March 1990 MCU Magazine

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This newsletter is published monthly for distribution to members of the Memphis Commodore Users Club. It is in no way connected with the Commodore Business Machine Ltd. or Commodore Inc. and Commodore products (CBM, PET, C64, C128, VIC20, Amiga) are registered trademarks of Commodore Inc. The MCUC is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is the free exchange of information & knowledge about the use of Commodore computer systems. Memberships are open to anyone; ownership of a computer is not required. Monthly meetings are open to the public & visitors are welcome.

Dues are broken down into three categories. Membership dues may be paid quarterly (3 months) at $6.00 or annually at $20.00. An associate membership is offered for those living outside a 45 mile radius of Memphis at $10 per year. All memberships are Family Memberships. Dues are not refundable.

Contribution to the MCUC magazine may be in any word processor. You may submit articles on disk, or a hardcopy, or upload to the MCUC BBS (362-0632). Other User Groups are welcome to reprint material from this magazine; we ask only that you give credit to the author and source.

The editor reserves the right to reject material submitted relating to illegal services, products or unethical practices. All material submitted becomes the property of MCUC. The 12th of each month is the DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES.


General Membership Meeting - First Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM in Fulton Auditorium, State Technical Institute.

Beginner's Class - First Saturday after the first Tuesday. 1:00 PM Location to be announced each month.

Board of Director's Meeting - Monday after General Meeting. 7:30 PM State Tech, Rm 1106A in new building (near cafeteria).

128,CP/M,MS-DOS Sig Classes - Now meeting with the Memphis FOG group and Home Users Group. 4th Tuesday of each month at the Whitestation Library. Copy Session at 6 PM, Meeting starts as 7:00 PM.

Millington SIG - 1st Saturday 7:00 pm, Recreation Center behind Base Hospital


President Bob Nunn
Vice President Bob Earnheart
Secretary Dick Coffman
Treasurer Wayne Moore
Librarian Jim West
Education Ron Montgomery
Newsletter Cheryl Nunn
BBS 362-0632
Sysop Andrew George
Co-Sysop Kevin Dunn

Advertising Rates

Full Page $20.00 1/2 Page $11.00
1/4 Page $7.50 1/8 Page $3.00
Business Card $3.00

Classified to Members FREE
All ads must be in by the 12th.
CIRCULATION: 300 copies

Presidents Ponderings

Even More Excitement

by Bob Nunn

At the time that I am writing this we are finishing up last minute preparations for the GEOS Seminar. I am amazed and very pleased at the popularity of this class. We have close to 25 that will be attending. We only have 20 terminals but many people were glad to have the opportunity just to sit in and listen. We have more of these type Seminars in the plans and are working on a schedule.

I hope you will spend a minute or two and read through the goals for 1990. The Board spent from 7:30 to around 11:00 covering all the topics on the agenda. I hope that you find things that excite you about our club. I will be working on the budget in the next few weeks which I will submit before the March Board Meeting and then to you in April. If you have anything to add to these goals why not give us a call or stop and visit with us next meeting.

Our exchange program is continuing on strong. We add new participants almost every month. We justs ent out 40 challenge letters asking other groups to join with us in exchanging disks and newsletters. This of course will continue to improve not only the quality of our magazine but also our bbs and our club library selections each month. Part of the material this month comes from SCUG-Scranton, PA. C-WEST in San Francisco, CCUGI, in IOWA not to mention our usual sources such as our own BBS, Qlink etc. I sent a letter to a small group in WA. who is interested in there entire membership signing up to get our newsletters and us making the disk selections available to them.

I am very proud to be a member od MCUC. Many Commodore User Groups are suffering while we continue to grow. We went from roughly 125 members to around 163 members last year. I frequently see our material republished in other newsletters throughout the country. I see other user groups advertising new MEMPHIS disks in! $2.00, while they sell there own material for $1.00. Our exchange program works for us and it works for them! I also want to thank you for your support of our goals and ideas, for without you we cannot achieve them. See you at the COPY SESSION!

Bob Nunn

24 hr. 2400 baud

Help Wanted

Assistant Librarian

Looking for studious MCUC Club member to assist the librarian in his duties. Major Benefits: Free Drive Alignments, Possible use of a Ram Expander and Backup Software. You would get to maintain a backup copy of all the disks released in 89 plus what comes out in 90. Requirements: A working 64 or 128 and 1541 disk drive. You must be able to attend most meetings including special events. Application taken by Jim West or any member of the board.

Secretaries Notes

Official Board Meeting 2-12-90

The official board met at State Tech 2/12/90. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Bob Nunn, Pres.

