MAG Disk (Jun 1996) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1996-02-10
StuffToRead/ 1996-06-08
Utilities/ 1996-06-07
FallThrough 62556 1992-09-03
solitaire 154884 1996-06-01
solitaire.readme 876 1996-06-04 Text [Original]


Short:     classic solitaire game, giftware
Uploader: (Michael Fegan (Mikro))
Author: (Michael Fegan (Mikro))
Type:      game/think

This is my version of the classic solitaire game where the aim of the game
is to be left with as few pieces as possible on the board (one piece in
the middle if you're really good!) by hopping over adjacent pieces.

Great time killer/waster!

Instructions are in-game.  Just hit the (A)bout button

Please, a postcard would be really nice, if just to prove my point to my
friend that Amiga users are more friendly! (address in-game).

I've tested this on an 1200 with 6Mb Ram, Squirrel SCSI with CDROM, Zip
drive and it works fine. It should work with any Amiga though.  I think
that it might just work in 512k, too, but no promises.

Email me if you encounter any problems!