July 1988 MCU Magazine

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Dues are broken down into two categories. Membership dues may be paid quarterly (3 month) at $6.00 or annually at $20.00. All memberships are Family Memberships. Dues are nonrefundable.

Contribution to the MCUC magazine may be in any wordprocessor, preferably saved as a sequential file. You may submit articles on disk, or a hardcopy, or upload your article to the Memphis Commodore Users Club BBS (366-4676).

The editor reserves the right to reject material submitted relating to illegal services, products or unethical practices. All material submitted becomes the property of MCUC. The 15th of each month is the DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES.


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General Membership Meeting - First Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM in Fulton Auditorium, State Technical Institution.

Board of Director's Meeting - Second Thursday after General Meeting. 7:30 PM State Tech in the Cafeteria.

CP/M Sig Classes - 3rd Monday of each month, call Ron Montgomery for time and place 767-0737

MS/DOS Sig - Currently meeting with the CP/M sig

FOG meeting - 4th Tuesday of each month, call Bob Earnheart for time and place. 377-6416

Beginner's Class - First Wednesday at the Raleigh Library at 7:00 PM

128 Sig - 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00PM call Ron Montgomery for place 767-0737


President 323-1185 Jim Fox
Vice President 767-0737 Ron Montgomery
Secretary 829-3705 Richard Coffman
Treasurer 853-6949 Gary Thurman
Librarian 362-8295 Gary Sparks
Education 377-6416 Bob Earnheart
Newsletter 795-0461 Cheryn Nunn
BBS 366-4676
Sysop 795-0461 Bob Nunn


I would like to thank Jim and Myra Fox, Howard Tucker, Jr.. and Gary Sparks for their assistance in preparing the June issue for mai1ing.

The Computer Fair at State Tech came off beautifully. I had several people remark that the MCUC rooms and display were the most organized and the all-around best at the fair. All the hard work paid off!! Hope to need three rooms at the next fair!

At the C.A.S.E. Convention in Nashville, I talked with several of the vendors. Nark Fellows, Creative Micro Designs, (they marketed the Jiffy Dos which you'll read more about in this issue) said there was a lot of interest in their product, especially from user groups. The Soft Group said sales were so-so, they felt there wasn't enough advertising about C.A.S.E. but they were meeting a lot of nice people. I met a lot of very nice people from other user groups. Bob very much enjoyed the seminars. All in all, it was a nice way to spend a weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from C.A.S.E. and the Computer Fair.

As many of you know, Les Owen has been printing our newsletter for a long time. Not long ago, he had a fire in the print shop and is no longer in business. We have had to seek alternative sources for printing and needless to say, Les was giving us a very good price! To save money, we are going to the smaller format. Some of the "regular" features established in the past couple of months may have to be discarded, but I hope to provide the variety you've been seeing.

Till next month,


The 1988 Computer Fair at State Tech. was a great success!!! I would like to personally thank all the members that participated in making the event a memorable one.

A special thanks goes to Ron Montgomery and Hugh Garner for their assistance at the front door, Bob Nunn, Gary Sparks, Jerry Jasmer, Wayne Weinborg and Dwight Campbell for the great Demo's and Bob Earnhart for keeping the equipment going.

Fifty six (56) door prizes were awarded by a drawing held at 5:00 pm and are presently being distributed. If you were one of the winners you should have been contacted by now.

There were nine hundred fifty (950) signed cards turned in with an estimated 15 percent more people in attendance. Our club received seventy nine (79) cards from non members who expressed an interest in Commodore equipment and/or club membership. A letter is being sent to these inviting them to come visit our next meeting and see what our great club has to offer. So if we see some new faces, lets all give them a great big Commodore WELCOME and see how many new members we can get signed up.

Well that's about it for this year, but plans are already in the works for next year's fair which promises to be even bigger and better.

Charlie Wirth MACC

Any old equipment you would like to donate to the club would be appreciated. See one of the officers


Well, the Computer Fair is over and we had a great time! I just added the 100th BBS member tonite. I thought I'd finish up the series of how to use the BBS with all the other miscellaneous commands and how to use the library.


The library contains pertinent help on how to use the BBS plus current articles on new merchandise, other bbs numbers list, movies and much more! It is changed periodically to add new material. Just look for the new color text on the latest additions.

