February 1993 MAGazine Volume 9 Number 2

Table Of Contents

Presidential Ponderings

By Bob Nunn


I am not sure where to begin. Having only been with MAGS for about 6 months, I really don't know too many of you yet. I hope to meet all of you eventually. My wife and I have been active in the Memphis Commodore Users Club for over 5 years. When we decided to upgrade, the Amiga was a natural for us as it was affordable and there is good, inexpensive software available for it. We both knew that we had learned a great deal very quickly when we became actively involved in MCUc. We both would have preferred to wait until we were more experienced with the Amiga. When no one spoke up we talked with Bryan and volunteered our services. We expect participation as officers will force us to learn at a pace we wouldn't be able to do by ourselves. With your help we will.


What I always expect from a club is to learn. How you learn from a club comes from several different avenues. I suspect the most obvious would be the club demo's, secondly the newsletter, and pick up a few bits of information from the MAGs disks. Mostly, we learn from each other. Finding someone with similar interests is very important. They are likely using the same programs and may be experiencing the same problems as you. They may also have come up with solutions as well. What we hope to accomplish is to create an atmosphere that allows you the opportunities.


I think that many of you would like to see the club more structured. My intentions are to review current policies and set up new guidelines with board and membership approval. I also plan to review the club's bylaws (when I can find a copy) and perhaps get those updated if needed. A club should run like a business, with members as our customers, and with a profit of increased knowledge and services provided for all. I accomplished this with MCUC and increased the membership to record levels while I was in office. We have the same opportunity with the new machines that are breathing life back into the Amiga market. With your help we can do the same for the Memphis Amiga Group.


My wife made a few calls and we now have a club sponsor from State Tech. Special thanks to Roy Wright from State Tech. What this means is that we stay in the Farris (new) Auditorium for FREE! We were having to pay $40 per meeting. You must agree that the State Tech facilities are much better suited to our needs.


With MCUC we started raising the clubs visibility by taking advantage of all free advertising and we do the same for MAGs. We notified LINC the Library Information Service, all Amiga related magazines, all Amiga related business, and prepared club calendars to be posted by members on public bulletin boards. We are preparing club business cards and those will be available to the membership. We lost our P.O. Box but will have a new mailing address very soon. Help us spread the word!

Check out the massive BBS list
A New Amiga Zine Entering the Scene!

MAG .info



Hello one and all! Well as you can see we are back. I must admit that last month we had a couple of minor problems, but all is back to normal. I really dont have that much to say this month, so this will be short.

I would like to say congratulations to all the new officers. After overhearing Bob Nunn talking a week or so ago I am very excited about the future of the club.

As always if there is anything that you would like to say, pleas feel free to do so. I can be reached voice at 388-0108 and on VideospeakBBS at 853-4804 (as Visual Mark). I hope to make some changes over the next couple of months to the newsletter, so keep an eye out.

As always..........PEACE!!!;-)


Dues must be paid at or before the General Meeting of your expire date. If paid on or before this time, the renewal rate is $20 for the entire year. If you wait past the general meeting you will be dropped and must renew at the new member rate of $25 for the year. Please pay at the General meeting.


The Memphis Amiga Users Group holds general meetings the second Saturday of each month in the Farris Auditorium on the campus of State Technical Institute at Memphis. For more information call Bob Nunn at (901) 795-0461.

The Librarian's Corner

by Bill Bowers

I'm glad to be back in charge of the club's library of disks and videotapes. I sure missed all those Fish disks. Anyway, this column will have multiple goals, 1) to help the editor fill some paper, 2) to supply some information or rumors from other areas not normally available to MAG members, 3) to give information on last month's Club disk because the disk usually finished the morning of the club meeting and 4) to humbly other some tips or suggestions to help Amiga users. Now that the disclaimer is done, here goes.

Welcome back AVID magazine. I had noticed not receiving this fine video oriented Amiga magazine for a couple of months. I had feared its demise just like .info magazine (sniff, sniff) and just in time for my subscription renewal. Instead, it has been sold to Pacific Media Publications in Salinas, California. AVID has the best Amiga 3D rendered covers and 3D articles of all the magazines. If video and 3D is your kick, look for this magazine at Bookstar and other large magazine racks.

