July 1988 MAGazine Volume 4 Number 7

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Calender of Events for July

Saturday, July 9, 1988 - 1:00 PM - The July general meeting will be held in Jenning's hall in Room J-2 located on the campus of State Technical Institute of Memphis. Thomas Crabb the regional marketing manager for WordPerfect Corp. will demo there latest program for the Amiga "LIBRARY". There will be a door prize given away at our next three general meetings, check the article this issue for more details. Of course we'll always welcome impromptu demo's from our members.




Our last general membership meeting was held on Saturday, June 11, 1988, at State Technical Institute of Memphis. This meeting was one week after the Memphis Area Computer Council sponsored "Computer Fair" on June 4, 1988. Elsewhere in this MAGazine is an article describing the fair.

At our meeting, the president discussed a new offer being made by Commodore Amiga to all user's groups. It is called the Commodore Partner's Program. This is an opportunity for members to earn credits for future purchases of Commodore products by encouraging and helping others decide to buy Amiga computers.

The second annual Aegis Desktop Video Contest Was talked about and the prizes for the winners were discussed. A video showing the winning entries from 1987 was shown. We appreciate Ed Bilson bringing his VCR to the last three meetings so we could see video's at each of those meetings.

We encourage all members to bring technial questions to the meetings of both hardware and software problems. Most likely someone will be able to answer the questions, and if not we will get the answers.

Demonstrations were provided by Ric Johnson who showed Interceptor, Death Sword, and Libyans in Space. A new member, Bill Bowers showed Gettysburg - a strategy military program. Joe Kligel demonstrated Harrier, a helicopter combat simulator with some sophisticated action.


by Editor/ED

Along with the product literature requested for the computer fair some companies also sent demo disks one sent disk labels and another badges. Oxxi Inc. choose to send sample of three of there programs. The programs are MaxiPlan Plus, A-Talk Plus, and Nimbus. The problem is what to do with these programs. I could have said nothing and kept them for myself or I could have put them in the library. However after talking with Alan and David I think the thing to do is offer them as door prizes. So beginning with our regular July meeting and for the next two meetings thereafter will give away one program per meeting to paid up attending members. The July winner will have first pick from the three programs. No repeat winners.



Memphis Amiga Group
Box 381462
Memphis, TN 38183-1462

MAGazine is published monthly by the Memphis Amiga Group (MAG), a nonprofit organization offering assistance to fellow Amiga owners and those interested in the Amiga. Membership in the Memphis Amiga Group is available for an annual fee of $20 per family. Memphis Amiga Group Officers for 1988 are:

Dr. Alan Schwartz
(901) 755-6622

Vice President
Todd Rooks
(901) 373-0198

Scott Hudson
(901) 794-8914

David Head
(901) 377-7568

MAGazine Editor
Edward Bilson
(901) 794-2936

How to Digitize a Picture

Hints & Tips by Oran Sands {ojsands - Plink}

The DigiView hardware and software make up a great product, so good in fact no imitators have sprung up to challenge them. Perhaps the only Amiga product that can make that claim. What makes for a better picture? What determines the quality of the picture? Well I'll let you in on what I've found out through trial and error and pure dumb luck. Start with the best equipment. The software and hardware are fixed givens so make sure the equipment you add is as good as you can afford (or rent from the MAG Library). The Amiga's horizontal resolution maxes out at 704 pixels for the full screen. Using a camera with less than this is underachieving. The better b&w cameras can easily approach 600 - 800 lines of HORIZONTAL resolution (don't get confused with the scan rate of 525 lines vertically). Your typical home color camera has only 200-250 lines of horizontal resolution. Use good cable and connections. RG-59 coax is proper spec for video (75 ohm impedance). Lights can be of various types; shadowless types are preferable for shooting many things. Harsh lighting can edge and shadow however and may be what you need. Choose good pictures. Although you may think the picture subject is great the picture itself may not be suitable for digitizing. I've found some good rules of thumb for choosing them. Stay away from pictures with soft focus, smokey looking-thru-gauze type pictures. When you digitize a picture you effectively reduce its resolution from 3000 lines to 704 (at best). In short you're ruining the picture! Starting with a picture with no actual detail doesn't bode well for the final product.