Officers present

Bob Nunn President
Ron Montgomery Ed-Coordinator
Cheryn Nunn Newsltr Ed.
Wayne Moore Treasurer
Richard Coffman Secretary
Bob Earnheart Vice-Pres
Jim West Librarian

The club accomplised all goals it had set for 1989. The vice-president recognized all the work that Bob Nunn, president, has done the past year for the club.

Ways of increasing attendance at the club meetings was discussed. Members bringing a guest to club meetings will receive a free disk of the month and their guest will also receive the disk of the month free. Meetings will start at 7:00 PM. From 6:45 PM - 7:00 PM will be sign up time and disk purchase time before meeting starts. Sign ups and disk purchases will still be done at break.

New Member packets will be forthcoming soon. A Beginners packet is being put together for beginners in computing.

Our BBS will be updated as needed to make a better board. Replacement JiffyDos chips have been ordered for the BBS.

Here are some events to look forward to in the coming months:

CASE, may be in June
Copy Session in March
Ham Fest - October
Christmas party - December 8

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 PM

Respectively submitted

Richard Coffman, Secretary

Treasurer's Report


OPENING BALANCE 01-20-90 $2039.57
MEMBERSHIP DUES (9 members) 166.00
EDUCATION (GEOS Seminar) 32.00
BANK ERROR (Club's Favor) 41.57
TOTAL $ 548.22
POSTAGE $ 25.77
TOTAL $ 211.52
CLOSING BALANCE 02-14-90 $2376.27


Sysops Report

by Andrew George-Sysop

BBS traffic is up. Currently we are getting four or five new applications a week!! Some of these people had never heard of the Memphis Commodore Users Club and now are members. Circulating the phone number around the country has netted us a few long distance calls, one from Dell City, CA. at 300 baud even!!!!!!!! The effects of Bob's exchange program are felt here also. We had a call from a guy affiliated with the Metro Area Commodor Klub, who said their organization would be willing to participate. They also have a BBS it's number is 404-590-7114. If any of you do call long distance this might be a good one to call. N4CER (the handle of the guy who called) left an invitaion for us to call.

The board discussed a new Jiffy Dos hard drive. I believe this will be a great help to the club. Most of us have needed an old utility that we have lost or whatever, well a 20 megabyte harddrive would allow for almost all of the library online. I feel like that is a real service to the users. Bob is waiting delivery of one for his system and will have a little time to test it. This also frees up the 1581's for the newsletter or copy sessions or whatever. This is an opinion on my part. When the time comes that I do not run the BBS anymore I will want to call it and I think it would be nice to be able to offer the whole library online.

A couple of thanks go out this month. One to Beth, my wife, for validating all the applications. Also to Kevin Dunn and John Blackmer for some really good screens. Till next month!

Disk of the Month Order Form

Use this form to order the disks of the month for January. Mail to MCUC, PO Box 34095, Memphis, TN 38134-0095.

Prices are: $2/disk, 3/$5 to members, $3/disk, 3/$6 to non-members. Clubs may obtain disks on a 1 to 1 exchange basis by sending copies of their Disk(s) of the month. Add $1 postage/handling for 1-3 disks, $.25 for each additional disk.

( ) C64 60's Sid Disk

( ) C64 Classical Sid Disk

( ) C64 Rock Sid Disk

( ) C64 Country Sid Disk

( ) C64 Sound & Graphics Disk

( ) GEOS Super Collection 1

( ) C128 Miscellaneous

( ) Total Disks Ordered

( ) Total $ sent

See the February newsletter for a description of each of these disks.

March Demo's
New Games
by Kevin Nunn
Captain Blood
by Bob Nunn
Special Video
Game Demo

MCUC Club Goals 1990

The board of officers met Monday, February 12, to formulate the goals for Memphis Commodore Users Club for the year 1990. I think you'll find that we have set down some aggressive goals for the club this year. With your support we can make these things happen! The following is what evolved from that meeting. We hope that each of the you will see something you like. If you would like to be part in accomplsihing this years goals, please contact one of the officers.


a. Increase meeting attendance. We discussed giving away a free disk of the month to anyone bringing a guest and giving one to the guest also, watch for ads in the upcoming magazines. We have also formulated a plan for systematic software purchases to be used for demos and reviewed in the newsletter. Some of the software will periodically be given away as a door prize drawn at the meeting.

b. Improve quality of demos. The editorial calendar gives us a general guideline to follow for subjects throughout the year. We have scheduled software purchases in line with the calendar. Each month one or two software items will be purchase to provide material for the demo. Software would then be used as door prizes for that meeting or at Christmas.