Professional crystal ball gazers are seeing through the tight lips at NewTek and seeing new versions of the LightWave and Toaster software for the Video Toaster. LightWave Pro promises to the most feature-ladden 3D program for any PC and a must for those power LightWave users. Not much on details but the upgraded features should a bigger jump than 2.0 was from 1.0. Additional rumors are for a price under $800 and the software is on a CD-ROM, how interesting. Toaster 3.0 is also supposted to be on another CD-ROM disk with rumored price of $500. Expect a new version of ToasterPaint, a more powerful CG, more Toaster effects and possibly an effects creator. Just how soon will this be out, who knows with NewTek's reputation for holding release of new version until every last option has been added. Maybe summer of '93 for LightWave Pro and possibly winter '93 for Toaster 3.0. Just how are these new versions get into the Toaster? Perhaps NewTek will offer a CD-ROM drive for about $400? I would like to make this offer to the first person to purchase either one of these new versions. I will bring the club's CDTV and install the software at no charge. Subsequent installations will be charged a nominal fee paid to the club and will be announced at a later time.

I spotted a very interesting reference book during the Christmas shopping season. The MacMillian Visual Dictionary is a large, thick green book packed with pictures with labelling for most parts. The range of objects from housing to musical instruments to animals and the list goes on and on. There are even some motion sequences for swimming and other athletic activities. It is one of the best full color books I have seen as a reference for drawings and creating objects. I recently looking for a saxophone for a project and I went to bookstores and libraries looking for a satisfactory picutre to use and basically went empty-handed. This book would have really helped. O yes, the price is a hefty $50 but I think is well worth the price just to have and look at learn the names of the various parts of different objects. You know, one of those books you can flip through for hours at a time. My birthday is before the next meeting and I will bring it along.

That's about it, I would appreciate any constructive critism and/or rumors at the next meeting.

Bill Bowers

Bob's Bits

by Bob Nunn

My wife Cheryn and I have been poking around computers since Combe Inc. closed out refurbed Commodore 64's & 1541 drives. Thinking back I guess that was the best $250 we ever spent. You see both of our present occupations are directly related to our computer connections and knowledge. I presently am Publications Manager for Wang's International Inc. and Cheryn is Administrative Asst. for River Oaks Realtors here in Memphis. We both us MacIntoshs at work.

After moving to Memphis 7 years ago I set up a bulletin board using a 64 and two drives and a 300 baud modem. You see back then there wasn't much happening in the Commodore BBS area and the Amiga was just a glint in Jay Miners eye. I have been running a bbs ever since. It is a bit more sophisticated today than it was then. Soon it will be running on Amiga Hardware but I suppose as long as there is demand I will maintain a 64/128 support area as well.

We became active in the Memphis Commodore User Group a few years back, actually before the Amiga Group separated to become MAGS. I served as President for two years and I have run the club's bbs off and on for several years. I volunteered my wife to publish the newsletter a few years back (I'm not sure she has ever forgiven me) and she did it for 3 years, going from a newsletter to a small magazine 16 to 24 pages each month. We began a user group exchange program and exchanged both disks of the month and newsletters with clubs all over the world including England, Australia and New Zealand, which provided us with many new programs and ideas. We both have filled in as librarian, taught classes and seminars as well as represented MCUC in all types of public events over the years. We both have acted as private consultants to various firms in Memphis.

We bought our Amiga second hand last July and really fell in love with the machine. We run AMAX, a MacIntosh emulator on it which allows either of us to bring office work home, instead of staying late or working a weekend. We run the latest operating system 7.1 and all of the programs that we use at the office.

We both enjoy the hobby side of the Amiga as well. I guess my wife is really in love with Links Golf Game among others, and I use it for the telecommunications side. We just acquired a Yamaha keyboard and will be using it with a MIDI interface and our Amiga. I have a genlock and a camcorder and am looking forward to learning more about the video & graphic sides of the Amiga.

We are really new to the Amiga still and are looking forward to learning. What we hope to bring to the group is a fresh look at some of the old material while keeping current with the improvements in software and hardware.

You are very weclome to visit my bulletin board system. It will have been online 7 years this February. I will soon have a sub set aside for MAGS Club News and information. I have a small Public Domain U/D section and GIF pictures available as well as a text library with articles of interest. It does support ANSI Graphics as well.

