New Member Disk Set v2 (Disk 5 of 6) (Aug 1994) :

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Name Size Date Type
AWPiston.ANIM 364470 1992-05-07
cheetah.gif 65536 1993-08-17 Image [Original]
jurass.jpg 131189 1993-08-17 Image [Original]
PCXtoIFF 13524 1993-09-18
Rachel.iff 52882 1993-08-17 Image [Original]
README 1072 1993-03-09 Text [Original]
shuttlecraftham 41920 1993-08-17 Image [Original] 50040 1994-03-25 Text [Original]
VT 88944 1994-02-17
VT.defaults 734 1993-11-24 Text [Original]


                 Viewtek - Another Picture/Animation Viewer

                      FOUR WAYS TO GET STARTED QUICKLY

   1. Double-click the VT icon.  Select one or more pictures or animations
from the resulting file requester.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

   2. Shift-click a bunch of picture icons.  While still holding down
the shift key, double-click the VT icon.

   3. Add a tool type "ICONIFY" to the VT icon.  Drag the VT program icon
into your WBStartup drawer.  Reboot.  Drag picture icons over top of the
resulting "Viewtek" AppIcon on your Workbench.  Or, double-click the
Viewtek AppIcon to get a file requester to select files to view.

   4. From a CLI, type "VT <picture_name(s)>".  Wildcards are valid.
Directory names are valid.

   Press the left or right mouse button to end viewing the current picture
or animation.  Press ESCAPE to abort viewing a sequence of pictures.
Hold down control and use the arrow keys to move images around.  Arrow
keys are used to control animation playback:  Up = go back to first frame,
Right = single step, Down = Resume.