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The May General Meeting of the Memphis Amiga Group will be held Saturday, May 14 from 1:00 pm until approximately 3:00 pm in the Farris Auditorium on the campus of State Technical Institute at Memphis.

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From the President's CLI

by Bob Nunn


I'm sorry that I will miss the May meeting. My company sets aside one Saturday a year to do its annual review. Our corporate year ended April 30th and the company picked the 14th to hold this meeting. Tom O'Brien, your VP, and my wife Cheryn, Club Secretary will fill in.


I read in Computer Resellers Magazine that CBM Inc. sold to Sage Technologies and Sage had reported that they expected good 1st and 2nd Quarter sales. Now I am not sure CBM has anything to do with Commodore and I can't find anyone who has ever heard of Sage. [Editor's Note: CBM Inc. has nothing to do with Commodore Business Machines]. Commodore's stock is up to .88 a share the last report I saw. I have heard many more screwy rumors like they were being sued by the inventor of the cursor and they had a court order preventing them from selling anything domestically pending the results of the trial. All I really know for sure is that there is demand and no supply, and that rumors abound.

A64 v3.0

A new version of the Commodore 64 Emulator has just hit the market. It is made by Questronix. I recently purchased one since I still have many programs in 64 format and I keep a large section of 64/128 on the bulletin board. This new emulator works with workbenches 1.3 to 3.0! which makes it functional with the A1200 and 4000s! I was truly impressed with the package which includes a parallel adaptor that allows you to hook up any 64 compatible drive. I am using it with a 1581 which uses the 3-1/2" disks and by daisy chaining I can hook up to 4 drives total. It also has software that lets you copy the roms from you own 64 to improve compatibility, but ownership of a 64 is not required to use this program. It includes a large manual that is well put together and fairly easy to understand. They make one assumption that may give some people trouble and that is that you already know how to use a 64 and your Amiga. We will likely be showing this off as a short demo at the next meeting.

SupraFAXModem 288

That's right Supra now has a fax modem that supports 28,800 baud. This new technology is based on the Rockwell chipset. is what they are calling the classification and while the people who set the standards haven't finished up yet, Supra has figured out a neat way around any changes that may occur. They call it FlashROM technology and what it does is it allows you to make changes that are semi-permanently stored. If a change is required when the standards are finally completed and published Supra simply puts out a disk with the upgrade on it. That way you can upgrade your modem without having to purchase and replace the rom. I suggest that you either buy a Supra or wait until the standards are set, or else you may get stuck with the modem equivalent of an 8 track. Other features included are caller ID support, silent answer that lets you receive both fax and voice calls. I haven't seen a street price on the Supra 28.8 yet and ordered mine early via a system operator program that Supra offers. Operator Headgap BBS now supports a 28.8 line. You can dial it direct at 901-759-1543 if you have a 28.8 modem. If you have a slower modem please dial the 759-1542 line. You may end up connected to the new Supra anyway since the line defaults if the first line is busy.

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There will be a board of directors lunch meeting at Gridley's in the formal dining room beginning at 11:00 A.M., Saturday, May 14 (before the general meeting). For more information call Bob Nunn at 901-795-1541.

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Portal Chat with Dave Haynie Sunday, May 1 - (heavily edited)

(live conference) held on The Portal System on the evening of Sunday, 1 May 1994. Dave Haynie, one of the 22 remaining Commodore West Chester employees and long-time Engineer at that facility was our guest. Dave appears under his usual pseudonym of "Hazy".

JWolf: Dos anybody still work for CBM?

hazy: At least for the next week or so. They go cash for next week's payroll.

Harv: dave is one of the final survivors, apparently, but for how long

hazy: ~20 in Engineering were spared last Wednesday's "Last Big Layoff".

Furr: I just wish C= had gotten AmigaOS 3.1 out for all of us before this happened...

Hazy: I actually started work on the system that probably would have become the A5000 back in '91, after the A3000+ was cancelled.

DrGandalf: What was the A3000+?

hazy: Strangely enough, that's also when I first though C= might be doomed. The A3000+ is what the A4000 should have been. Would have been had Ali not interfered in Engineering.