Operator Headgap BBS

Free Support for C64/128 & Amiga Computers
Commodore Color Graphics, ANSI, or ASCI
24 Hour, 3/12/2400 Baud

Operating from C128 w 64/VDC, CMD HD 100 Hard Drive (104.9
Megabyte) Parallel, CMD HD40 (52.67 Megabyte) Serial, CMD
Ramlink w/4 Meg Ram, CD2400 Modem. Using CBASE 128
v1.2C with the entire system operating out of RL-DOS driven
ram in fast 128 mode. Headgap Features a Huge Online
Commodore Information Library! & Color Graphics. 20 Message
Bases! Transfer Area with 50 UD Sections and supporting
Punter, Xmodem & Xmodem 1K Protocols!

Bob Nunn - Sysop

(901) 365-1583

MicroMiga announces new Amiga publication.

MicroMiga, known best as a mail order vendor specializing in the Amiga line of personal computers since 1988 is announcing today we will start publishing a new Amiga specific magazine. The first issue is scheduled for May of this year and subsequent issues will be released quarterly.

This new magazine titled "Amiga Explorer" will focus on the Amiga marketplace, spending most of its pages on what's available and new to the Amiga community. It will have in depth reviews of software and hardware, columns on how best to use your Amiga and the software you purchase. Several technical articles covering C programming and ARexx are also planned.

We will also be spending a great deal of time "Exploring" the online community including commercial online services, BBS's and Shareware/Public Domain Software. Included in every issue will be several "Spotlight" articles where we will do in depth reviews of Shareware software, interviews with the developers and also spotlight different BBS's around the country.

In the weeks to come we will release an outline of the planned articles for 1993 and into 1994. In this outline we will discuss in great detail the direction we plan to take Amiga Explorer and we hope you will take the time in the next few weeks to contact us with your ideas, suggestions or submissions. Amiga Explorer will be your magazine, it will be completely designed from the ground up based on your input. If you want something or don't like something let us know. We will be available to you via several online systems including Internet/Usenet.

The first issue will be available to all those who ask free of charge, simply write us at the address below to request your free issue. Future issues will be available for only the cost of mailing, or ask your local dealer to carry it free of charge.

Contact: John Ferguson
Address: Amiga Explorer
P.O. Box 1898
Spring Valley, CA 91979-1898

Film at Eleven

by Jim Meyer

As you read this, DevCon '93 will be history, and some 400 Amiga developers will have scattered across the globe, renewed, recharged, and ready to forge ahead with the tasks at hand. And just what are those tasks? We really don't know yet, but there will be plenty of guesses over the next year or so. Some of what is to come, at least from the developers, will grow from what is now at hand. There are the new AGA modes to contend with, something that everyone - from spreadsheet developers to games people - will be addressing. Then there are the new machines, with brand new opportunities for expansion. We've already seen the first announcements of products specifically designed for the Amiga 1200, a trickle that is sure to turn into a deluge.

But what of Commodore? With candor unusal for Commodore, Lew Eggebrecht outlined the next 2 years of the Amiga line. We know what's coming and when, right? Wrong. While we've been given a good idea about some things, like the evolution of the AGA chipset and future operating system enhancements, it is likely that much more remains unknown. And each development, of itself, opens up even more possibilities. Retargetable and Device-Independent Graphics (RTG/DIG), for example, presents the possibility of Amigas running in a myriad of configurations, of Amiga displays limited only by available technology. A standard Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - a computer within the computer - opens up even more doors.

But possibilities only exist within a universe that itself exists. For the Amiga, there is no future beyond that which Commodore is able, or willing, to create. The present Amiga market consists of a core of highly devoted, even fanatical, North American users, and even larger base of European users. The North American market has the most potential, and the largest.



