January 1989 MCU Magazine

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This newsletter is published monthly for distribution to members of the Memphis Commodore Users Club. It is in no way connected with the Commodore Business Machine Ltd. or Commodore Inc. and Commodore products (CBM, PET, C64, C128, VIC20, Amiga) are registered trademarks of Commodore Inc. The MCUC is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is the free exchange of information & knowledge about the use of Commodore microcomputer systems. Memberships are open to anyone; ownership of a computer is not required. Monthly meetings are open to the public & visitors are welcome.

Dues are broken down into two categories. Membership dues may be paid quarterly (3 month) at $6.00 or annually at $20.00. All memberships are Family Memberships. Dues are nonrefundable.

Contribution to the MCUC magazine may be in any wordprocessor, preferably saved as a sequential file. You may submit articles on disk, or a hardcopy, or upload your article to the Memphis Commodore Users Club BBS (366-4676).

The editor reserves the right to reject material submitted relating to illegal services, products or unethical practices. All material submitted becomes the property of MCUC. The 15th of each month is the DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES.


Full Page $20.00 per month
1/2 Page $11.00 per month
1/4 Page $7.50 per month
1/8 Page $3.00 per month
Business Card $3.00 per month
Classified to Members FREE

All ads must be in by the 15th.
CIRCULATION: 300 copies


General Membership Meeting - First Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM in Fulton Auditorium, State Technical Institution.

Board of Director's Meeting - Second Thursday after General Meeting. 7:30 PM State Tech in the Cafeteria.

128,CP/M,MS-DOS - Now meeting with the Memphis FOG group. 4th Tuesday of each month at the Whitestation Library. Copy session at 6 PM, Meeting starts at 7 PM.

Beginner's Class - Saturday after the General Meeting 1 PM, Main Library, Peabody & McClain


President 323-1185 Jim Fox
Vice President 767-0737 Ron Montgomery
Secretary 829-3705 Richard Coffman
Treasurer 853-6949 Gary Thurman
Interim Librarian 366-5544 Jim West
Education 377-6416 Bob Earnheart
Newsletter 795-0461 Cheryn Nunn
BBS 366-4676
Sysop 795-0461 Bob Nunn


Official Board Meeting 12/15/88

The meeting was called to order by Ron Montgomery, Vice President at 7:35PM. In attendance were:

Ron Montgomery - Vice President, Cheryn Nunn - Newsletter Editor, Gary Thurman - Treasurer, Richard Coffman - Secretary and Bob Nunn - Sysop.

A committee will be appointed by the Vice President at the January General Meeting to conduct an audit of the financial records.

The New Member Packet will be available at the January Meeting.

A special Tax Survival Kit demo will be done in January's meeting and the Tax Survival Kit will be offered to members only for purchase at $3.

The board discussed the possibility of helping schools, groups, etc. who use Commodore equipment.

Associate memberships were discussed and will be brought up before the General Membership at a later date.

No new nominations for officers were brought up at the December general meeting. The list, as proposed by the nominating committee, will stand.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Coffman, Secretary


(901) 366-4676


We have seen a recent slight upswing in the number of new members in MCUC. I'd like to take this time to welcome ALL new members and to thank those who are sending these new members our way. I would like to encourage you new members to let your needs to be known to an officer so that we can provide you with the kind of help and information you most need for your computing.

I would also like to encourage all members who may know of someone who got a new Commodore for Christmas to invite them to our meetings!! Let's not leave these people adrift without the help they may need.

Lastly, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!

Ron Montgomery


Well, we have a change in time and place for the Beginner's Class. It will now be meeting the 1st Saturday after the General Meeting at the Main Library, Peabody and McClain. The class will be at 1 PM and will be led by John Blackmer. We hope this change in time and place will make it more convenient for you and hopefully will be a better time for the youngsters in our group who need this class.

A reminder; I will be glad to set up a class for any 3 or more people wishing to learn more about the same subject. We will arrange For a teacher, time and place. All you have to do is let me know.



I want to begin this month by thanking Bob Nunn who authored most of the articles in December's newsletter. I just wanted to give him credit where credit is due. He has been an invaluable help this year with the newsletter and much of what we hope are improvements have been his idea.

In December's newsletter, we tried to give you an overview of what items were available for your Commodore computer, to help you in drawing up your Christmas wish list. Assuming you got your Christmas wish, we will attempt to give you an idea of how to use your equipment and good sources for supplies and software you will need in using your computer. I hope you find something helpful in this issue.