ScottJ: Hazy, you have another job yet?

hazy: Several possibilities. No firm offers yet, expecting several.

ScottJ: Hazy, are you going to be able to finish DiskSalv 3? You showed it at my user group meeting a couple of weeks ago.

hazy: Obviously all this nonsense is bring drain on my time, but I still intend to finish DiskSalv 3, probably by mid to late May now, I mean, job hunting did eat a few weekends. I got back from a trip last Monday night. When I got to work on Tuesday, I heard that most everyone left in Engineering would be gone on Wednesday.

JWolf: Dave, do you think Commodore can rise from the ashes or is this really it for them?

hazy: As I understand it, there won't be any C=. Who cares. The real question is, will there be any Amiga. No ideas here. Obviously the technology, production rights, etc. are assets that someone will buy. Honestly, C= run by anyone with a survival instinct would be C= in name only. Would be nice.

laire: nobody in the amiga 3rd party area would have the resources to take over CBM's rests.

Harv: I wonder how close 3.1 was to going to dealers.

hazy: 3.1 was released by Software. I don't know if production made any.

Harv: I talked to amiga world. no plans to do anything for now but of course that's up to IDG.

hazy: 3.1 is a KS/WB release. If no one picks up and makes Amigas, the Amiga market doesn't disappear for most software vendors, the magazines, etc. At least not overnight. The real problem is for companies like New Tek that depend mainly on new system, not add-ons to existing systems. If someone bought the rights, and CSG (CSG = Commodore Semiconductor Group, nee MOS Technology) stay in operation. The A4000T is a snap - it fits in any PC-AT case, tower or desktop.

Harv: I talked to opal yesterday. They still fully plan to release their new modules.

hazy: Last I heard, there are plenty of chips out there. Part of the problem, actually, since it was easy to make lots of C= chips, but real money was needed for the non-C= parts. The A4000 was made in the Philippines plant, which would presumably be sold. They made A1200s under contract in Scotland, obviously anyone with the rights could get them made. Basically, it's possible for someone to make Amigas without C= with the proper rights secured. That doesn't prevent the end, since it doesn't carry any promises of improvements. It does delay the end. Buster and Super Denise is CSG. Lisa was HP and NCR. C= hasn't officially been shut down in West Chester, just nearly so.

DrTed: How long before commodore is officially and legally dead???

ScottJ: I want to hear the real inside story of CBM. I've heard lots of rumors but no one was willing to speak openly.

hazy: When folks are laid off, they usually have to sign an outgoing NDA, different than what you sign to get in. If you don't, you don't get your severance pay. Without C= ongoing, that's hardly much of a concern. Jeff is sticking around for two weeks or so to see if he can make any sort of deals. Others are trying too, but I don't know what will come of it.

We were on the right track in 1990. The A3000 was out, AAA was well underway. I started working on the A3000+, which brought the AA chipset and DSP3210 to the Amiga. Had the A3000+ become the A4000 in April of 1992 like we had planned, momentum wouldn't have been lost. But they delayed AA for absolutely no reason (aside perhaps Sydnes' ego) for about 6 months, so Christmas '92 was a disaster, since the AA systems weren't ready. This same genius forced replacement of the A500 with the A600, the first time in history C= cancelled a system that was selling well. The A600 had started out as the A300, a sub A500, probably something like a C64 if it had remained on course. At the high end, you add in 6 months of delay on the A4000, another delay due to the A4091 being necessary, and AAA didn't get the system support it needed quickly enough. I was the only system guy working on AAA.