c. Assign sergeant at arms responsibility/Tighter meeting schedule. This was originally two topics, but they really tie in together. Every meeting we have trouble starting at 7:00 PM. Sometimes it is impossible, but most of the time, we can start on time. To assist in this, Bob Earnheart will be acting sergeant at arms. He will help in encouraging people to come on in to the auditorium so we can start. In the future from 6:45 to 7:00 the library will be open and again at break. You may renew or signup at this time. Please help us start the meetings on time.


a. Increase our news exchange program. We recently sent about 40 challenge letters out to other clubs not yet on our mailing list, encouraging them to put us on their mail list and exchange newsletters as well as disks of the month. In less than a week, we have already had 3 responses and anticipate more in the coming weeks.

b. Enlist assistants for publication productions. Last month, in the editorial column, a request was made for some additional help in the newsletter area. We do need some additional help. If you would be willing to help in even a small way, please contact Cheryn.

c. Purchase deskjet type printer-subject to member approval. This will be submitted with the 90 budget proposal. A deskjet printer would give laser-quality type without the cost of a laser printer. This will be one additional step in really making our newsletter professional looking and easier to read. It will also speed up production. At the same time, we will be looking at some desktop publishing software so that more of the cut and paste work can be eliminated.

d. Make available magazine binders with club logo. We are proposing to purchase a quantity of special size binders printed on the front with the club logo and name. There would be made available to the members at a nominal price. A great way to keep track of your newsletters for future reference!! These binders will also serve as updateable covers for the Members Package.

e. 1990 Editorial Calendar. The 1990 calendar doesn't differ much from the 1989 version. Again, it is flexible and as special offers, products, events, etc., happen throughout the year we will include those. We encourage all the members to pick a subject they feel comfortable with and begin now to consider writing an article. The editor has developed a system so that if you submitted an article now for use in the June newsletters, she wouldn't lose it.

f. Members Packet Production. Work is continuing on the Memhers Packet. We have not yet run out of the old one. We also want to make the new one as good as we are able to. It looks like this one will again be a two disk set, with two sides to 64, one to 128 and one to the new catalog, containing the last two year's disks. Jim West is working on the catalog using DiskList written by Kevin Dunn (Disk Handler). We feel this program has much more flexibility than the program previously used and will aid you in finding the exact file you need.

3. BBS

a. Consider equipment upgrade. We discussed whether to consider purchasing a hard drive for the system. We will evaluate how effective the new Creative Micro Designs drive is. Version 6 Jiffy Dos will be ordered to replace Version 5 chip which had had all the blue smoke let out of it.

b. Change in BBS program? Discussion about various programs was held and the decision will be left up to the sysop. Consideration will be made in choosing software with the prospect of the hard drive upgrade and whether the software company will support with a version that would be compatible.

c. Announce BBS-up for review March. The sysop position is again up for appointment by the board of officers. If interested, please contact one of the officers.


a. We discussed finding Jim an assistant to help him in maintaining the library. See the ad elsewhere in this issue.

b. Lower disk prices $4/10pk. once per quarter as we have done in the past.

c. New Member Packet Production. Looking at midmarch release-Jim will be out, we will need assistance on putting packages together.


We need to preschedule as many events as possible. MCUC will be represented at as many Multi-computer events as possible as well as sponsor some stuff of our own. Look forward to an active year when you add in the seminars we have planned.

a. MACC Fair-April of May?

b. CASE-June?

c. Copy Sessions-tentatively March 24 and September 22.

d. Ham Fest-October 13

e. Christmas Party-December 8

f. Other?-we discussed all sorts of things, from game tournaments to picnics. Be looking for special announcements throughout the year.


We will be expanding the seminars this year and will schedule as many as we can depending on availability of classroom space and volunteers to teach them. Ron Montgomery, our Education Coordinator, will be reviewing the responses from the survey and begin putting a "schedule" together for as many of the topics as possible. This is what the club is all about, and we are excited that so many of you want to learn how to make the most of you Commodore.

We will be rotating the Beginner's classes and teachers throughout the year to various libraries. As soon as the details are worked out a schedule will be published in the newsletter. We hope this will enable more to participate in the Beginner's class since we will try to rotate through different parts of Memphis. A class will be held near you soon. We will list the teacher in advance, plus their specialties to make it easier to get the help you need.