I'd also like to say that I've enjoyed this year as your editor and hope you have found something enjoyable and useful in each issue. Best wishes for a wonderful '89.

Cheryn Nunn


ralph's answer

In last month's issue I had asked Ralph Phillips what the activity of sunspots has to do with amateur radio communications. In December's meeting I got an answer, so here goes. Increased sunspot activity increases the density of the ionosphere. Increased density of the ionosphere bounces radio waves better therefore you get clearer and longer distance communications.


In January's meeting, we will have a demo of the Tax Survival Program is a program for doing your taxes on the Commodore 64 or 128. This program features full computation and printing (on IRS forms with friction printer) of the 1040, schedules A,B,C,D,E,F,SE and Forms 2106 and 2441. Other forms can be hand figured and entered into the total.

The program features fast, easy entry of data, continuous updating of totals. Documentation is on the disk. Read to screen or printer.

Support is provided from the author, Hary Harris by mail or phone. His address and phone number are on the disk.

Versions for the 64 and the 80 column 128 are on the same disk.

This is a program that has been around 6 years and has been kept updated and improved upon during that time. The club will offer purchase of the Tax Survival Program to members only, a restriction placed on us by the author, for only $3. Just think, if you could do your taxes yourself, save $50 to $75 you'd pay someone to figure them For you, and be able to deduct the $3 to boot, wouldn't it be worth it?



If you have an error on a disk, one easy fix is to copy with the whole disk copier on Fast Hack'em, which doesn't copy errors. You should now have a disk that should work, even though you may have lost a file.



I'm working on some changes for the BBS one of which is the read new messages only feature. You will want to check out the Sub-board and Transfer menu for changes. There are a few other minor improvements but I'll let you figure them out. I had to renumber the message base and reduce it. That'll make the transition easier. It also gives us more room for messages. I apologize if you got a disk full error. The SFD1001 only allows 256 file entries and with the heavy seasonal mail it fills up fast.

With the elections this month, assuming that I'm elected President the bbs will be up for grabs. I have had a few people express interest already, but would like for anyone with an interest to be considered. Please contact me on the BBS or at home.

Running a BBS is perfect for anyone not having anything else to do with their nights and weekends and not much of a personal life. I guess that's why I run two. Of course the SFD's make it agonizingly slow to do any backups etc. So you will be spending much of your eating and sleeping time plus anytime you can get off work early. At least we are using a prg(IVORY)that stays online and doesn't frequently corrupt the disk like CNET (also known as CRASH NET) However, there is a group of fanatics out there that are more devoted to it than Iranians to the Ayatollah. You could call a CNET BBS or two but most are off-line trying to repair a corrupted file that contains their entire user base since they never keep backups. Did I mention that you needed patience? The patience of JOB, for starters. Try talking to a kid that doesn't know if he has a modem or not and is trying to get online with the bbs. is one of the finest BBS programs written for the Commodore, Check out the Temple 327-1251 or Clinic (JUST JOKING YOU GUYS!!, CNET really 382-3089 both run on 128's in 80 col. color by club members)

Seriously though it does take up some time. It also takes a regimented routine of maintenance if you plan to keep up a decent system. I wouldn't want someone to take on the job without realizing that there is some work to it. It is not for the novice. You really should be comfortable with repairing a damaged file and have savvy when it comes to hardware and be comfortable with terms and modems. Imagine the satisfaction in helping a youngster download his first program. I find it very rewarding and think you might also.

[Ed. Note: The sysop's home life is not so terrible that he has to seek refuge in operating two bbs's. The fact is that he does enjoy it, most of the time, and really gets a kick out of being able to help people learn how to use their computers more fully. For that matter, so do I. Guess we both have a bit of 'teacher' in us. Cheryn]


[Photo: Decorated by the children at the Christmas Party!]


[Photo: Sandra and Darnie plan their strategy for the evening's entertainment.]

[Photo: Paul Prather and Guy King serve as door greeters.]

[Photo: Santa hands out presents to everyone.]

[Photo: The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.]

[Photo: Dick Coffman and other club members open their presents.]

[Photo: John Blackmer and Joan and Frank Robertson look on as the kids open their gifts.]

[Photo: Santa takes a moment to talk to te kids.]

[Photo: Wade and his guest take a quiet moment.]