I pointed out I believe that it's possible for someone to start making Amigas again, but who knows. From the viewpoint of "the industry", 100,000 or so CD32s is a success this early upon introduction. From C='s point of view, they needed many, many more sold, but couldn't make them. So they deem it a failure. I think they wanted to sell 400,000 Amigas. Without Ali, no Sydnes. Without Sydnes, we have A3000+ (probably labeled A4000) out 6 months before the A4000 we actually did. Built-in SCSI in the A3000+, so no need for the A4091. So I'm a year ahead already on the system stuff for AAA machines. With an extra six months of production, AA is mature for Christmas '92, so lots of A1200s and A4000s get out. This very well could have eliminated the big-time losses of '93 and '94. Sydnes replaced Henri Rubin as head of Engineering. Under Henri and Jeff Porter, we did the A500, A2000, A2500, and A3000. The change made no sense to me. I guess Ali, knowing less than nothing about the computer biz, thought an IBM vet would make Engineering "more professional". Management was without a clue, period.

I'm sure someone will buy the technology. There are several interested, we know that. Obviously, it's worth something. The likelihood of someone buying it and wanting to continue Amiga development is much lower. I have heard at least four different names. No results yet, but it's a different ballgame after Friday's announcement.

News About Commodore Business Machines


Well, I can officially tell you that Commodore was sold sometime in the last 48 hours.

I found this out when trying to buy more stock, and then later this was confirmed by my contacts at Commodore. Nobody (including the guys at Commodore) knows yet who purchased the company. It it's Sony, HP, or Phillips, people better buy stock quick... it will jump up when it's officially announced.

Sysop Public Message


I just spent the afternoon on the phone culling through my sources for news about what is going on with Commodore, and have some very interesting news to report.

First off - The rumor of an injunction against Commodore preventing them from selling any more machine in the US after April 4th posted here a month ago is in fact true. But it was not an angry mob of creditors as the rumor reported, rather it was the result of a suite filed by a company called Cad Track in 1991 (?). Cad Track holds the patent on using XOR to display any type of cursor on a computer screen. They no longer make any hardware of their own, rather they exist solely to pressure every computer company in existance into paying them money. IBM and most other manufactures payed them off rather than fight their patent, but for whatever reason, Commodore didn't.

Sources you ask? -- Well that is where the good news comes in. Alex Amor of CEI in Miami just this week sent a letter to Commodore dealers promising them ample stock on hand, all brought in via Canada thus avoiding the injunction because it is CEI, and not C= selling in the US. Also he promises new products from C= in the next few months (I am assuming the 400T and 4000LC), and he announces the CEI 1962 Monitor. Made specially for CEI, it can do all Amiga modes, and is offically endorsed by Commodore.

He also offers special CEI bundles, such as the 4000 with a turbo 040 board installed....

Overall the tone was very up and optimistic, and hinted that Commodore may be announcing a "financial partner" iin the next week or two.

Note that this letter was read to me over the phone, and I had to take hasty notes, so some of my details may be off. Also, the name of the company holding the injunction and why was not in the CEI letter. My own research and sources turned that up...

Now for my other hot news. Motorola has released prices on the 68060 in quantities of 10,000, and get this --

THE 68060 IS CHEAPER THAN THE 68040!!!!!

Here is the price breakdown:

68060 - $263.00
68LC060 - $169.00 (No FPU)
68EC060 - $150.00 (No MMU).

Chris Dunphy


I am greatly saddened to report the following rumors from sources I trust implicitly, i.e., Mr. Frank Hudson and Loren Lovhaug (the latter working within spitting distance of Commodore's offices in West Chester, PA)...that the company is definitely preparing to wind up operations and announce closure of the US operatons at the end of the week after the markets close. This termination of the US operations will not mean closure of Commodore International, and the Company will attempt to continue on the "right side of the pond." Commodore UK will be financial dynamo remaining to maintain the Amiga operations.

Paul Ross


I just got off the phone with an employee @ Commodore West Chester. Here's the current situation: A few days ago there were about 70+ people working in the building. As of today there are a bit over 20.

CATS is shut down. Sales & Support are shut down. The secretaries are gone.

What is left, basically, is the C= braintrust: enough engineers who know how to glue everything together to make an Amiga. Right now they don't ahve much to do.

Negotiations are still ongoing for a buyout of C=. You've all heard the rumors of all the possible players in a buyout games. As of today (4/28/94) there's been no buyout yet.