Enter [l] for library at the command line. You should immediately see the above screen with your choices. Enter the number of the library volume you wish to view. When the command line comes back up just enter the next number or hit ? for the menu again. REMEMBER JUST HIT SPACE PAUSE THEN A TO ABORT! I recently discovered that not all modems pause with the shift command very well. Just keep practicing, if you hit space, space it turns the scrolling back on. Remember it takes a second or two for the command to reach the system so be patient. Once the scrolling pauses you can hit [a] for abort or just hit the space bar to resume scrolling. This will allow you to pause the screen once you get the hang of it and it works on almost all screens. Once you are finished just hit a to abort back to the main menu, all of this is listed for you on the screen.

Just hit [a]from the main menu command line. It will immediately show you the current graphic screens that are posted for your enjoyment. You may use the same space to pause then a to abort commands here. If you wish to post one of your screen gems or sequenzer files please upload it to drive 9A and then leave me some feedback and I will post it for you.


You may send semi-private messages to any member of the system. Just enter [e] from the command line of the main menu. You then will need to type in the members name or number. REMEMBER THE NAME HAS TO BE EXACTLY AS IT IS SHOWN IN THE SYSTEM To look up a users name just enter [r] for read user log and find the number or the name of the person you are sending mail to. The number is faster and easier so use it if you have to look up a name. People who use handles, like for example Charles Wirth, you will need to know their handle, his is SHIKEPOKE. To send him mail you will have to type in SHIKEPOKE or 11 which is his user number. Typing in Charles Wirth will not work. Remember I said semi-private? Well the screen sets in my living room so anyone visiting or myself may see it. I do assure you I don't go listing out the files to see what you said to so and so.


This area is set aside to post current club events and to inform the users of anything important happening. I usually only change This one once a month, but you should occasionally check it to see if anything new has been posted. Enter [b] at the command line of the main menu.


I put real important stuff here like where to upload and how to name the files etc. You should be aware of uhat this area contains and at least check it monthly. Enter [i] at the command line from the main menu.

Feedback to Bob

Enter [f] at the command line. This gives you a message screen with 25 lines and basic edit commands to leave messages to me. Please leave notes to me here as the E-mail section requires me to log on to pick up my mail. I usually will respond within 12 hours to any kind of question you may have. You may also leave comments and criticism in this section.

Change Password

Enter [p] at the command line from the main menu. I highly suggest that you occasiona11y change your password, especially if uou frequent other systems and use the same or similar passwords. Some systems may be run by youngsters or perhaps people who are less than adults in mind. These people may use your name and password to 1og on and 1eave obscene messages, upload bogus or trojan horse programs. THIS WILL LOSE YOUR ACCESS TO THE SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regain access until the board meets again. You are the one responsible for your password and since you can change it easily there is no excuse for any problems here. I would take this advice for other systems besides the club's bbs.

Don't want to end on a negative note - next month - HOW TO DO THOSE GREAT COLOR GRAPHICS!!

Your Sysop
Bob Nunn


CALL 366-4676 9am-9pm
Will pickup or deliver

MODEM w/RS232 Interface
& software 100% Hayes
$80.00 + tax


Well, hi gang, the sun's beating down and here I am slaving over a hot keyboard pounding out an article for the newsletter. Sorry about my absence from the last n/l, I was out to lunch. Anyway, things are looking up for the library... For those of you who didn't make it to the meeting in June, you missed a bunch! We made up for May by coming out with a bunch of blockbusters. But, first things first. I'd like to give a big hello and a round of grateful applause to Jim West, the new assistant librarian. Jim has consented (or was that forceably persuaded) to lend me a hand. Thanks to Jim for the help. Secondly, I'd like to have another copy session the end of August, but I'll need some people to help out by bringing equipment ard manning it. So if you're available, please drop me a line and let ne know. Lastly, please give me your comments! If I know what you as members are interested in program-wise, then I can keep that in mind when I search the libraries and make contacts. So please give me some feedback.

Thanks for the support and I'11 close for now, 'til next month.

...Gary Sparks...

P.S. At the beginner's SIG class there seemed to be a need for a BASIC class to be held, primarily at an introductory level. I will take the challenge, and I'm preparing to have the class on the last Saturday of the month at a place to be announced. Please check with me at the meeting or get in touch with me if you're interested.



OPENING BALANCE 05-05-88 $3240.93
CLUB DUES 100.00
CLOSING BALANCE 06-13-88 $3070.63



I'd like to express my appreciation to the board of officers for their vote of confidence in electing me Vice President.