Beginner's Notes

(How to use some of that new stuff you got for Christmas) By Bob Nunn

These are the questions and answers most frequently asked by not only beginners but many old hands.

Where do I get help?

I got this computer and can't seem to do anything with it. I tried reading the book but it just doesn't make sense. Where can I get help?

Start off with your local user group. Since you are already here you've won part of the battle. The next big step is to ASK SOMEBODY FOR HELP. I think many people are too timid and just get frustrated and just forget about it. Many of the subjects in the general meeting may be over your head (some are over mine) but try going to the beginner's classes or come in early before the general meeting. We always have a system and can personally tutor you for a short period prior to the meeting. Many user groups like ours offer a New Member Packet. These are set up with programs that are menu driven (EZ to use) to help you get started.

How do I get a directory?

How do I get a directory and what is a directory?

A directory is the list of programs on a disk. Many disks that come prepackaged or like the club disks come with a menu program as the first file on the disk. Those you can load "*",8 and they will list all other programs on the disk and allow you to cursor to a selection and hit return and they will load your selection. To get a regular directory you load "$",8 and then list. This will show you a list of programs.

To load a program you then type in load "name x",8 and if it's a basic program or boot program it will load. You may need to "run" it after that to get it to operate. If it is a ML program (machine language) you may need to load it like this: load"mlprogx",8,1

How do you know if its ML? Well, I just load it one way and if it doesn't work I load it the other.

Sequential Files

I tried to load a seq file and nothing happened. What's wrong?

A seq or sequential file has to be opened and read out and is not like a program that runs on its own. You can use a string of commands to open a file and read it but that's not too easy. Use a word processor like Big Editor that comes in the New Member Packet and load it in from there. Any doc reader or sequential file reader will allow you usually to read on the screen or to print it out. Many instructions for programs are written this way so you need to learn to read a 'seq'file.

Format a disk

How do I format (or new) a disk?

Well at least you figured out that a disk out of the box wouldn't work by itself. You can use a program like I do. Or you can type in the Following:


Diskname can be any 13 characters, and xx can be any two characters. Many people name them for what they are going to put on them like

There is a help page with the shortened DOS commands on the back of the Starter Package. These can help you rename, scratch, and more without loading a program.

Copy a disk

How can I copy a disk?

Use the Vfast Copy program from the starter disk to copy individual files. If you want to copy a whole disk the Nibbler Program will copy a whole disk in short order.

Copying GEOS

I tried to copy my GEOS disk using many other programs and they don't work. What can I do?

Many software companies put protection to keep people from making copies. A nibbler will copy some simple protection schemes but many are difficult to copy. GEOS is a different operating system and even to make a work disk up you should use GEOS to copy the files to your work disk. To make a backup copy you will need a parameter based copier like Renegade to make a backup.

Hung drive

My drive hung up after using a program (Fast Hackem or many Heavy Protected games etc.) and now won't get a directory. Should I take it in for service?

The head is hung up, just slide in the little cardboard protector that came in the drive and try getting a directory. This should fix it but if it happens frequently, the rails are gummy on the drive. If that's the case take it in for cleaning.

Telecommunications Problems

I just got a modem and I'm having trouble. When I get online everything I type LLOOKKSS lliikkee tthhiiss!!

Check your menu for duplex and change from full to half.

*****I logged on a new system and all the typing ran over itself over and over.

Ask for linefeeds next time you log on.

*****I tried to log on a system and got a carrier (that high pitched noise) but all I could see is garbage on the screen.

Likely solution is to slow down your baud rate and log on. You may be logging on a 300 baud system at 1200 baud or vice versa.

*****I tried to log on last night and nothing happened.

Board was likely down, these things do happen. Try hitting return several times next time. It sometimes takes a signal from your computer to make it work. If that doesn't work visit a different system or try it later.

*****When I log on a system I sometimes get funny looking text like this: aLL tHE FIRST cHARACTERS aRE sHIFTED fUNNY.

You asked for graphics and are in ascii mode. Try switching to graphics mode or vice versa.


This article was buffered from Operator Headgap BBS Hard Part Sub. Our own Bob Earnheart is the sub host.