We also discused ways to make the book, video tape and modem library more readily available to the members. Details will be worked out and we'll let you know.


a. Advertising - Guy King has voluneered to place ads for us in the Commercial Appeal prior to our general meetings and special events. Look for us in the Neighbors Section.

b. Bylaws rewrite - while we have had one volunteer so far to update the bylaws we need to look at several sections that are not up to date. We will review and post updates in the newsletter. Watch for these as you will want to attend these general metings and vote.

c. Budget - discuss handouts. We briefly covered our 89 performance. We were on the plus side of the budget. A more aggressive budget will be planned for 1990. The march board meeting will be mostly budget. Our April general meeting we will review the results and vote on any needed items.

d. Members Packet - discuss distribution. All regular yearly and associate members will receive an updated members packet. The new packets will be updateable and may be kept in a binder available at a nominal charge. You will be able to pick up your packet at any general meeting (after it is released). New members will have their packets mailed.

e. New Stationery - Wayne Moore will purchase new MCUC cards.

f. Inventory & Audit - the audit committee reviewed the books for 1989 and found them in order. A small discrepancy on the the plus side was found to be carried over from 88 and will be shown in the next Treasurer's report updating the balance to match our account. Bob Earnheart as our new vice president is auditing our equipment list.

Jiffy Hard Drives & Jiffy Ram Link

The Latest From Creative Micro Designs

CMD HD Hard Drives are C64 and C12B compatible hard disk drives which are easy to connect, easy to use, full of features, and affordable. Available in two standard version (20 MB and 40 MB), larger capacities may be custom ordered.

CMD HD drives plug in directly to the serial port (like Commodore floppy disk drives) and achieve transfer rates of up to 6.5 KBytes/sec. Speeds of up to 64 KBytes/sec. are achieved by parallel connection via RAMlink.

HD hard drives come fully formatted and ready to use. Full Commodore DOS command compatability allows you to easily use the HD immediately. Features: Full SCSI port for connection to additional drives and other computer types (Amiga, MS-DOS, Macintosh).

System supports 4 GBytes of storage. External Power supply for long life. GEOS and CP/M compatible. 1541, 1571 & 1581 emulation modes. SWAP 8 and SWAP 9 features. Write Protect switch. Supports up to 254 partitions. Full subdirectories in Native Mode. Built-in Real Time Clock.

CMD HD drives will begin shipping to U.S. addresses in Jan./Feb. 1990.

RAMLink is designed to overcome the limitations of current RAM expansion units by providing a transparent interface between the C64/C128 and the REU. RAMLink uses its own internal RAMDOS which does not "wedge" itself into computer memory, nor does it require an area of memory for the transferring of data between the computer and REU. This allows you to use your REU as a RAM disk with most commercial software. CMD's RAMDOS operates at up to 20 times faster than standard RAMDOS.

RAMLink also provides a separate power source for the REU, allowing you to turn off your computer without losing information stored in your REU. JiffyDOS is built in, allowing you to use JiffyDOS wedge commands with the REU and disk drives. You may also purchase JiffyDOS disk drive ROMS to get increased disk access speed.

RAMLink will allow you to add up to 4 MegaBytes of additional expansion memory, for a system total of 4.5 MB of expansion memory when using a 1750 REU. A high speed parallel port is also included for ultra-fast data transfer with the CMD HD series of hard drives.

Other features include a reset switch, RAMLink bypass and JiffyDOS disable switches, SWAP 8 and SWAP 9 features, and expansion port pass-thru connector.

RAMLink is expected to start shipping in March of 1990, with a retail price of approximately $100.00.


Orders may be phoned in to CMD Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST at the following number: (413) 525-0023.

Mail in orders may be sent to:
Creative Micro Designs, Inc.
50 Industrial Drive
PO Box 646
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

CMD HD-20 Hard Drive $599.95+Shipping
CMD HD-40 Hard Drive $799.95+Shipping
Add 5% per drive for Shipping

Also available thru DataTech Services. Call them at 385-7987.


a review by Bob Nunn

This has got to be one of best new games to come down the pike. Mindscape has really out done themselves on this one. I'm not much for games mind you but the storyline, the graphics and the interaction are really what makes this one. I may never solve this one but it's loads of fun just playing.

The story starts off with you trapped in a universe of your own creation. This universe is full of worlds, strange creatures and planets galore. Your job is to find your 5 clones and place them in the fridgitorium so that you may disintegrate them and restore your vital fluids. You have 2 1/2 hours to find each of your clones.

You have an amazing ship that takes care of you and replaces your parts as you get weaker. When you find a clone and restore it your body becomes stronger and less bionic. You can view the planet and have geophoto view that shows you enemy missile implacements. You can't really land but you have a supply of OORXX that are like remotes that land and are your eyes and ears. You pilot them down. Keep your head down though or the missiles will blow up your OORXX.

Once you are down you usually get to speak to an alien through a universal translator. You can translate his speech and you must use the translator to send your messages. Quite a challenge to come up with messages that an alien can understand.