AMIGA 1200



799 Highway 72 East
Collierville TN

Unofficial Memphis TN BBS Telephone List

by Ben D'Angelo, Edited for Space by Bob Nunn

Only Active Numbers Shown - January 1, 1993

BBS Name Phone Number Sysop
3 AM 272-7046 Danny Tucker
505-South 353-6131 James Shivers
9640 News 368-0112 Berry Miller/TI Only
A.D.I.N. 366-7221 Renamed "Reality Relief"
ALPHA Colony 323-6429 Bernard Tibbeties
Amiga Pitts #1 753-0457 Dominator
Amiga Pitts #2 753-0463 Dominator
Artificial Reality 324-5290 Brian Melancon
BandStand II 371-9484 Bob Vawter
Bear's Den 385-1323 Kathy Pratt
Bermuda Island 775-5056 Percy Nelson
Big Sky Country 367-2105 Duane Arbogast
Bluff City 763-3784 Sandy Wetherholt
Brawner's 767-3040 Mark Brawner
Buccaneer's Harbor 873-2837 Carls Slawinski
Bullfrog 684-1758 Lee Keller
Cat House 761-2732 Kitten
Chat Line 365-4638 Sting Ray
Circuit Board 854-6106 Wes Hughes
ComputerTech #1 387-0929 Bob Everett
ComputerTech #2 382-1686 Bob Everett
Corner Bar 872-6391 Ron Mahan
CornerStone TBBS 345-0117 Tommy Brown
CotNet 278-7305 Nor-Am Chemical Co.
Cross Hairs 353-5476 Mike Sargent, aka Carlos
Crusade 278-7233 Norman Wade
Crystal Clear Ideas #1 324-2525 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #2 327-7885 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #3 327-7984 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #4 327-8718 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #5 323-5773 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #9 377-4551 Carlton Smith
Crystal Clear Ideas #10 323-6429 Carlton Smith
Cyber Systems 756-4398 Jay Tomaselio
Dark Castle 602-726-6129 Darkstar
Dark Side of the Moon 754-4920 Jake Loudenslayer
Death Gate 373-9767 Tony Barrett
Dew Drop Inn 781-9049 Gene Flake
Diagnostics BBS 367-9637 Michael Soenksen
Digital Aspects #1 757-1313 Chuck Breazeale, 2400 only.
Digital Aspects #2 758-2580 Chuck Breazeale, 9600 only.
Dog Squad 387-0252 Gene Goodwin
Donna's Delights 458-4417 Donna Turner
Dr. File Finders 753-7213 Renamed "The Black Bag"
Dragon Masters 353-5013 Ken Betterton
Dragon's Den 743-4133 Bill Peck
Dragon's Lair 854-6870 Bill Keith
Eagles Nest 372-5754 Charlie Wirth
East End of Collierville 853-9614 John Knopf
Edge City 276-0171 Bill Simmons
El Gato 393-5546 El Gato
File Server 756-4759 Edward Arndt
Fire House 854-6806 Tim Stewart
Fishin' Hole 353-4737 Cuda, Apple
Fitzpatrick's Fireplace 872-1928 Daniel Fitzpatrick
Flagship America #1 382-1864 Ken Akins
Flagship America #2 382-3170 7pm-8am Mon->Sat only
Full Moon 386-1760 Pierre LaMontagne
Game Frame 393-7343 Chris Houston
General UFO Systems 785-4943 John Komar
Googolplex 680-0977 Alan Shumaker
Grace+Base 452-0168 Sean Isham
Graphics Workshop 1 458-9456 Dennis Dodd
Graphics Workshop 2 323-9296 Dennis Dodd
H.U.G. Data Connect. 683-5410 Jerry Hindle
Havenhawk's 873-0965 Charles Tedder
Helen's Playground 853-2412 Helen Knoph
HelpWare #1 876-3270 Steve Cross
HelpWare #2 876-3277 Steve Cross
Hook Line & Sinker 452-5632 Jim Graham
Idiot Net 743-7859 Dale Turner
In Between Days 837-1379 John Woody
Inner Sanctum 501-739-5629 Bubba Hemphill
Lame BBS 382-9295 Bruce Lamey
