionals and Small Business Owners" by Jonathan Pond, available at your 
local bookstore from Dell Publishing.
 /                                 \
|     Cyberspace Library File       |
| Number: 1055  Name: PONDPLAN.ZIP  |
| Address: CYBERSPACE  Date: 940609 |
| Approximate # of bytes: 36992     |
| Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 1 |____________________________________
| Description:                                                           |
| This file contains sample screens showing the Graphical User Interface |
| in Vertigo's Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner, a commercial  |
| ActiveBook for Windows 3.1, distributed on CD-ROM.                     |
Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner requires a personal computer (386 or

above), 4 MB RAM, 4 MB available hard disk space, Microsoft Windows 3.1, a VGA
monitor (or better), and a mouse (recommended). The CD-ROM version is fully
MPC-2 compliant and additionally requires a CD-ROM drive and sound card. The
floppy disk version is priced at $49.95, and the CD-ROM version is priced at
$69.95. The book is available from Vertigo directly (800/688-4750) and through
computer retail stores.
ActiveBooks combine the knowledge found in books and other print media with 
interactive software to simplify important personal and family finance 
decisions. Vertigo also offers The Wall Street Journal(R) Personal Finance 
Library, a collection of articles from the nation's leading business newspaper
combined with interactive software. Vertigo plans to introduce a half-dozen
more ActiveBooks by the end of 1994. The company has formed relationships with
leading publishers, authors, and software developers of personal finance
information. Vertigo has licensed content from these publishers and authors,
and will be working with a number of them on developing original content that
exploits the ActiveBook technology. ActiveBook content is also included in
Quicken(R) for Windows CD-ROM Deluxe Edition(TM) and TurboTax(R) for Windows
CD-ROM Deluxe Edition(TM).
Vertigo Development Group is a privately held company founded in 1991 by Marty
Fahey and Rob Rosen, two former executives from Lotus Development Corporation,
to develop a new generation of electronic books. The company's venture captial
partners include Aperture Associates, Applied Technology, Integral Capital
Partners, Matrix Partners, Sequoia Captial, and Alex d'Arbeloff, president of
Teradyne, Inc. Vertigo Development Group is located at 58 Charles Street,
Cambridge, Mass. 02141, telephone 617/225-2065, fax 617/225-0637.
          Virtual Landscape CD-ROM Provides Unique "Virtual" Experience
 _____    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
|  _  |
| |_| |              Nederland, CO -- June 1, 1994
|    _|
| |\ \
|_| \_)ocky Mountain Digital Peeks announces their newest Virtual Landscape 
CD-ROM, "Winter Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park." This entertainment and

educational CD-ROM provides the virtual experience of snowshoeing through one
of America's most beautiful mountain parks in winter. Unlike most vacation or
scenery CD-ROMs today, this is definitely NOT a slide show or travelogue but an

interactive exploration of the Park environment, providing the feeling that you

are actually on the trail! The CD-ROM was created using Kodak PhotoCD
The Virtual Landscape CD-ROM is being released initially for the Macintosh at a

retail price of $49. Work has begun on a Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS version
planned for availability in Winter 1994-1995.
Sample screens from this Virual Landscape are available for downloading from 
the Library on GEnie Page 2000. The first, File 1056, is a topographical Rocky
Moutain map of the main menu showing the program's Graphical User Interface
(GUI), while the second in File 1057 is a magnificent 256-color winter scene.
 /                                   \
|      Cyberspace Library Files       |
| Number: 1056  Name: VLSCRN.GIF      |
| Address: CYBERSPACE   Date: 940609  |
| Approximate # of bytes: 164352      |
| Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 1   |
| Number: 1057  Name: VLVALE.GIF      |
| Address: CYBERSPACE   Date: 940609  |
| Approximate # of bytes: 158208      |
| Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 1   |__________________________________
| Description:                                                           |
| These GIFs show the GUI from the Mac/Windows CD-ROM "Winter Hiking in  |
| Rocky Mountain National Park," from Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks. This |
| can be viewed on any computer using a GIF display program.             |
Using the custom VLNavigate program, you "walk" through a landscape with 
complete control over destination, orientation, and information. It gives you 
the feeling of "virtually" being there by providing surround views at every 
trail stop, panoramas that allow you to explore beautiful vistas, and 
interactive maps and compass controls that track every move. All photos are 
original and provide "context" of the position rather than just the best view.
They are full screen color images, with a customized palette for each image,
ensuring close to true color on 8-bit color computers. Kodak's PhotoCD 
technology was used to input the images. Over 2,200 photos and 500 trail 
positions make the content substantial. The program is responsive and friendly,

