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IBM_Version/ 1993-06-14
Read.Me 2915 1993-06-14 Text [Original]
UnWarp.Doc 3425 1993-06-14 Text [Original]
WSplit.Doc 1320 1993-06-14 Text [Original]





     Warp , UnWarp , and WSplit are copyrighted by SDS Software.
  They are NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.. However they may be freely distributed by
  following these simple rules.

 1.  These programs must remain intact and not modified in any way.

 2.  No charge is given for distribution except for reasonable media costs.

 3.  Only this original archive form is distributable. If sysops of BBS' or
     networks find that they have an altered form on their system they will
     be asked to remove the file(s) until such time as an official version
     of this archive can be placed on their system.

     Failure to obey these rules is ILLEGAL and strictly prohibited by law.


  This archive contains the following programs for use with the Amiga
  series of personal computers.

  Warp - Warp v1.11 (AmigaDOS) Latest version of Warp disk archiver.

     This is the Latest OFFICIAL version of the Warp disk archiving
  utility, There are NO OTHER VERSIONS.  If you have another version of
  Warp then it is FAKE, ILLEGITIMATE and ILLEGAL.  Delete it now and
  replace it with this version.  I repeat, there are NO other authorized
  versions of Warp.  Any other version you come across despite what it
  might say is NO DIFFERENT and may be a trojan.

  Unwarp - UnWarp v1.00 (AmigaDOS)  Latest version of the Unwarp utility.

  Unwarp.doc - Documentation for Unwarp.

  Wsplit - WSplit v1.1 (AmigaDOS)  Latest revision of the WSplit utility.

  Wsplit.EXE - WSplit v1.1 (MS-DOS)  MS-DOS version of WSplit.

  Wsplit.doc - Documentation for WSPlit.

  Read.Me - The File you are reading right now.


     We here at SDS Software are getting pretty sick of reports of
  different edited version of our popular utility Warp.  While we realize
  that this was to be expected , we did not realize the frequency. There
  is practically nothing can be done about these BOGUS versions except to
  keep every user informed.

     SYSOPS: - if you catch someone uploading a FAKE version than please
  either warn them or bar from their your system and take it off your system.
  This is the only way to keep these things from spreading.

     Please note that the only way updates and future versions will be
  distributed is in this archived method. Any other version you may receive
  should be deleted immediately as it is not authorized by SDS and may
  be a trojan horse of some kind.


  Warp, WSplit, and Unwarp are copyright 1987, 1988, 1989 SDS Software.
  All Rights Reserved.