Logan's Domain 851-7879 Shane Nails
Lone Star 754-1112 Jon Cook
Mage's Sanctum 756-7365 Matthew Jones
Magoo's (10p-6a) 367-0619 Bryan Martinez,10pm-6am
MashCom 377-1904 Ron Poletti
MelMack I 324-2024 Hays Turner
MelMack II 458-4417 Renamed "Donna's Delight"
Memphis PCUG #1 368-1764 Rick Vanhooser
Memphis PCUG #2 368-1765 Rick Vanhooser
Menu Bar & Grill 363-1214 Brian Trammell
Metroplex 327-1895 Rick VanHooser & Donald Bruce
Midnight Sun 358-2736 Shirley & Mike Smith
Mongoose's Shadow 382-5972 Clayton Ramsey
Mongoose's Shadow 382-7316 Clayton Ramsey
Mongoose's Shadow 373-3023 Clayton Ramsey
Mr. Zip 761-1147 Jerry Gresham
Muddy Waters #1 756-4229 Greg Jansen
Music Room 872-3971 John Cosper
N.A.B.B.O.A. 794-0646 Clayton Cook
N.A.D.E.N. EBBS 324-8511 Thomas Busby
Network 763-1427 Sonny Gentry
Network One 725-7964 Darryl Haas
Night Club 276-7607 Damian Morgan
NiteMare 754-9823 Rusty Ferguson
NorthEnd #1 873-0387 Jon Hall
NorthEnd #2 872-7318 Jon Hall
Operand #1 753-3738 Lonne Wall, 2400
Operand #2 753-7858 Lonne Wall, HI-Speed only
Operator Headgap 365-1583 Bob Nunn
Palm Beach (10p-8a) 387-0640 Richard Shaw
Party Line #1 873-2328 Mike Glenn
Pc-Link IV 349-2017 Paul Warmath
Pegasus 837-3307 Mike Briscoe
PineDale Country Club 357-7954 Mike Oyler
Playground #1 382-8647 Tim Fraley
Promethius 385-0868 Michael Burt
Pummill's Pit 393-0512 Johnny Pummill
Purgatory 342-5680 Drew Scholfield
Pyramid #1 372-7912 Dan Rook
Quick's Room 360-0317 Alan Whitenton
Radio Free Memphis 757-5753 Jim Key
Razor's Edge 501-732-3652 Justin Woods
Reality Relief 366-7221 Renamed N.A.D.E.N.
Riverside 373-5348 Gary Wilkerson
Rocky Horror 366-1076 Phillip Stringfellow
Rosebud's Garden 781-9049 Renamed "Dew Drop Inn"
Scrabble 781-3527 Renamed "Online Games"
Shadow River 873-1570 Tyrin Price
Shore Line 369-8067 Quincy Nelson
Short Circuit 781-1886 Steve Kruzich
Smile Line 685-0017 Charles Chandler
Southern Terrace 385-0797 Lady Viking
Sparky's Machine 615-230-8822 Sparky
Star Board (7p-7a) 853-8264 Scott Miller, 7pm-7am only
Starfire 372-7961 Phil Arnold
StarsEnd 1 837-2859 Patrick Signlin
StarsEnd 2 (10p-8a) 837-3518 Patrick Siglin, 10pm-8am
Stilletto 382-4304 Madd Hatter
Swanson's BBS 373-3239 Brian Swanson
Tavern 722-5582 Dark Lord
Tech Line 353-5401 James Ellison
Terrorist Mansion 854-6870 Renamed "Dragon's Lair"
Think Tank 767-2503 Bill Paul
Thunderbolt 393-9290 Easy Rider
Tim's Toy Box 726-4614 Gold Tooth/Tim Webster
TUG BBS 358-8227 Gary Smith, Semi-Private
USS Enterprise #1 353-6182 Admiral James Kirk
USS Enterprise #2 358-1729 Admiral James Kirk
USS Enterprise #3 353-6962 Admiral James Kirk
USS Enterprise #4 357-6884 Admiral James Kirk
Voyage Beneath Sea 795-6073 Poseidon
War Board 873-1602 Warmonger & Travellar
War Zone 385-0725 Spade, aka Dustin Hayre
Weird Communications 385-2823 Paul Reasons (9p-3p)
West of the Brook 755-2166 Kevin Westbrook
Wild Bill's Frontier 373-3405 Bill Ritchie
Wild Rebel 382-7366 Red Beard
Wit's End 377-4855 Jim Mathis
Wolraf's Flight Hub 755-9361 Kyle Farlow, Fri.5pm->Sun.7pm
World Silent Movies 366-7221 Renamed "Reality Relief"
Worthington's 454-1717 John Worthington