From what I heard in my conversation this drama could play out in various ways: C= could shut down their West Chester operation at any time. Or it could drag on a couple more weeks the way it is. Or a buyer could be found to seal a deal and at the point it's anyone's guess exactly what would happen - do they want the chipset or do they want the Amiga computer... we don't know yet.

C='s Philippines assembly plant is closed down and is not making anything at this time.

My employee contact did not know what happened with the Commodore Shareholder Movement guys' plans or what they're doing right now about the situation, if, in fact, they can do anything.

There's a "wake" party planned by current and former employees for this weekend, but he told me they have had many similar parties in the past when people left the company.

So whatever you have read elsewhere, that's the situation as it stands on 4/28/94. There ARE still people at C= West Chester. It's a skeleton crew of mostly engineering. Where it goes from here remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

Harv Laser


I work at a newspaper in Connecticut. People at my job are well aware of my advocacy for the Amiga. The following Assoicate Press report was handed to me as I as leaving work today.

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (AP) - Commodore International Ltd., a pioneer in the personal computer industry, said late Friday it is going out of business.

The company plans to transfer its assets to unidentified trustees "for the benefit of its creditors" and has placed its major subsidiary, Commodore Electronics Ltd., into vouluntary liquidation.

"This is the initial phase of a orderly voluntary liquidation of both companies," Commodore said in a brief statement.

Company executives could not immediately be reached Friday evening.

The company last month reported an $8.2 million loss for the quarter ending Dec. 31 on sales of 237.7 million in the same period.

In the latest report, Commodore said financial limits had thwarted its ability to supply products, leading to weakened sales. One of the new products, the Amiga CD32 video game [sic], had sold poorly in Europe, where the company did most of its business

The company's net worth turned negative in the fiscal year ended last June 30.

Its stock, which had traded at around $3 per share before the quarterly results were announced last month, closed unchanged at 87 1/2 cents per share on the New York Stock Exchange Friday.

Commodore started 40 years ago as a typewriter repair company in the Bronx. Its extension to the adding machine business paved the way for it to make calculators and then personal computers by the mid-1970s.

Commodore competed with Radio Shack for the first computers sold to homes and co-founder Jack Tramiel became a highly-regarded figure in the fledging PC industry.

By the early 1980s, it was overshadowed in the PC business by Apple Computer Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. Software manufacturers didn't create as much software for Commodore's Amiga line as it did for Apple and IBM-compatible machines.

In recent years, most of Commodore's business was in Europe.

SUNDAY, MAY 1 - 7:30 AM

I got this off a BBS in town. This fax was sent to all Amiga Dealers. Dear CEI Dealer:

As we have been expecting, C= International filed for liqiudation in order to be projected from its creditors Friday April 29, 1994, at 4:10 PM. C='s official statement follows:

"C= International Limited announced today that its Board of Directors has authorized the transfer of its assets to trustees for the benefit of its creditors and has placed its major subsidiary, C= Electronics Limited, into voluntary liquidation. This is the initial phase off an orderly liqudation of both companies, which are incorporated in the Bahamas, by the Bahamas Supreme Court"

This action does not affect the wholly-owned subsidiaries which include C= Business Machines (USA), C= Business Machines LTD (Canada), C=/Amiga (UK), C= Germany, ect. Operations will continue normally.

CEI has been working closely with C='s management and major investors to find a resolution to the current financial crisis. C='s actions now clear the way for progress to be made.

In the next few weeks CEI will be making a number of important announcements. CEI currently has sufficient Amiga invertory to meet expected demand until manufacturing can be resumed. All are policies remain in tact, full service and support will continue. If you have any question or concerns please contact your CEI representiative.

Please assure your customers that this event should be seen in the positive light...better support, better products, better marketing, better prices arose from the ashes. Stay tuned...

President CEI

End of fax..


SUNDAY, MAY 1 - 2:00 PM

I just read the CEI posting about how C= will still survive and that they have enough inventory to supply everyone.....

