New Member Disk Set v2 (Disk 2 of 6) (Aug 1994) :

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Name Size Date Type
Archivers-Dox/ 1993-06-14
C/ 1993-06-14
C.Extras/ 1993-06-14
C.OLD/ 1993-06-14
DeCrunch/ 1993-10-21
Libs/ 1993-06-14
Utilities/ 1993-06-14
Install 2854 1993-06-14 Text [Original]
Installer 63436 1993-06-14
Install.old 2668 1993-06-14 Text [Original]
ReadMe.txt 560 1993-10-21 Text [Original]


The dox on this disk have been packed with Powerpacker in order
to save space.  PPMore is on this disk so you can read the dox
just by double-clicking on them.  Anyways, to install the
archivers...simply double-click the 'Install' icon!  Enjoy!


We added DeCrunch in a drawer on the desktop, since Merlin made
up the original disk.  You have to install it by hand but it
decrunches most all files.  Don't miss this valuable added

                                         Operator Headgap!