unlike many of the CD-ROMs using general purpose authoring or hypertext tools.
VLNavigate features include:
  * Simple point & click navigation
  * Interactive maps for realism
  * 500 trail stops and 2,200 photos
  * Surround views and panoramas
  * Click on features for information
  * Automatic hiking & viewing option
  * Background music for relaxation
  * Three user interfaces to choose from
  * Copy option & liberal image usage rights
  * PhotoCD images available for Publication at extra charge
System Requirements:
Color Macintosh, System 7+, 3MB program memory, CD-ROM reader, 256 color 
Price: $49.00. VISA/Master Card orders may be place by calling 800/266-7637. 
Ask too about our "Calculated Beauty CD-ROM," a Fantasy Virtual Landscape 
exploring over 6,000 square feet of precalculated fractals with a unique 
rendering program for colorization and high resolution output.
This CD-ROM is the first of a series of explorations of beautiful, natural 
areas and interesting places using the VLNavigate software. The next title 
planned explores a larger area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Springtime, 
including Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park.
The company is a private CD-ROM developer and publisher located in Nederland, 
Colorado. Mr. James "Newt" Perdue, President, has over 30 years experience in 
the computer industry. Their last published title was "Calculated Beauty," a 
fantasy version of a Virtual Landscape featuring over 6,000 square feet of 
beautiful fractal mosaics and a program to customize them for high-resolution 
printing. The company distributes their CD-ROMs directly (800-266-7637) and 
through the Educorp (800-843-9497) and MacZone (800-248-0800) catalogs.
For further information, contact Mountain Digital Peeks, P.O. Box 1576, 
Nederland, CO 80466-1576, telephone 303/258-3779.
                     CSA's Mega-Midget Racer May Be Worth
                Hundreds of Dollars with New Trade-Up Program
 _                The Smart Choice: Recycle Your Hardware
| |
| |                    San Diego, CA -- May 31, 1994
| |
| |
|_|f you are one of thousands who purchased CSA's Mega-Midget Racer accelerator

for Amiga, then CSA's new Trade-Up program may save you hundreds of dollars
when purchasing new CSA technology. For instance, did you know that CSA has a
50MHz 68030 accelerator and the finest 68040 accelerator available? Your 20,
25, 33, or 38MHz Mega-Midget Racer can be traded up to a full 50MHz 68030 or to

the powerful 68040.
Now CSA offers an alternative to "keeping up with the Jones." If you need more
speed and more memory, CSA's Platinum Edition Derringer 030 operating at 50MHz
and accepting up to 32MB of RAM is the answer. If you need the powerful 68040
processor, a fast SCSI I/II hard drive controller, Dynamic RAM memory expansion

up to 64MB and an optional 1MB of zero wait state Static RAM, then CSA 40/4
Magnum is the accelerator of choice.
Babylon 5 and Sea Quest Accelerator
The 40/4 Magnum is used for the special effects production in television series

such as Babylon 5 and Sea Quest. Even if you have upgraded to an Amiga 1200,
CSA's Trade-Up program will keep you ahead of the technology curve by offering
trade-ups from Mega-Midget Racers to CSA's new Twelve Gauge(TM), the fastest,
most complete Amiga 1200 accelerator on the market.
Whether you're playing games or rendering large graphics files, CSA's Trade-Up
program means your older CSA accelerator may be worth hundreds of dollars when
purchasing new CSA products. Some limitations apply to this offer. Contact
CSA's sales department for more information by calling 619/566-3911 or write to

CSA, 7564 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121.
             RAW Entertainment and Decision Games Combine Skills
  ___        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 / _ \
| |_| |                  Houston, TXT -- June 5, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_|s the 50th anniversary of D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, and other famous 
WWII battles comes around, software publisher RAW Entertainment has signed an 
agreement with board game publisher Decision Games to convert any and all of 
their titles to computer.
Decision Games currently has over 200 titles in their product range, having 
recently obtained SPI and TSR back catalog product. These titles cover most 
major and minor battles of World War II, as well as Ancient battles and Science

Fiction games. Also included in the roster are board RPGs and adventure games.
The first title available from this joint venture will be Rise of the West, 
based on the board game Empires of the Middle Ages.
Rise of the West is a multi-player simulation of the rise and fall of medieval
European empires. The object of the game is to achieve the highest victory
point total by maintaining and expanding your empire through conquest, ruling
and diplomacy.
There can be up to eight empires in the game (depending on the scenario) which
can be played by either computer or human players.
Features include: Varied Map Displays (Political, Religion, Language, 
Population, etc.); Fort and Armies; Raiding; Diplomacy; Taxation; Maintenance;
Rebellion; Parleys; Trading; Random effects (Famine, Tech Advance and Failure;
Epidemic, Civil War, Uprising, Heresy). There is also a feature to create new
scenarios or modify existing ones.
Rise of the West will be available in July on Amiga (1 meg) and PC (Windows) 
and will sell through RAW Entertainment's Direct Sales Operation (DSO) for 
$29.95+S&H for both versions.
For further information, contact John Ingram, RAW Entertainment, Inc., 
713/286-2386 or Christopher Cummins, Ph.D., Decision Games 805/943-6832.
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