The other officers put in a lot of hard work and I intend to jump in and help out as much as I can to help make MCUC the club it needs to be for the members.

I would like to encourage people that have ideas to let me know in person or by phone so we can work with those ideas and make the club what you want it to be.

Ron Montgomery


The following is from the MEMPHIS EAST COMMODORE ORGANIZATION's newsletter, M.E.C.O., June/July'88

Gort's Source

Gort's Source is kinda like a clearing house for some of the best deals available at this time (June, 88). If you know of any good deals please let Gort know by writing: "Gort's Source", 6870 Sauterne Cove, Memphis, TN 38115. Please include a discription of the product as well as a mailing address, phone number, and contact person if possible. If you contact a company please indicate you heard it from MECO newsletter.

5.25" Blank Diskettes: MEI
For the best prices for blank 5.25" diskettes, MEI has some excellent prices as well as service. They also provide an educational catalog of their products. Excellent prices also for 3.5" disks, but expect an 8-10 week waiting period due to "industry shortage".

MEI/Micro Center 1100 Steelwood Rd. Columbus, OH 13212


3.5" Blank Disks: CESS
FUGI DS/DD 3.5" colored diskettes for $11.20 per box of 10. Plastic case, and labels included ($1.16 per disk). Write with your specific request with less waiting and a little better price for colored ds/dd disks.

CESS PO Box 572 Winfield, IL 60190

1750/1764 REU: CESS
$123 COD to the door within a week. Write for availability and price. (SASE should help) CESS PO Box 572 Winfield, IL 60190

1571/1581 Drives: CESS
New, in the wrapper. Write for availability and price. (SASE should help.)

CESS PO Box 572 Winfield, IL 60190

That's it for this month. If you have any suggestions, comments or items to contribute to this list, please write to:

Gort's Source c/o MECO
6870 Sauterne Cove Memphis, TN 38115


[Photo: 2 Foxes and one long day]

[Photo: Wade and Ralph having a good time]


We rolled into Nashville late Friday evening. As we got settled into our rooms I realized that the plug receptacle had no ground. I'll have to put the downtown Days Inn as unCommodore Friendly. I realized that the dozen or so couples from the club would have the same problem so I sent the wife to Radio Shack for an emergency supply of ground adapters. I think I could have sold them for around 5 bucks but opted to make this a non profit venture. Got the system set up and hit the sack. About 3:00 am we were awakened by a load crash. Seems someone threw their roommate through the plate glass window next door. Being the Don Knots type when it comes to these situations, I had my wife call the front desk, checked the lock and went back to bed. Then the police came and made noise, but worst of all was the janitor they sent to clean up the glass about 4:30. He painstackingly knocked out the rest of the glass and then began to sweep it up. I guess he cut himself because he left For about 20 minutes and then came back to finish. I rationalized all this out from the bed as I was still trying to get some sleep about 5:30. We got up, got dressed and went down to eat breakfast in the motel restaurant. I couldn't help notice the cobwebs beginning to collect on the guests waiting for service so we went to McDonalds instead. You know you can count on that hideous coffee they serve to taste the same nationwide and you usually don't have to wait too long. We met the Earnheart's in the parking lot and snuck in the back as Bob had a booth. We really enjoyed looking around the show and I guess overall I was very pleased. It was smaller than I imagined and many vendors are beginning to put more emphasis on the Amiga. One thing I did enjoy was listening to Jim Butterfield's talk on machine language. He taught us how to get out of quote mode by using shifted return and then sneaking back up on it. He covered much more but I was happy with that one thing, I guess I'm easy. He is a very goad teacher though and was a master with the crowd. I guess I do understand more about ml now. My favorite speaker and one of the Commodore Experts that I have revered from his articles in Info Magazine is JIM OLDFIELD Jr. He writes the Midnite Software Gazette column. He is also Vice President of Micro-Pace Computers. One of the things they put in the magazine is this disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of INFO Publications Inc., our staff, our lawyers, or any other living human being. You would have to meet him to really understand this although you get hints in his article as to why INFO felt the obligation to state this. I participated in the two sessions he was slated for. The International BBS was interesting and I learned a bit about PUNTERNET and how it works. Anyone who is a member can communicate with any other member almost nationwide. They set up a nominal billing system and you pay .50 for the message. The bbs then gets news nationally from other areas. The second was on desktop publishing with your Commodore. One of Jim's publications on Geos was written on a 128 using a laser-printer. I think the most exciting thing we discussed was the possibility of printers using bbs's to recieve material to be processed and then printed for publication. We sort of do this now when you upload a file to be added to our newsletter. Imagine the average business uploading their pages for forms, catalogs, mailers, etc. to be printed and distributed without anyone having to typeset, proof, or deliver any of this. Even the maillist can be transmitted and bulk processed right from the printer. Dwight & Bonnie Campbell along with a little help from a few friends did a great job of setting up and staffing the BERKELEY (GEOS) Booth. There were many others of interest 1ike Bob Earnheart's booth. Bob was featuring on site repairs, replacement parts, New 64 s, those great 1200 Baud Hayes Compatible US Robotics Modems complete with the rs232 adapters for only $80 + tax. Unfortunately he didn't sel1 out, so he still has a few left if you were wanting one. I also spent quite a bit of time with the folks from JIFFY DOS but that's another story so look for it. All in all we had a great time with good friends. I'll certainly buy tickets for next year.

