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Name Size Date Type
Example.iff 46054 1996-02-08 Image [Original]
nodraw 940 1994-09-23
NoDraw2 1096 1996-02-07
nofill 940 1994-09-23
NoFill2 1096 1996-02-07
NoFillNoDraw.readme 2049 1996-02-15 Text [Original]


Short:    Remove border and pattern around icons.
Uploader: (Gerard Cornu)
Author: (Kamel Biskri)
Type:     util/wb


NoFill, NoDraw

2 Little Patches

NoDraw : Remove Border of Workbench's Icons.
NoFill : Remove Pattern of Workbench's Icons.

1.0 / 1.01

1993 / 1996

    Kamel Biskri


    La Cathala
    40, Rue de la Viguerie

© Kamel Biskri

   Hello EveryBody,

 Those patches have been written over 3 years ago, and were used internally.

 A friend of mine, Jerome Chesnot from RAM (a french Fanzine), seems to show that
 this kind of patch already exists. And it's for this reason that today, we decided
 to put them on Aminet so you can use them too (or not, it's your problem).
 Now, NoFill and Nodraw perform patches that allow your Workbench to look like
 the old 1.3. Although, no more cheaty square, and now the icons look more natural.
 So, now you have the choice, use NoFill and NoDraw or not, but it's your own choice.
 Those patches are quite stable, I never had any trouble with them, for years now, but
 if you use them, you do so at your own risk (what risk ??).

 There are some limitations, for example if you use a picture or pattern on your WB,
 and use NoFill, the colors of the icons look strange (do not use NoFill, or change
 your WorkBench look. (you can use Nodraw alone)

    There are two ways to install Nodraw and NoFill:
      1/ put this line after LoadWB in your startup-sequence

        run >NIL: c:NoDraw
        run >NIL: c:NoFill

      2/ put the two programs in the WBStartup drawer
      Used this way they can, with some configurations, not perform correctly. 
      In that case, just remove one of them, and it should be ok.

    I you have any questions or for anything else, you can contact me via e-mail