Choose pictures with clear, sharp detail. The subtle shading of colors in some pics can make life difficult for the software. Other than HAMs you've only got 32 colors at most to play with. The software will allocate the colors the best it can. Don't ask it to work to hard. A good example is a picture with flesh tones. These colors are perhaps some of the worst to try to emulate. A great deal of complex coloration exists in flesh. It can really drive the program nuts. Pictures with a limited range of colors are good to use. If your picture is a nude scene you'll need all the colors to portray your subject. If the background's green or blue (both colors not found in flesh tones) the software must allocate colors to them to the detriment of your nude (less colors to go around). Use small pictures! I know this sounds strange but try and follow me. A printed picture has an effective resolution of say.. 3000 lines per square inch. It follows that the larger the picture the more detail information there is to try to reproduce. So the smaller the image, the less to reproduce, the less to try to represent in the digitized image. The software can do its best if its not being asked to reproduce subtle detail. Almost all the pictures I've circulated started out no bigger than 4x6 inches.

Use pictures! Digitizing live pictures can be very difficult. The reason is that regardless of how close you get to a real object an infinite amount of detail still exists unlike with printed pictures. There will also be an almost infinite amount of color shading which will drive the software crazy. In summary: use clear, sharp pictures; use small pictures; limit the amount of colors.

The software almost always creates a black and white. Use this to your advantage. Trim or mask off sections of the picture that contain non-essential colors or subject. Mask off with either white or black paper. This will allow the software to use its black and white on the background and not have to waste other colors to represent the unnecessary sections. Light at a 45 degree angle or there abouts. Look for reflections on the picture or the detail of the texture of the paper. The texture of the paper can cause the software to see subtle differences in the colors and waste colors. Use enough light. The program will optimize the monochrome image (the second pass of the scan, from top to bottom). Once again, don't make the program work too hard. If you have enough light the software won't diddle with the brightness and contrast any more than necessary.

Even with a perfect image the program will still do some correction. Look at the histogram. It shows your signal and the program's version of it. They should be as similar as possible. Don't leave the image alone. Use the color controls to adjust the pic. I find the image always needs a few increases on the brightness control. Check out the dark areas where you know there are details but you can't see them. Get familiar with the controls and what they do. Don't adjust several at a time. You'll get a result and won't know what did what to the picture. The sharpness control provides edging on details. This can be great or a nuisance. Make small adjustments at first. Keep increasing a little at a time. If the picture has mostly reds but they look weak compared to the other colors increase just that color. Remember that many of the other colors may have a red component and will go somewhat reddish however. Play around, have fun!

Use a image manipulation program such as Butcher, Pixmate, etc. to further adjust the picture. Butcher's ability to merge colors can help free up colors for use as other things. Such as text in a paint program such as DPaintII. Using DPaintII can be a godsend. Use it to paint out those annoying staple holes. If the background is a solid color check it out carefully. You'll find that its probably a mixture of several similar colors. Paint out the background so it really is solid. This will reduce the image file size dramatically!! If you're up- or down- loading it helps. Many of my pictures have had backgrounds removed, objects moved, entire sections repainted to remove random pixelization. Be creative. Don't allow yourself to beat a dead horse. All my pictures are good because I've thrown away twice as many that never quite made it to their potential.

Memphis Amiga Group BY-LAWS

I. Purpose

The Memphis Amiga Group, herewith known as MAG, is organized for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the use and understanding of the Commodore Amiga personal computer. MAG is a non-profit organization offering assistance to fellow Amiga owners and those interested in the Amiga, through the exchange of ideas and experience in personal and general use of the Amiga.

II. Membership

Membership is open to all who share a common interest in the objectives of MAG. A person is considered to be an active member upon payment of dues as provided herein. An active member's immediate family may participate in group activities, however, voting privileges are only extended to those immediate family members who regularly participate in group activities.