Bob Nunn


Jiffy Dos Review by Bob Nunn

This may be one of the most difficult articles that I have ever written. I can't tell you enough about the improvements that this product will make in using your Commodore equipment. The July meeting will have Jiffy DOS as the first demo of the evening. You should make every effort to be there to see this amazing new product. We stumbled across this at the CASE convention. I knew from watching the demo that I just had to have this. The main reason I personally bought this is that it speeds up ALL disk operations ALL the time. Most cartridges just work on the initial load. None speed up sequential or relative file loading and none work inside a program. JIFFY DOS works all the time!!!!!! It works with mixed drives like my 7l's, FSD-2, and my 1581! It works in 128 mode with the 71 and any other listed drive combo. It doesn't tie up your cartridge port or any other port for that matter. It works with everything (even with my snapshot cartridge} and will switch out if you find something that it doesn't work with. THAT MAKES IT ALWAYS COMPATIBLE even if the software companies in the future develop something new and bizarre so you never have a problem. Is it fast? Well my snapshot cartridge may be faster but it cuts out after the program loads and leaves me to sit while I save or load a relative file etc. and Jiffy DOS never leaves you cold. If you are using your Commodore for more than a game machine I highly recommend this, or even as a game machine it's nice to load EPYX and MOST other heavily protected software that fail with your basic cartridge fastloaders at many times the normal speed.

How much you ask? Well the folks at Jiffy DOS just love user groups and have offered a special deal to the MCUC CLUB. We will be taking orders on this system at the meeting; the more we order the bigger the discount.

A SPECIAL NOTE to 128/71 users: Jiffy DOS has the latest version of the DOS ROMS and the 128 KERNAL so that means if you haven't upgraded your old chips to take care of those bugs then you can kill two birds with one rock.


[Photo: Bob Earnheart explains the correct way to position a 41 to Jim, John and Ron while Eric wishes he was fishing]

[Photo: Gary Sparks talks with a visitor]

[Photo: Paul Prather guards the goods and answers questions]

[Photo: Wayne shows Matt that Xerox can run 128 CPM software]

[Photo: Wade blocks the view of the Ford Exhibit]

[Photo: Little Eugene wonders how any one can play games on this little screen]

[Photo: The Hamptons made this a family affair]

[Photo: Matt cheers on an Amiga user now that he is one]


Klaatu's Korner (from the M.E.C.O. June/July newsletter)

This month rather than discuss various telecommunication subjects, I thought I would give a run down on what went on at the C.A.S.E. Convention in May (old news perhaps, but an indicator of definite trends for the 64/128!) As you may have heard, Dwight and Bonnie Campbell (with ALOT of help from Howard and Howard, Eddie, Gary, and Matt) demo'd the complete line of Berkeley Softworks GEOS products. It was one of the more professional looking booths at the convention.