The only problem is this: I live in Miami (where CEI is) and they apparently have accepted a $25,000 check from RGB computers to supply them with Amigas... RGB is very upset about this because CEI has NO Amigas! They just accepted the check and said that they "could" get Amigas.

I hope that Commodore makes a come back in some form or another, but I wouldn't put any faith into ANY CEI press release. They have a very poor track record.

Paul Griswold

To all,

here is the statement from my logical Amiga dealer out here in Long Island, NY. I downloaded it of his locale BBS...... Amiga, the computer that would not die.

The above statement will continue to be true. Those of us who love the Amiga will continue to keep it alive. If you love the Amiga please read on. The future of your favorite computer is in your hands.

As you probably know by now Commodore is having serious financial problems. Clone hysteria, combined with a weak world wide economy, and several other factors have left Commodore on the brink of financial collapse.

Now, before anyone offers the opinion that Commodore failed to properly market the Amiga, I would like to point something out. Yes, Commodore made lots of mistakes, but let's not forget the most important fact of all. They came out with the Amiga. They came out with the Amiga. They took a chance and gave us a great computer.

My personal feeling is that no one could have properly marketed the Amiga. Just look around you, and look back in time a few years. What do you see? You are, and have always been, surrounded by all that DOS and Windows compatibility hype. Sure the clones are compatible, Crap equals Crap.

Hundreds of clone makers spending billions of dollars, all telling the would be computer buyer the same thing. Buy what everyone else is buying! If you have ever tried to sell someone on the merits of the Amiga, you know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes you can't even market the Amiga to your best friend, your brother, or someone else who is close to you.

It's not to hard to figure out why the clone makers recommended their products. It's because they want to make lots of money. They don't care what's good, what's better, or what's best. They just care about one thing. Who is buying what? Therefore, I submit to you that something much more powerful than marketing is needed to keep the Amiga alive. The power of the dollar is the one and only answer to all the Amiga's problems.

What the Amiga market needs right now, more than anything else, is your money. Commodores problems are the Amiga's most prominent problem, but they are by no means the only problem. Amiga hardware and software developers, distributors, dealers, and your fellow Amiga owners all need your support. That means they need help, but mostly they need your money.

Have you been putting off your Amiga 1200 or Amiga 4000 purchase to wait for the triple A Amiga? Well, guest what, there isn't going to be a triple A Amiga if you don't get off your butt an buy what is already available. Look around, when was the last time you saw a new Amiga 1200? You didn't buy them so they went away. CD32 is here to give you another chance. It's a lot more than just a CD game machine. Have you even bothered to go and see it?

Buying a new Amiga now will do a lot more than just help Commodore. The money you spend will trickle down through the dealer, the distributor, and the manufacturer. It will be counted as a vote of confidence by those three parties, dozens of Amiga developers, and millions of Amiga owners. Cast your vote today, but cast it wisely. Your money will do the most good if you are careful about where you spend it. Your local dealer should be your first consideration if he is willing to give you a good deal. If you must go mail order, I strongly suggest that you buy from one of several 100% Amiga mail order houses. Ask them what other computers they sell before you place the order. If they sell clones and/or macs, place your order somewhere else. Some of the biggest so called Amiga mail order houses use our money to open more and more stores to support the clone and/or mac markets. Let the buyer beware.

Maybe you really can't afford a new Amiga. No problem, you can still be of great help. I'm sure there is some upgrade to your present system that you have been looking at. Now would be the best time to show your appreciation for your Amiga by buying it a little gift. Your Amiga isn't going to stop working just because Commodore is having problems. Whatever you are using it for now, it will continue to be useful for a long time to come. So go ahead and upgrade, you'll be glad you did. The clone makers would like nothing better than for you to be filled with fear and desperation. Don't give them what they want. Help keep the Amiga alive.

Even if you already own the perfect Amiga system, you can still help save the Amiga by buying some software. Yes, i said to BUY some software. The Amiga market is much too small to support ANY piracy, not even so called software rental. One of our biggest problems is that we never seem to have enough software. Developers are attracted to the Amiga because of our superior hardware and operating system, but they are turned off by poor sales figures. Remember, these people have to eat and pay their bills just like the rest of us. If they take the time to write programs for our Amiga, we should treat them like royalty. If every Amiga owner, who uses the Amiga regularly, purchased just one program each month or two, we would have no problem attracting and keeping good developers.