Members are expected to abide by all rules as set forth in the by-laws and are subject to dismissal for violation of these rules.

III. Funds

Annual membership is valid from the first day of the month in which dues are paid for a period of 12 months and is renewable annually. Failure to renew membership within 30 days of the anniversary date of membership shall be sufficient cause to end a person's membership in the organization.

Operating expenses shall largely be generated by the assessment of membership dues. Dues shall be set by the executive committee, and may be changed as required. The executive committee shall have the power to determine other fund raising activities to supplement monies raised by dues.

All monies received by MAG shall be placed in a general operating fund and may be audited upon request by an active member. Disbursement of funds shall be determined by vote of the executive committee.

IV. Meetings

Meetings shall be scheduled by the executive committee on a monthly basis. Notice will be publicized in a newsletter or mailed to each member at least one week prior to the meeting date.

The election of officers will be held annually at the January meeting. Members must be present to vote.

V. The Executive Committee

The committee shall consist of the following elected officers: president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, librarian and newsletter editor.

The president is responsible for all group activities and shall preside over the meetings of the group and the executive committee.

The vice president shall act for the president in his absense and shall also serve as coordinator of special interest groups and activities with other user groups.

The secretary/treasurer shall maintain a revord of the group's activities and finances as well as a list of addresses and phone numbers of the group's active members.

The librarian shall organize and maintain a library of reference materials, public-domain software, and group purchased hardward, available to all active members.

The newsletter editor shall prepare and publish a regular newsletter, including group and special announcements as necessary.

VI. Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the active members in attendance at a regular or special meeting, provided that a notice of the proposed amendment is given at least seven days in advance of the meeting.

VII. Miscellaneous

The Memphis Amiga Group specifically prohibits unauthorized sale or distribution of copy-righted material by its members.

The Memphis Amiga Group, also known as MAG, is in no way connected with the Commodore-Amiga company or any other for-profit organization. Members of the committee or of the group shall not attempt to use funds or property of the group for personal or business profit.


by David Head

Sorry I missed last months newsletter. Things have been pretty hectic at work lately. Oh well enough of that. This month I am going to bring a couple of utility disks into the library. I have been collecting some of the best utilities going around on the networks lately. The shareware and public domain software for the Amiga just keeps getting better all the time.

One of the new utility disks was put together by Mike Wallace. Thanks alot Mike for your continued support of the library and to the club in general. Mike has also donated numerous Fred Fish disks to the library in the past and has had a lot of good suggestions for the club. Remember, if anyone has anything they would like to contribute to the library please let me know, it helps everyone.

Good news, NewTek has upgraded the DigiView software to revision 3.0. We have the new software in the DigiView kit so if you have been waiting to rent the kit now is the time. Some of the new features of 3.0 are as follows:

  1. support of halfbrite 64 color mode
  2. two levels of overscan
  3. a new setup interface
  4. line graphics mode to copy logos etc. in 1 bitplane
  5. expanded manual with more help suggestions
  6. it is now on a workbench disk

The DigiView has seen more use lately. Just keep in mind that its part of the benefit of being a MAG member and take advantage of it. Hopefully, we will be able to purchase some more hardware for the library in the near future.

At the July meeting I should have a new library disk listing featuring the new additions to the library since the last update. It will have a complete description of the programs on the disks. I will also bring several copies of the new utilities disks so you may purchase them at the meeting. We also have blank disks available. I will be ordering some more disks in the next few weeks and if the price has come down we should be able to lower the price to the club members.


by Dodd Rooks

The 1988 Computer Fair was, in my opinion, a well run show. It covered practically every major personal computer in use today. Every group had a good showing, from the IBM's to the T.I. 99's. I was especially proud to see the turnout from our membership, both participants and spectators. I was certainly afraid that we would have a considerable number of no-shows, but in fact found that the Amiga Group has dedicated members. Arriving at the fair (even before yours truly) were the Kiss', John and Sean. Their display confirmed in my mind the superiority of the Amiga Computer as a MIDI instrument. The Kiss' brought with them a good number of sound instruments, such as amplifiers and speakers, but none quite as impressive as the Amiga 1000 and Deluxe Music Construction Set. I could immediately understand why we were given two rooms as the Kiss' display took up two-thirds of room #1; so I set up my Amiga 500 in room #2. Almost immediately upon hitting the power switch. I had curious spectators standing around trying to determine where the digitized bird sounds were coming from. I later presented demos of the Amiga's HAM mode using Photon Paint.

