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    Popup-menu like in windoze'95...


    MNT 1996


    -Copy anything in the 's'-drawer to your own s: drawer.

    -Move the main program "Panicbutton" anywhere you like.


    Just doubleclick the Panicbutton icon and wait until
    a little 'start'-gadget appears in the lower left edge
    of your workbench.Press on the Startbutton...


    This is the beta release of this program,which means that
    -it may contain bugs
    -there is no configuration program

    The final version will feature:
    -About 500 images
    -a GUI for configuration

    Send your artwork,suggestions,bugreports,flames to:
    MNT /


    The File "0" in "s:winpop" is loaded as the main menu.

    The entrys in this file mean:

    123 BlaBlaBla           wbrun sys:system/format

     ^      ^                                ^
     |      `------------.                   |
    The imagenumber   The text of that     the cli-command to
    to be shown       line                 be run.

    Note on the CLI-Command: -To start programs,that have a icon
			      attached to it (workbench) use
			      the command wbrun.
			     -To launch another menu,just use
			      e.g. #5 to lauch the menu contained
			      in the file names "s:winpop/5"

    Dont remove the first line! Altough its a comment,it will
    always be ignored...

    Note on Show:  Use LeftAmiga-A to flip (It is currently written
		   in AMOS (Yes,im lazy!))...
		   The Cursorkeys scroll up/down,shift / alt /ctrl
		   speed up scrolling.