There were approximately 29 vendors, about half for 64/128 warez. The following is a synopsis of some of the 64/128 vendors:

Creative Micro Designs, Inc.
P.O.Box 789 Wlilbraham, MA 01095
(413) 589-7624

Mark Fellows and Charlie Christianson were there showing off Jiffy DOS for the 64 and 128. Jiffy DOS is an internal ROM replacement system for the 64 and 128. It improves the speed and capablities for each computer. For the 64 there is one chip for each 1541 and 64. The 128 requires 2 chips and one for each 1571. As Howard Tucker will tell you, it improves performance of each system. Not only does it increase speed, it also contains a screen dump, and an expanded DOS wedge, and works with Fast Hack 'Em. If you do find a program that does not function properly, you can disable Jiffy DOS with a flick of a switch. If you contact these guys, tell you heard about it from a guy in Memphis that bought the product at the CASE Convention in Nashville.

Bench Mark Consultants P.O. Box E
Ackworth, GA 30101

Bob Atkins has been steadily improving and refining his Shareware adventure text games over the past several year using suggestions from players of the games. For example "The Lost Crown Of Queen Ann" is in its 5th version, "Journey to The Center Of The World" is in its 6th. "Murder On The Mediterranean" is also in the series. Send a SASE to Bob for info about his quality games. He also would like to hear any suggestions for improving the games. Tell him you heard about him from MECO.

Bob Earnheart was there racking up on repairs because the foolish shops from Nashville did not show. He also had some excellent deals. Bob's shop was recently destroyed by fire and he will be working out of his home until futher notice. We send our condolences for his unfortunate situation, but he is up and running with just a little lag time from the back log of work. Tell him you heard about him from MECO.

Load Star P.O.Box 30008
Shreveport, LA 71130-0008

I had the pleasure of speaking with Fender Tucker from Loadstar again after almost a year. Last year they provided several door prizes for MECO. Also in the booth was Judy Mangham, of Softdisk, Inc. They gave me some insight about what to expect from Loadstar and Softdisk, Inc. in the future. There will be continued support for the 64/128 and a 128 specific publication of the disk format magazine possibly within the next three months. They are also looking at editions for the Amiga as well as Apple's Macintosh (possible Macpaint file for you GEOS users!).

Free Spirit Software was there with Joe Hubbard providing unique insight to his company. He told us that they will be supporting Amiga soon. He had the entire line of software from FreeSpirit.

The Soft Group 64 & 128 P.O. Box 111
Montgomery, IL 60538 (312) 851-6667

We first met Mike Smeltzer last October at the HamFest when we bought Explode! 3.0v, a fast loader cartridge with super b screen dump and graphics capabilities. He had Explode! 4.0v as well as other nifty products. They are marketing graphic disks which are very colorfully unique. Send a SASE for more info about the entire line of products. Tell 'em you heard it from MECO.

Brown Boxes, Inc. 26 Concord Road
Bedford, Mass. 01730 (617) 275-0090
(617) 862-3675

Pulliam Brown and Barbara Mintz have attended all of the CASE Conventions and they still have a unique product which has improved over the past several years. Quick Brown Boxes are battery backed RAM cartridges in 16K, 32K, or 64K capacity. Very quick and dependable, these are nice accessories for any user. Tell them you heard about 'em from MECO.

Berkeley Softworks 2150 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704 (415) 644-0890

Bonnie Campbell, Dwight Campbell, Gary Sparks, Howard Tucker III, Howard Tucker IU, and Eddie Yarbrough provided the skill for BSW who provided the booth and software. Geos Programmer, GEOS 128, GEO Publish as well as the other programs made for a very busy booth. Many people had questions about all of the programs and no one went away without some form of answer (Even some Macintosh users, hehe). As mentioned earlier, this was one of the more attractive booths. The Softworks has donated the entire line of product to Memphis East Commodore Organization to be used in newsletter production and other functions for the club.

The show was well attended and the speakers and demos were excellent. These who say the trip to Nashville was a waste of time did not open their eyes or ears, or minds. I rarely get the opportunity to chat face to face with Jim Butterfield, Jim Oldfield, J.L.Mical, Pete Baczor, Barbara Mintz, Pulliam Brown, Steve Nye, and other people who continue to extend the potential of an 8 bit home computer "CLASSIC". But this show underscored how much the Commodore scene continues in transition. There are exciting times ahead for all users of Commodore machines. I will be there next year, if they have it again and I will attempt to assist where I can to assure they do.


Have you ever heard your 1541 sing a high pitched tone? Well never fear, you can end your dog howling at the disk drive. What this little problem turns out to be is the tension pad located on top of the Read/Write head. It is easily replaced but the disk drive does have to come apart.

