November 1986 MAGazine SIG News

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November's Schedule of Events

8 Saturday

A joint meeting of the Sound and Graphics SIGS will meet to begin work on the proposed Christmas video project. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Ron and Audrey McCalla's house. Call (901) 755-4641 for directions.

15 Saturday

The Hacker's SIG will meet at Steve Gaines' house at 2 p.m. No topic has yet been set for discussion. Call Steve at (901) 362-5632 for details.

22 Saturday

The General meeting, normally scheduled for the fourth Saturday of each month, will not be held this November. The regularly scheduled monthly meeting has been moved to the second Saturday of each month at 1 p.m. at State Technical Institute of Memphis in room 21 of Jennings Hall. The first meeting under this new schedule will be December 13.

Joe's MAG Disk List

This month's SIG news comes equipped, at NO EXTRA cost, with the MAG disk file listing. As the disks are updated or changed, I will print new sheets to add to the list. The first four disks are miscellaneous junk. Five, six, and seven are picture disks. Disk eight and nine are BASIC and C disks. Disk twelve has Perfect Sound. Joe also has the HACK game disk available for club members.

Todd Eifert

M.A.G. 1

M.A.G. 2

M.A.G. 3

M.A.G. 4

M.A.G. 5

M.A.G. 6

M.A.G. 7

M.A.G. 8

M.A.G. 9

M.A.G. 10

M.A.G. 11

M.A.G. 12