MAG Disk (Jun 1995) : Puzzle / Puzzle.Doc

Short:    Try to put 16 clr images back together
Uploader: (Brian Gragg)       
Author: (Brian Gragg)       
Type:     game/misc

** This program is public domain.  You can use it and enjoy it.  **
** I wrote it for my kids to enjoy, not for a profit.            **
                Puzzle  v1.3
                Brian Gragg
This is a simple puzzle game.  You have square pieces and you move
them around to make the picture.  It is all mouse driven.  You can
show the picture (remember to press the left mouse button to return
to the puzzle)  It is a simple program that doesn't keep track of 
whether you have completed the puzzle or not.  Also, I never got
around to putting in double buffering to get rid of the slight
flashes.  Oh well.

You can use any picture you want so long as it is 320x200 and 16 
colors with the lower 4 colors being unused. The program will 
automatically set the lower four colors to:

     color #       DPaint Color       ADPro Color
       0            0,0,0              0,0,0
       1            9,9,9              153,153,153
       2            14,14,14           238,238,238
       3            5,5,5              85,85,85
All the other colors can by anything you want.  

I've included a bunch of sample puzzles.  The puzzles whose names are all
in upper case are for kids.  Most of the others came from Aminet's
gfx/misc/FineArt.lha and had the following in the readme.  I converted
them into 320x200 and 12 colors.

Source:   Fish collection

This is a collection of works from some of the best of current Amiga      
artists.  Many thanks to Jim Sachs, Sheryl Knowles, Jack Haeger, and Aegis
Development for submissions.