Perhaps the most important point I can make here is as follows. Your support for the Amiga should extend beyond the usual realm of though that says spending money on the Amiga means supporting the Amiga. You should also consider that spending money on other items in your daily life can help support the Amiga as well. What I mean is best illustrated by an example. Suppose you wanted to get new stationery for your business. You would probably look around for a local printer to do the job. If you asked all the printers you talked to if they could take Amiga output, you would be helping the Amiga a little. If you managed to find one that did take Amiga output, and gave them your business, you would be helping the Amiga more. If you also recomended that printer to your firends, you would be repeating your efforts. It makes no difference if you can actually give the printer Amiga output. All that matters is that you ask and pick the place that supports the Amiga over the place that doesn't.

This Amiga support for Amiga supporters principal can be carried over to every aspect of your life. Every penny spent with someone who supports the Amiga also has the potential to support the Amiga. Your car mechanic can own an Amiga, your wedding can be videotaped by an Amiga owner, your newspaper can be bought from the newstand that sells Amiga magazines, etc., etc. Speaking of Amiga magazines, they need your money too. Magazine subscriptions are a very important way for developers to gauge the size of the Amiga market. Even if you really don't like any of the current Amiga magazines, you still need to have a subscription to at least one. That way you will be sure to be counted, and you'll always have a pretty good idea of what's new for your Amiga. If you don't like something about the magazine, just write them a letter and let them know what it is. You can't change the world, but your opinion does count.

Well, I felt these were some things that just had to be said. Rest assured that I will continue to do whatever I can as an Amiga dealer, and as a human being, to support the Amiga. The Amiga is just too important to abandon. If we stick together in this time of hardship we can defeat Goliath. Remember that money is what business is really all about. No one can continue to support the Amiga if they can't afford to feed their families. Everyone should do their share to help keep the Amiga alive. The more you spend the more it helps to ensure the future of your favorite computer. Otherwise we will have no one to blame for the Amiga's demise but ourselves. There's no more time for excuses. The time to act is now!

Please post this file on all electronic bulletin boards and On-Line services. Feel free to make as many printed copies as you like and pass them on to your user group members. Permission is also granted to reprint this article in newsletters and magazines. You may also post this as a bulletin on your BBS if you like.

The author does not expect to make any money from the creation of this article. It was written entirely as an attempt to spread the word about a possible solution to the current state of the Amiga marketplace. The author also wishes to acknowledge that in some ways the Amiga market has never been better than it is today. There have been over five million Amigas sold world wide to date. New hardware and software developers are entering the Amiga market with innovative products every day.

Joe Rothman
Mr. Hardware Computers
Voice/Fax 516-234-8110
A.M.U.G. BBS 516-234-6046

Just thought you'd like to know what the local dealer is thinking. And that there will be continued support for the Amiga whatever the outcome.



Attention Amiga developers and interested parties...

After speaking with Mike Levin (CSM hall of fame) tonight on CIS (and via the phone), we have come to several conclusions about possible solutions to a panic'd public and potential loss of the most powerful home computer made to date (that's the Amiga folks). He suggested that I lead the attempt to purchase the rights to the Amiga hardware. Rights that would be purchased by all parties and made available to all parties.

I would like to hear from developers who would be interested in still developing for the Amiga, or anyone who would like to support this effort in general.

Nico, I know you hate me and are probably laughing at all of this, but all feelings aside, you are a damn good programmer (scala wouldn't have you otherwise) and I hope that you will continue to develop for our machine.

Same goes for you Dan (Babcock).... you don't like me any more than Nico does, but you too know your stuff and could be very beneficial to what is about to unfold.

People can think what they want of me, my statements, my comments... to me, that's been very good to see... my corporation, my products, and myself have been changed a lot from the responses I have seen here, GEnie, and on CompuServe. My persistance has paid off. Because of EMPLANT's success, I will never have to work another day in my life.