Edited by Bob Nunn

  From: LUTHER
  Subj: Power supply

This is a question to Bob E. The
power supply on my C-64 is running
extremely hot lately. When pieces
of grey plastic-looking chips fall
out through the vent holes, the hotter
it gets (about 3 days later). Does
this epoxy help cool it? Will my
power supply burn out before it is

  From: Bob N.
  Subj: Hot Stuff

Bob E has been busier than the devil
with his new shop. It took him and
Sue a bit to set up so he is behind
on repair. To answer in Bob Earnheart's
temporary absense, Luther get a fan
on that power supply now before it
goes completely. When it does, call
Bob E as he keeps them in stock.
I run a fan on my power supply and
keep the supply on an overturned
aluminum pan to help sink the heat.

  Subj: 1541 drives

My husband just surprised me with
a new 128 and 40/80 column monitor
and I am running 1541 disk drives
with them. All 3 of my 1541s were
bought about the same time and all
3 work fine with all the programs
I use EXCEPT my term programs. 2
out of 3 of them absolutely refuse
to have anything to do with any
term program while the other 1 will
load and run any of my term programs.
Husband's answer is just forget it
and get a couple 1571s but i want
to know why these 1541s are acting
like they are!!!!Answer please Bob!!

  Subj: 1541 woes

Margaret, you'd be surprised what
dirty and(or) misaligned heads can
do.. I'm still a little uncertain
on what your problem is, as your
message was a bit vague to me. I
will end this message with a little

One day I bought a 1571 from someone.
They said it worked fine. It didn't.
It wouldn't load diddly. So I popped
that puppy open and bombarded those
R/W heads with a little Isopropyl
alcohol. Presto.. It's still working
more reliably than any other drive
I own, including my hard drive!
MORAL: Clean those heads or else
have someone like Bob E. do it for
you.         >>> CBP <<<


You're right, I have been very busy
and I want to thank everyone who
has been covering for me while I
run my Computer Repair business.
1541 problems: who can say??? Check
is right when he says a little dirt
can go a long way. Speed with which
the disks were copied at will cause
problems. Cleaning is the first
step and then we can go from

  From: GARYP (#77)
  Subj: 'Fake 1541'

So, Bob, you can imagine my surprise
when you called me to tell me the
1541C I thought you were installing
the Jiffy-Dos in was really a regular
1541 in disguise. How many other
users out there have had the same
rude awakening? And, is there really
any difference in the two models?


Difference between 1541+1541c:
In your case, the only difference
was the case. Commodore does it again!
Most of the 1541c's that have come
through my shop are really 1541's with
a white case. The difference between
the two is: in the 1541 the DOS
is really in two ROM chips but in
the 154lc this is only one chip.
The board is short for a better
view of the R/W head and the R/W
amp is a surface type chip.
If you would like a little more tech.
view just yell and I'll write one
for you.
Thanks again for everyone who helped
me while I was getting my shop back
up and running.      Bob Earnheart

  From: Bob Nunn
  Subj: Phonelines

Is it just me or do you guys think
that the quality of the lines is
a bit worse lately. I ve logged onto
MCUC from Headgap, about 3 feet but
thru the exchanges and gotten more
screen garbage lately than I can
remember. How is it from your exchange
and leave your exchange prefix? Bob

  Subj: lines

You must remember that although you
are calling from 3 feet away, the
data is actually being transmitted
the same distance that any other
call from anyone else would be.
I used to call my board with my other
128 and I got the periodic line noise
that I normally get when calling
other boards.

  From: GARYP
  Subj: Lines

Bob (and others),
In your case, the three feet is no
where near the right distance. The
telco office that serves your house
is over near Holiday Inn Hdqtrs,
so you were actually going out from
your house to there, and then back
again! I am in 755 exch and generally
don't have a problem except when
I get a full screen painted quickly,like
if the bbs 'bursts' then I sometimes
get garbled at the end of the screen.
This happens with both your boards
and others.

  Subj: fone

Well suddenly there is twice as much
garbage on my screen. I used to NEVER
have any garbage at all. oh I hope
they get their act together.

Note: Come on Guys I said through the exchanges. It still is dirtier than before! It ain't like here to Millington. Bob Nunn

  From: Bob
  Subj: 128D

I have heard good and bad about the
128D. I was wondering if any of you
had a 128D and what problems or what
things you like about it. I was look-
ing inside one and noticed that with
a few changes there would be room
for an 81 and even a place to mount
a power supply cooling fan. I really
just want replies from people who
have them, I have heard most of the
rumors from people who don't have
them. WHAT'S the score?


Presently we have around 136 members in the club. Bulk mail requires a minimum of 200 to be mailed at a time. For us to continue to use these bulk rates in the future we need to increase our circulation. This proposal is designed to encourage our member base and increase our newsletter circulation.