1. Akey Brian L. Memphis TN 38107 OCT 93
2. Andrew Sid Memphis TN 38168 SEP 92
3. Andrews Freddie L. Memphis TN 38128 JAN 93
4. Bilson Edward Memphis TN 38115 JAN 93
5. Bowers William Memphis TN 38118 MAY 93
6. Browne Kevin Memphis TN 38111 SEP 92
7. Burns Keith Cordova TN 38018 NOV 92
8. Campbell Terry A. Horn Lake MS 38637 DEC 93
9. Carruthers Joey Memphis TN 38119 FEB 93
10. Castillo Jose M. Memphis TN 38118 DEC 93
11. Cervetti Michael Cordova TN 38018 AUG 93
12. Chiego John & Sara Memphis TN 38119 OCT 93
13. Crighton Jr. Robert Millington TN 38053 APR 93
14. Crockett Robert Horn Lake MS 38637 DEC 93
15. Dahms Michael K. Memphis TN 38127 OCT 92
16. Deschamps Joseph Jackson Tn 38305 SEP 92
17. Dobbins Chris Memphis TN 38152 APR 93
18. Dobson Michael Memphis TN 38118 NOV 92
19. Durfee Tony Jackson TN 38305 DEC 92
20. Dye Julia Ann Memphis TN 38120 APR 93
21. Echols Steve Memphis TN 38125 DEC 93
22. Evans Larry Memphis TN 38135 JAN 93
23. Fanelli Daniel R. Germantown TN 38139 FEB 93
24. Franklin Shelley Memphis TN 38120 MAR 93
25. Ginn Raymond Memphis TN 38127 APR 93
26. Glover Steven Cordova TN 38018 JAN 93
27. Harper Richard Memphis TN 38111 FEB 93
28. Hartley Marilyn Memphis TN 38118 SEP 92
29. Hawkins Conrad G. Memphis TN 38117 JUL 93
30. Hooker Bill Memphis TN 38134 NOV 92
31. Hudson Scott Memphis TN 38141 OCT 92
32. Ingerson Steve Walls MS 38680 SEP 93
33. King Guy Collierville TN 38017 JAN 93
34. Kligel Joseph Memphis TN 38118 APR 93
35. Knight Ronnie Burlison TN 38105 JAN 93
36. Langston Scott Memphis TN 38111 JAN 93
37. Lewis Jeff Memphis TN 38134 MAY 93
38. Lowder Mark Memphis TN 38118 FEB 93
39. McCalla Ron & Audrey Jackson TN 38305 DEC 99
40. Mergen Steve Memphis TN 38104 MAR 93
41. Miller William Germantown TN 38108 JAN 93
42. Mitchell Mike Memphis TN 38108 SEP 92
43. Montgomery Ronald Memphis TN 38108 DEC 92
44. Morgan Don Memphis TN 38117 JUN 93
45. Mott James Memphis TN 38109 JAN 93
46. Nolen Kent Arlington TN 38002 JUL 93
47. Norman Joe R. Dyersburg TN 38024 JAN 93
48. Nunn Bob Memphis TN 38141 AUG 93
49. Photo Grafix (Jim) Memphis TN 38112 MAY 93
50. Pittman James E. Memphis TN 38116 APR 93
51. Ralston Bruce Memphis TN 38104 MAR 93
52. Reagan Alan Memphis TN 38104 NOV 92
53. Rush David Memphis TN 38127 NOV 93
54. Sanders Joe Memphis TN 38134 AUG 93
55. Sheridan Larry Brighton TN 38011 NOV 92
56. Spence David E. Collierville TN 38017 MAR 93
57. Stokes Paul Eads TN 38028 DEC 93
58. Swope Henry Braden TN 38010 NOV 92
59. Thrasher Trevor Southaven MS 38671 NOV 92
60. Torrence Samuel Tupelo MS 38801 MAY 93
61. Underwood Lenore Millington TN 38053 DEC 92
62. Varnell Roy Memphis TN 38127 APR 93
63. Vineyard Charles W. Memphis TN 38118 AUG 93
64. Walker Jim Memphis TN 38128 JAN 93
65. Wallace Michael S. Marion AR 72364 AUG 93
66. Walp Len Memphis TN 38128 JAN 93
67. Waters Robert Memphis TN 38116 OCT 93
68. Watson Jerry Memphis TN 38118 NOV 92
69. Weatherall Broadus Memphis TN 38111 JAN 93
70. Webb Donnie Memphis TN 38118 JAN 93
71. Wells Phillip Jackson TN 38301 APR 93
72. Williams Charles Wilson AR 72395 DEC 93
73. Winfield Kenneth Memphis TN 38128 OCT 93
74. Wulff John Memphis TN 38115 JUL 93
75. Wyatt Joel Jackson TN 38301 FEB 93
76. Yates Richard Memphis TN 38134 MAR 93

If you have a change of address or phone; please notify; Terry Campbell