The Amiga 2000 was also well represented in a jam session put on by two MAG members: Tom Jones, Keith Burns, and a friend of there's Steve Gandy. I know I counted four keyboards, as well as an amplifier and sound mixer. Spectators were serenaded by songs like Ghost Busters and Ragtimes by Scott Joplin.

The last Amiga display that I think I should mention is Richard Johnson's video digitizing with the Amiga 500. I was very impressed with the calendar girl. I can safely say she left everything to be desired. All in all, the Computer Show was very upbeat. The only regret I have is that we didn't sign on any new members, to my knowledge. The IBM club signed on thirty members (checks were written) and had ten other promises to join. I think that our club could absolutely dominate the next fair, given the dedicated membership, and the potential of the Amiga family of computers. The Computer Fair this year seemed a big boost for all user groups, especially our own.

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who attended the Computer Fair, and to encourage those who didn't make it, to be at the next one.


Lets all welcome are latest new member


Membership list of the Memphis Amiga Group as of July 4, 1988


Akey Brian Sycamore IL 60178 AUG 88 32
Andrews Freddie L. Memphis TN 38128 MAY 89 61
Barr Marc J. Memphis TN 38104 NOV 88 41
Bilson Edward Memphis TN 38115 JAN 89 19
Bowers William Memphis TN 38104 MAY 89 62
Broughton Kevin W. New York NY 09223-5366 JAN 89 55
Buford Matt Bartlett TN 38134 JUN 89 65
Burford Tim Memphis TN 38118 FEB 89 23
Burns Keith Cordova TN 38018 SEP 88 12
Cervetti Michael Memphis TN 38117 JAN 89 58
Davidson Al Memphis TN 38125 AUG 88 5
Doss Leonard Memphis TN 38119 AUG 88 9
Echols Steve Memphis TN 38116 DEC 88 49
Eifert Todd Memphis TN 38152 AUG 88 2
Gray Bobbie,Vickie,Terre Brighten TN 38011 FEB 90 24
Grimes Tim McLemoresville TN 38235 NOV 88 46
Harris Mike Millington TN 38053 AUG 88 6
Harvey Eugene Memphis TN 38126 NOV 88 47
Head David Memphis TN 38134 JAN 89 21
Hollingsworth Jim Memphis TN 38115 SEP 88 33
Hooker Bill Memphis TN 38134 NOV 88 42
Hoover J. Michael Bartlett TN 38134 DEC 88 52
Hudson Scoot Memphis TN 38115 JUN 89 30
Jefferson Tom Bartlett TN 38134 NOV 88 45
Jennings Ron Carson CA 90746 MAR 89 27
Johnson Richard Memphis TN 38127 SEP 88 38
Jones Tom Memphis TN 38128 AUG 88 8
Karpov Victor Memphis TN 38115 OCT 88 39
Kiss Sean & John Memphis TN 38118 FEB 89 25
Kligel Joe Memphis TN 38128 SEP 88 11
Lendennie Dianne Collierville TN 38017 DEC 88 50
Lloyd William D. Memphis TN 38116 NOV 88 40
Lockard Don Alamo TN 38001 AUG 88 7
McCalla Ron & Audrey Hoover AL 35226 AUG 88 1
Nichols Steve Memphis TN 38115 NOV 88 44
Norton Gene Cookeville TN 38501 AUG 88 4
Presley Daniel Southaven MS 38671 JAN 89 56
Reese Warren E. Smyrna TN 37167 DEC 88 48
Robbins James Bartlett TN 38134 JAN 89 57
Rooks Todd Memphis TN 38128 MAY 89 64
Thomas Roland Millington TN 38053 APR 89 60
Schechter Robert Bethlehem PA 18017 SEP 88 36
Schwartz Dr. Alan Memphis TN 38187 AUG 88 3
Smart Timothy G. Memphis TN 38111 MAY 89 63
Stewart Jerry Paris TN 38242 SEP 88 34
Stockton Mark Cordova TN 38018 DEC 88 51
Thomason Tom Millington TN 38053 NOV 88 43
Vineyard Charles W. Memphis TN 38118 AUG 88 10
Wade Norman Memphis TN 38104 SEP 88 13
Wallace Michael S. Marion AR 72364 SEP 88 35
Walp Len Memphis TN 38128 DEC 88 53
Weatherall Broadus & JoAnne Memphis TN 38111 JAN 89 22
Williams Charles Wilson AR 72395 AUG 88 37
Witt Patt Memphis TN 38111 JAN 89 54