Suggested Amendment
Article II: Membership

2. Pay the required membership dues as governed by the following guidelines.

f. Associate Members shall pay a membership fee of $10.00/yr. An associate member is classified as a member who resides outside a 45 mile radius of Memphis.

People who live outside the 45 mile range are not likely to participate in most club activities or have access to most of the benefits of the club. It would however allow them to receive the newsletter, and order club library selections through the mail. Voting requires a 2/3 majority of members present. I hope you will be there to discuss and vote on this proposal.

Bob Nunn


Has MCUC ever considered printing a card to be inserted into the sleeve of the disk listing the programs on the disk? It would be a great help to have this information ready at hand when looking for a particular program.

We recently started publishing the disk contents each month in the club newsletter. You could easily cut these out and glue them to the disk sleeves. Make a copy if you want to keep your MCUC Magazines intact.


OPENING BALANCE 11-11-88 $3534.38
CLUB DUES 164.00
CREDIT CHECK # 302 35.00
JIFFY DOS 570.00
CLOSING BALANCE 12-17-88 $1704.81

GARY THURMAN - Treasurer


Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

By Robert C. Brenner

Published by Howard W. Sams & Co.

The COMMODORE 64 TROUBLESHOOTING & REPAIR GUIDE is a clear, concise "How- To" book dealing with every part of the internal workings of the 64. Everything from THE COMMODORE 64 DESCRIBED to SPECIFIC TROUBLESHOOTING & REPAIR FOR THE COMMODORE 64 to ADVANCED TROUBLESHOOTING are described in detail in this book. I recommend it for all those who need a reference manual, and those who want to save some bucks on repairing the machine.

The book can be found at most major bookstores and software dealers.



I can't seem to download or upload. When I try it starts but does nothing after.

Did you go to send or receive mode? If so and you still got nothing it could be you are using the wrong protocol. Make sure your system is set the same. I always use punter if the systems are both Commodore; you usually have less problems. Some versions of Xmodem are not compatible; if you have to use Xmodem and it still won't work, try a different term program.


Is there any way to load and list a SEQ file?

To load a SEQ file, it must be read into variables or an array, but a SEQ file can be printed to the screen with this mini-program:

20 IF $T=0 THEN GET#5,T$ : PRINT T$; : GOTO 20
30 CLOSE 5


I would like to be able to change the disk ID on a complete disk. How might I go about this without having to copy all the programs one by one to the new disk?

When a disk is formatted, the disk ID is written to every sector on the disk. This is done so the drive will know if the disk it expects to be reading is the one it actually is reading. It would take a pretty sophisticated program to read in a sector, reformat that sector with the new ID, and then write it back onto the disk. I am not aware of a program that will do this. You can however easily change it with any disk doctor type program. Just go in track 18,0 and in ascii mode change it to any two characters. Save your changes and voila!


Is cleaning the disk drive rough on it like formatting is?

According to our sources, neither formatting or cleaning is bad on the drive. The general rule of thumb is to clean your drive head about every 25 hours of use.

Is there any way to change the name of a SEQ file?

The normal rename command will work for SEQ files. To use it, type in the following:



When I turn on my disk drive the light doesn't go out for about 1 minute. Is there a way that this can be stopped?

That is a problem I have never heard of. There is undoubtedly something wrong with your drive. Try typing this after you turn on your machine and insert a formatted disk:


This is the command to initialize the disk drive. If there are no other problems with your drive, then just ignore the light.

One thing I would like to do is print the hires screens from disks Can you help me?

Because our pictures can be in several different formats, and there are so many different printers out there, not to mention so many different interfaces, there would have to be dozens of specific programs to do the job. Try the turbo wedge on the starter disk to do a hires screen dump. I personally use my SuperSnapshot V3.


Contributed by George Vaughan, Reprinted from Greater Oklahoma Commodore Club Newsletter

PC Pursuit is one economical way of "reaching out and touching someone's computer" across the USA. It is available in 25 cities throughout the US now and should expand even further as time goes along. If you would like to take advantage of this, read below for the way to get on-line.

Despite limitations, PC Pursuit is an excellent value. There are hundreds of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's) in the 25 cities you can call, and the $25 flat rate for unlimited time online would only pay for about 3 hours of long distance calls through the voice networks.

