MAG Disk (Dec 1995) : KnockOut.readme

Short:    Simply the best multiplayer game available.
Author: (Ben Wyatt)
Uploader: (Ben Wyatt)
Type:     game/2play
Replaces: Knockout.lha
Version:  1.01

by Ben Wyatt,

This is a crap looking game, that is highly addictive. Go and play it and
stop reading this. ;-)

If you can't work out how to play it, watch the demo for a while. Still
can't work it out? You've got to knock all the other cars off the ever
shrinking circle and then drive off the bridge.

There is another game which isn't quite as fun, where you have to knock
the ball into your own goal.

If you get bored of this game, why not control two cars at once, either
with two different controls or two cars using the same controls. It's
fun. For a while. ;-)
   /                                 \
   > Ben Wyatt - <
   \_________________________________/ ©1995 Very Interesting Signatures

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