Earnheart Computer Repair
Bob Earnheart

1540 Upgrades

If you have an old Vic 1540 disk drive or find one in a garage sale For the right price, you can easily upgrade this by replacing the kernal rom with a 1541 kernal rom.


[Photo: Desktop Publishing on the Amiga was a HOT subject.]

[Photo: Amanda doodles in color on the Amiga.]

[Photo: A laser printer for the C64? Hornbuckle and Thomas present the BlaserStar 2 printer.]

[Photo: Just another Amiga booth.]

[Photo: Jim and Myra Fox visit with Jim Butterfield.]

[Photo: Adolph and Sharon Weidanz visit with Jim Butterfield.]

[Photo: Bob Earnheart shows a customer how to make the Uulcan hand sign.]

[Photo: Softdisk Inc selling Loadstar.]


The MCUC official board was called to order by Jim Fox, President at 7:39 PM 6/13/88.

Board members present were; Jim Fox, President, Richard Coffman, Secretary, Bob Earnheart, Educational Coordinator, Cheryn Nunn, Newsletter Editor, Bob Nunn, Sysop. Our guests were Jim West and Ron Montgomery.

The board continued a discussion on the purchase of a 128 for the club. The board discussed replacing the MSD's as repair parts were becoming very hard to get. Motion was made to replace MSD's with Datel Duplicator. Motion was made by Cheryn Nunn, seconded by Bob Earnheart. Motion approved.

Bob Nunn will check on "Public Domain Solutions" for disks (programs) for the club.

The board discussed a method of offering "disks of the month" to members unable to attend club meetings. This is to be for members who might be ill or handicapped or due to a work schedule could not make the meetings. Cheryn Nunn will investigate the feasibility of doing this.

The demos for July will be "Jiffy Dos" by Bob Nunn and "Computer Diagnostics and Repair" by Bob Earnheart.

Official board meetings will be changed to the second Thursday after Club meetings. Time 7:30 PM

Ron Montgomery was nominated for Vice President to succeed Warren Sauer who resigned. Board approved nomination.

Jim West voluntered to assist the librarian in disk sales and preparing "Disks of the month". Approved by the board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM

Respectively submitted by Richard Coffman, Secretary


Just a word from your friendly Educational Officer. I have not talked to Gary about last month's class but I am sure it went well. This month we are going to add a little something to the educational area. Starting this month we will be offering educational help before the main meeting. So if you are interested and cannot make the "Beginners Class" then come join us at 6:00 in the Fulton Hall right before the main meeting. We will be offering this mainly for the people, kids included, that cannot make the regular class. So come on out and Join us early.

Bob Earnheart


[Photo: Bob welcome MCUC visitors, Sammy and Son]

[Photo: Heather ready to head for home while Jim West tries to figure out Fast Cad]

MCUC is starting a mail order disk of the month program. We hope, for those unable to attend the General Meeting each month, that this will solve the problem of availability of the Disk of the Month.

Fill out the order blank below and mail to MCUC, PO Box 31035, Memphis, TN 38134-0095. You may send cash, money order or check made payable to: Memphis Commodore Users Club. Add $1 postage and handling for 1-3 disks, and an additional $.25 per disk for quantity over 3.

Prices are:
Menbers: $2 per disk, $5 for three disks
Non-members: $3 per disk, $6 for three disks
Clubs may obtain disks on a 1 to 1 exchange basis by sending copies of their Disk(s) of the Month.

Here's a list of the disks of the month from April, May, and June:

April 1988

( ) Games 25-Battle Bound, Space Spy, Twonky, Cross-Trivia
( ) Sound&Graphics 8-Fun Graphics Machine + 40 PS Graphics!
( ) Hi Level Util 6-Multi-finder Database, Point of Sale prg.

May/June 1988 (including Fair disks)

( ) Games 26-Greyhound, Westworld, Doors & Locks, Sea Phantom, Neutral Zone
( ) Utility 19-Fontshop+fonts and docs, Turtle, Budget, TurboLister
( ) May 128-Phone Master 128, Amortizer, Yahtzee, Philemaster, Ostrich, Intro to Physics
( ) June 128-128 Catalogger, Lobster Term, Riskey Warfare, Stock Ticker, Strategy Blackjack
( ) Typing Tutor 64
( ) Q-Link Top 20
( ) FastCAD V1.0
( ) Uideo Music

( ) Total qty Total ($ ) sent