There is a $25 registration fee and you must have a VISA or MASTERCARD for the monthly charges. To register or get more information on PC Pursuit, call 1-800-835-3638 (voice) or 1-703-689-5700 (voice).

For the most up-to-date listing of PC Pursuit access numbers, call 1-800-424-9494 by modem (using 7 bit word length, even parity and 1 stop bit (7E1)). After connecting, type three carriage returns, then input your area code and local exchange. At the "@" prompt, type MAIL. For the user name type PHONES; also use PHONES as the password.

More information on PC Pursuit is also available via modem From The Online BBS 1-800-835-3001 and the Net Exchange BBS 1-703-689-3561.

Earnheart Computer Repair
5347 Flowering Peach
Memphis, Tn 38115

The Commodore Repair Specialist!

Also dealer for these fine lines:

Micro Design Systems
Jiffy Dos
Midwest Printers


January is the time for new officer elections. The nominating committee came up with a full roster this year. Please show your support of the club by being at the January meeting with a current membership so that you may vote.


President Bob Nunn
Vice President Ron Montgomery
Secretary Richard Coffman
Treasurer Gary Thurman
Librarian Jim West
Newsletter Editor Cheryn Nunn
Education Coord. Bob Earnheart

Reviewed by: Lea Norton

It was the free modem that caught my eye. Not to mention the money back guarantee. The advertisement wasn't half bad either. So I dialed the toll free number and talked to 'QUANTA'. Well, she knew her stuff, so I coughed up my Visa number and was told my subscription was on the way.

Well 'on the way' turned out to be a 2 1/2 month wait but the package finally arrived.

I rushed to the computer and hooked up my new modem and popped in the disk.

On running the software I was asked if I needed further information.

After a quick run through a short explanation of Q-Link I went on to sign up. I was asked for my credit card number or bank account number which I supplied, as well as information as to the type of modem I was using. It was extremely easy to understand the procedure and took no time at all.

After looking up my access number, I tried unsuccessfully to sign on to Q-Link. A call to Q-Link's excellent HELP line soon straightened me out and I was on my way.

The graphics, although disk based, are excellent and greatly enhance the system.

Upload time leaves an awful lot to be desired, however, with the waits becoming interminable at times. I understand that recent improvements to the system have reduced this problem. name a few are well diversified and easy to access. The one notable exception to this was the Shopping Center which we found extremely difficult to use. The available categories such as People Connection, News and Info, Just for Fun, Learning Center, Shopping Center, and the Software Showcase to

The Software Showcase with its public domain library is easily an excellent value. We experienced a minimum of download problems and were fairly satisfied with what we got.

Before you buy' software previews were a disappointment. Unless you have a local access number and a 1200 baud modem the astronomical amount of Plus time (which costs 6 cents per minute after you use up your first free hour) and communications time required to get a 'preview' would make purchasing many of the programs more cost effective.

I have few complaints about Q-Link and would highly recommend the service to anyone who lives in an area where a local access number is available.

Recent improvements in the Q-Link system now allow the service to operate directly from 128 mode, save E-mail to disk,and have improved download times significantly, as well as adding new clubs. Q-Link allows one hour of free Plus time per month and has a basic subscription rate of $9.95. If you can afford to try it, I highly recommend it! Its a great first time on-line experience.


MCUC is now offering 3 1/2" disks for use with the 1581 at the low, low price of 5 disks for $6. These are quality DS disks purchased from the same firm we deal with in 5 1/4" disks, which have been of very good quality. We also now have available disk boxes for 5 1/4" disks that will hold 50 disks, for the low, low price of $5. Would you like to use the back side of your disks?? Now you can with a disk notcher, available from MCUC at the low, low price of just $4!!


901-372-5754 24 hr.

Eagles Nest BBS is run by the club's own Charles Wirth. It features full color and graphics! Make sure you load up a graphics term before logging on. The first thing you'll see is a full color and graphic screen that greets you as you enter. This BBS is 24 hour and accepts either 1200 or 300 baud callers. After filling out the application, or entering your number and password, you enter the main system.


The main menu (full color and graphic) gives you a list of options available. One of the exciting features of this system is that you can play games online! Just enter [A] at the command line to enter the Arcade Area. Laser Hangman is one of the games featured. Its fun and easy to play.

All in all a pleasant system with all the amenities including read new messages since your last visit and definitely one of the most colorfull bbs's anywhere. Call and log on for a pleasant visit.