Dr. Alan Schwartz President
Todd Rooks Vice President
Scott Hudson Secretary/Treasurer
Ed Bilson MAGazine Editor
David Head Librarian

The DUCK Pond
BBS-24 hrs.
(ask for Howard)
(901) 761-3729


Tom Jones Sound
Don Lockard Graphics
John Kiss Business

MEMPHIS AMIGA GROUP Income and Expense Statment May and June 1988

Description Credit Debit Balance
Previous Balance $725.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-VINEYARD-DISK $2.00 $727.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-KISS-DISKS $6.00 $733.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-ECHOLS-DIGIVIEW $10.00 $743.34
5-14 CHECK-HEAD-POST&COPIES ($10.00) $733.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-WALLACE-DIGIVIEW $17.50 $750.84
5-14 DEPOSIT-BROUGHTON-DISK $2.50 $753.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-PRESLEY-DISKS $30.00 $783.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-HARVEY-DISKS $30.00 $813.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-ROOKS-MEMBERSHIP $20.00 $853.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-SMART-MEMBERSHIP $20.00 $873.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-SMART-DISKS $4.00 $877.34
5-14 DEPOSIT-GRAY-DUES $20.00 $917.34
5-14 CHECK-BILSON-POST&CALLS ($28.01) $909.33
$222.00 ($38.01) $909.33
Description Credit Debit Balance
Previous Balance $909.33
6-11 DEPOSIT-HUDSON-DUES $20.00 $929.33
6-11 DEPOSIT-ANDREWS-DISKS $44.00 $973.33
6-11 DEPOSIT-SMART-DISKS $5.00 $978.33
6-11 DEPOSIT-KARPOV-DIGIVIEW $5.00 $983.33
6-11 DEPOSIT-VICTOR-DISKS $16.50 $999.83
6-11 DEPOSIT-TUCKER-DISKS $9.00 $1,008.83
6-11 DEPOSIT-BURFORD-MEMBERSHIP $20.00 $1,028.83
6-11 DEPOSIT-BURFORD-DISKS $20.00 $1,048.83
6-11 DEPOSIT-JENNINGS-DISKS $10.50 $1,059.33
6-11 CHECK-BILSON-POSTAGE ($27.57) $1,031.76
$150.00 ($27.57) $1,031.76

Yes, you too can be a member of the Memphis Amiga Group

A non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Memphis and Mid-South area Amiga community.

* Here's the sales pitch . . .

News, reviews, events and rumors appear in MAGazine, the club's monthly newsletter.

Over 120 disks of public domain software are available to the membership through the club literary. Another good source of public domain software is our bulletin board, open 24 hours daily, offering over 25 megabytes of games, utilities, program examples, and graphics and sound demos.

Members can rent, through our new lending library, special purpose hardware such as the Digi-View digitizer and camera.

* Here's where you decide . . .