I am willing to put everything on the line. I believe in this machine, the platform, and the people (even though we bicker like a bunch of old hens sometimes). On behalf of the Amiga's continued existance, I am asking for your support. Let's all make some noise about the Amiga. Commodore kept it the best computing secret of all time, I think it's time to let the cat of the bag.

I will be in contact with ALL of the major 3rd party Amiga peripheral corporations tomorrow, also asking for their support. If we can somehow form a public corporation and obtain the rights to the Amiga hardware, we can make the Amiga work.

My goals for this project are... Obtain information concerning current ownership rights of the Amiga hardware design, and other important peripherals.

From what information I have heard (and have had gathered by noisy attorneys), the rights were transferred to 'trustees' for holding. If this is true, there very well may be some interesting legal problems involved here, since the technology behind the Amiga is the only real asset that Commodore Intl had less...that would leave an empty shell for the creditors to pick through.

Purchase the rights from current ownership, or work with another corporation to see that continued development and *gasp* advertising is done.

Contact major MAC and PC developers (Adobe, Aldus, etc.) and once again offer to port their products to the Amiga at little or no cost. Once people see us running the big boys software more efficiently than other platforms can, they will think hard before buying that next MAC or PC system.

Continued developer support. I plan to have CATS revived, and I hope that Carolyn and the rest of the original team will be interested in doing this.

Continued development of new machines. One thing I have learned in producing hardware is how to cut costs. EMPLANT is cheap to make... and it is still made in the US (this is important to me). Another thing I learned is that the short time I spent talking with Dave Haynie, he is alright in my book. We chatted for about 30 minutes at one of the WOC shows, and he is as sincere about the continued development as I am. I definately want Dave and the original crew back working together. I would hate to see a bunch of new comers (I am not oppose to new ideas brought out by new people), but right now we need a dedicated team going to get things done in a flash. New people come with success.

Remove the poor publicity. The only advertising Commodore got was bad. Dealers wanted to kill them... developers wanted to kill them.. all due to the poor management. The only way to do this is to rid the Commodore name.

So you're asking "what's in it for Jim?". Gratification. As I stated before, I could wash my hands clean of this situation and walk. I don't want to. There is a pile of money to be made for everyone, and more importantly a computer to be saved from extinction. I know a lot of Amiga developers have made themselves rich with the Amiga, and some would like to forget it... I think that is selfish. I for one, am willing to give back to what made me where I am today.

So, in closing, I would like to thank those people who have sent me incouragement letters, and even hate mail. :-) I am stubborn (I think you'll all agree on this one... perhaps a usenet first?) and I can use this to our advantage, obtain the rights to the machine, make these right publically available (anyone could produce the machine ala PC clones), and see this thing through... or I'll end up on the street trying...

If you are a developer, no matter how small and you have an interest in supporting the Amiga, please FAX my office (602) 453-6407 (we have boxes of fax paper). If we do not succeed in obtaining the rights to the Amiga, and someone else does... a huge list of developers wanting to support the platform would be a big incentive to keep the product alive. I really don't care who makes the machine, as long as it is made (and promoted this time around).

Thanks for your attention,


Jim Drew - Utilities Unlimited International, Inc.

Memphis Amiga Group Financial Report April/May, 1994

DISK SALES $ 62.35
Mag ADD $
Dues $ 80.00
Rentals $
New Members $ 20.00
Cash ON Hand $ 14.59
New Memb. Pack $
Months Receipts $ 162.35
Tax $.00
Postage $ 29.00
Mag Printing $ 22.73
Mis. Expenses $
New Disks $
Fish Disk $
On-Line Charges $ 24.48
Months Debits $ 76.21
Bank Balance
4-29 Ballance $ 822.12
Deposits $ 184.00
Checks Out $ 76.21
New Ballance $ 919.91
Total Assets $ 934.50

Welcome To The Gang!!

Vince Hodorowski

This is our newest member. So let's all make him welcome!


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