Reviewed by Bob Nunn



The text & graphic area have a wide range of some of the best transmitable graphics and movies. Over 26 graphics selections. Its unfortunate that these Supersnapshot Screen Dumps aren't in full color.


The upload/download area is well organized and very easy to use. This system uses the credit system to keep the users honest and keep the uploads fresh and current.






I would like to say that I am very sorry that Gary Sparks could not finish his term as librarian, but sometimes other commitments force us to reset priorties. He put together some very good disks and I will try to do as good a job as he has done. I will have blank 3.5" disks for sale at the January meeting, also the club has disk file boxes and notchers for sale in addition to what I think are some very good disks for the month. If anyone is having problems with any disks or would like to order disks, please let me know either with E-mail on the club BBS or call me on the phone; if you will let me know before the meeting I can bring them to you there.

BUG ZAPPER: The OCT/128 disk is missing 3 files it needs to run the Startrek game. I have uploaded them to the club BBS on drive 9 if you have the disk just download the following files and it should run fine: ultra hires, roman font, and computer font.


64 GAMES 29:

Rockfall ('88) - an arcade type game. Don' t get smashed. Great sid-type music with this game. If you liked RockFall '87, you'll like this one!!

Pacific war - a strategy-type game to go after Japan WW II.

Arcade Baseball - take your turn at bat!

Arena 3000 - attacked by androids, you must fight your way out of the arena.

Soccer - super graphics, one of the best games of its type.


Powerplant - You get to run a nuclear power plant. Don't melt the core.

Ten assorted mindteaser-type programs. Everything from cryptograms to slide tiles will keep you awake all night.

Attack Force - jet combat, fly the course to rack up points.

Screen Rocker - hot new music set to a synchronized color screen.

128 01/89 #1:

CGterm - uses 40/80 cols., features split screen in chatmode. Auto- dialer/auto-logon.

Crab's Terminal - (Commodore, Remote, Access, Branch, Software) This is a real good, complete term prg. For the C-128. Handles ANSI graphics, good for communication with color IBM boards.

BIDI - an 80 column sequential file reader with on-line help screens.

128 01/89 #2:

Evillord - an adventure game written in basic 8.

1581 Utility-128 - Finally, a group of utilities to work with the 128 and 1581.

128 Physics 4

Fourth in the series.

Jim West


Fill out the order blank below and mail to MCUC, PO Box 34095, Memphis, TN 38134-0095. You may send cash, money order or check made payable to: Memphis Commodore Users Club. Add $1 postage and handling to 1-3 disks, and an additional $.25 per disk for quantity over 3.

Prices are:
Members: $2/disk, $5/3 disks
Non-Members: $3/disk, $6/3 disks
Clubs may obtain disks on a 1 to 1 exchange basis by sending copies of their Disk(s) of the Month.

( ) 64 Disk 1-Event'Calendar, Program Filer, Shortwave Comp, Envelope Maker, Monitor Test, Date Tracker, SW Log, Wind Chill, Utility Bills, VIN Detector

( ) 64 Disk 2-mach-term 3.1, acey ducey, target practice, evil ridge, zix2, porker, chinese zodiac, halloween slideshow, zeus

( ) 128 Disk 1-Checkbook 128, Spreadsheet 128, Wordprocessor, All Purpose DB

( ) 128 Disk 2-Halloween '88, Kitty, Parts-Inv-128, Animal Breeder, Video Base 1.1, Strobe Light, Mac Read 128 V1.0, Kim.mac

Total Qty ( ) Total ($ ) sent


Well it's finally finished, pages still warm from the press. Jim West our Librarian has been busy making the disk inserts for the packet. This packet includes our famous Starter Disk chock full of the best public domain and shareware programs available. To make it even easier to use the Book has easy to understand instructions on using those programs. It includes complete documentation on Multiterm v6.0, Turbo Wedge, and how to use our BBS! Our most current Library Catalog Disk is also included in the packet. Everything a new member would need!

HOW CAN I GET ONE? may be your next question. Well most of you at one time or another got a starter disk and library disk. These packages were fairly expensive to produce so they have been set aside for anyone signing up or renewing for a full year. So if you want one, sign up if you are not a member. If you are a current member, why not renew early and get the package now. Your dues will be added to your current anniversary date, so you will lose no time by renewing early!

Bob Nunn


Cook Convention Center

Saturday January 21st

MCUC Will be there!!

More details at Meeting or BBS