Complete this form and mail to:

Memphis Amiga Group
Box 381462
Memphis, TN 38183-1462

Enclosed is my check for $20. Please enroll me in the Memphis Amiga Group


NAME: ____________________________________________ DATE: ______________


CITY: __________________________________ STATE: ________ ZIP: _________

PHONE: _________________________________


(make checks payable to: Memphis Amiga Group)


Use this form (or a copy) when ordering MAG Library and Fred Fish disks

NAME: ____________________________________________ DATE: ______________
CITY: __________________________________ STATE: ________ ZIP: _________
PHONE: _________________________________


     Disk(s) ordered
 MAG # __________  MAG # __________  MAG # __________  MAG # __________
 MAG # __________  MAG # __________  MAG # __________  MAG # __________

FISH # __________ FISH # __________ FISH # __________ FISH # __________
FISH # __________ FISH # __________ FISH # __________ FISH # __________

Number of MAG disks ordered _________ time $2.00 each  = $ ____________
Number of FISH disks ordered ________ time $3.00 each  = $_____________

_________  I will pick up my disks at our next general meeting.
_________  Please ship disks to me at above address.

Shipping - TOTAL number of disks ordered times $.50 each  = $ _________

                                   TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED  = $ _________

Mail this form along with your check to: MAG Library
                                         2191 Longlane Dr.
                                         Memphis, TN 38134
                                         Attn: D.Head

Please make checks payable to MEMPHIS AMIGA GROUP.
Head at (901) 377-7568 to reserve.

Computer Systems Division
1200 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
(215) 431-9100



User group members will receive "Commodore Credits" for assisting in the sales of Amiga computers between April 1, 1998 and July 31, 1998. The "Commodore Credits" can be used the same as cash toward the purchase of any Commodore product.

User group presidents will be responsible for field verification with user group with user group seal.

Commodore will be responsible for program support, final compilation and verification of "Commodore Credits", reimbursements, and determination of "Special incentive" winners.


User group must have a minimum of ten members.

User group must conduct regularly scheduled public meetings.

User group must support at least one Commodore/Amiga computer product.

User group must be established as a not-for-profit organization.

User group president must complete and return to Commodore a "COMMODORE/AMIGA USER GROUP APPLICATION".


For an individual to earn "Commodore Credits" he or she must be an active member in good standing of an "Authorized Commodore/Amiga User Group".

Employees of Commodore Business Machines or authorized Commodore/Amiga dealers are not eligible to participate.


User group will be responsible for presenting the program to the members of his or her user group.

User group president will distribute "Commodore Partners' Program" forms to members on an as needed basis.

User group members will complete the member portion of the "Commodore Partners' Program" form and accompany prospective buyer to an participating authorized Amiga dealer.

When the prospect buys an Amiga the buyer will then complete the 'buyers' portion of the "Commodore Partners' Form" and have it verified by the store manager of the participating Amiga dealer.

The user group member will then submit the completed "Commodore Partners' Program" form along with copy of the sales slip and warranty card to the user group president for field verification.

The user group president will verify the "Commodore Partners' Program" form by dating, signing his or her name, and affixing the official user group seal imprint on the form.

User group president will mail to Commodore in one package all completed "Commodore Partners' Program" forms, and copies of sales receipts, and copies of warranty cards between July 31, 1988 and August 30, 1998.


"Commodore Credits" will be issued to participating user group members as follows:

For each A-500 sold - 50 Commodore Credits
For each A-2000 sold - 200 Commodore Credits

During September certificates in the amount of the "Commodore Credits" earned along wiht an order form will be mailed directly to the appropriate user group members.


Participating user group members will have December 31, 1998 to redeem their "Commodore Credits" certificate.

User group member will complete the order form that will accompany the "Commodore Credits" certificate, enclose a certified check in the additional amount required (if applicable), and return directly to Commodore.

"Commodore Credits" can be used toward purchase of any Commodore product but will have no real cash value; therefore, no rebates will be given if the value of the products ordered is less than the value of the certificate.

"Commodore Credits" will be issued to individual user group members and can not be combined or transferred.