You may also teleport an alien into the fridgitorium. You can also disintegrate him but his vital juices will do you no good as they are alien in nature.

There is a galaxy map with coordinates that allow you move to a specific planet (one of 32,768 possible choices) and travel through hyperspace to your destination. Many planets are uninhabited so make sure you pump the alien for a new location each time you land. I blow up the ones that are uninhabited to keep down the clutter.

The final reward? If you manage to find and assimilate all five of your clones you will no longer be in danger of being roboticized. The last clone and they say he is tough to find, he will tell you the location of the beautiful Ondoyante, Torka and she is looking for some company. Some of us will never know but for those of you who finally find out, do me a fivor and snapshot the screen so I can see it.

See the review at our March Meeting!

1990 Editorial Calendar

This is the new editorial calendar which, as stated elsewhere, is little different from last year's. Again, this is not hard and fast and we will take advantage of opportunites that arise.

Main Theme-Education
Features-Storm Precautions

Main Theme-Utilities
Special Events-Mother's Day
Features-Home Utilities

Main Theme-Hardware
Special Events-Fathers Day
Features-Maintenance Tips

Main Theme-Graphics
Special Events-4th of July
Features-Koala and Doodle!

Main Theme-Business
Features-Spreadsheets/Desktop Pub.

Main Theme-Telecommunications
Features-Best New Terms

Main Theme-GEOS
Special Events-HAM Fest/Halloween
Features-Newest PD for GEOS

Main Theme-Gift Issue
Special Events-Thanksgiving
Features-Upcoming Elections

Main Theme-Last Minute Gifts
Special Events-Christmas Party, Nominations, Christmas
Features-Copy Programs

Jamuary 1991
Main Theme-Tax Preparations
Special Evemts-Elections
Features-Tax/Accounting Programs

February 1991
Main Theme-Music
Features-Sid Music


Reprinted from MOVCC, Feb. 1990

SUBJ:Putting rumors to rest (R3)
FROM:Commodore 01/09/90 S#:844035

At this time, Commodore has no plans to market an enhanced 8 bit computer. We also have no plans at this time to discontinue the C64.

We will continue to support the C64/128 lines through our Customer Relations voice lines and the Commodore Hotline message boards here or Q-Link. Kurt Tappe will be answering most questions on the public discussion board and I will be checking them once a week also, unless Kurt informs me that there is a question that he can't answer that he wants me to check into. The private hotline message boards will continue to be answered by myself on a daily basis Monday through Friday (except holidays). If your question is technical in nature, please use the private hotlines, as they are answered while I am in my office at Commodore and I can contact the technical staff to get your answers as soon as possible.

Dave Minnich-C= Online Relations

Copy Session Order Form

Pull Out and Fill In

The copy session is March 13th. Following is a complete list of the disks of the month offered from October 1988 through December 1989. September 1988 and before are on your catalog disk in you New Members Packet (the blue one). If you wish, you can check which disks you want or write the older disks in at the bottom, give Bob or Cheryn Nunn or Jim West the list at the March meeting, and the disks can be made up before the copy session. They will be waiting for you at the copy session and your wait time will be reduced.

October 1988

( ) October 128
Star Trek, Turk Keys,
Cat 80 v3.01

( ) October 128
Intro to Physics

( ) Home Applications 6
EasyCheckbook, Recipe Saver,
Remod-v1.0, Pip.64

( ) Blazin' Forth 2 disk set
programming language

November 1988

( ) Basic 8 Demo 128

( ) 128 Disk
Transits, Burgerwhop,
Doublesider, Utility Book,
Floppy Filer, M-Detailer

( ) 128 Disk Physics #3

( ) Comal Tutor
Tutor to Comal Language

( ) 1520 Utilities

December 1988

( ) 64 Disk 1
Event Calendar, Program Filer,
Shortwave Comp, Envelope Maker,
Monitor Test, Date Tracker,
SW Log, Wind Chill, Utility
Bills, VIN Detector

( ) 64 Disk 2
Halloween graphics, Database,
Animal breeder pgm

( ) 128 Disk 1
Checkbook 128, Spreadsheet 128
Wordprocessor, All Purpose DB,

( ) 128 Disk 2
Halloween graphics, utilities,
telecommunications and business

January 1989

( ) 64 Games 29
Rockfall, Pacific war
Arcade Baseball, Arena 3000

( ) 64 Games 30
Powerplant, Mindteasers
Attack Force, Screen Rocker

( ) 128 01/89 #1
CGterm, Crab's Terminal, BIDI

( ) 128 01/89 #2
Evillord, 1581 Utility 128

( ) 128 Physics 4
Fourth in series

February 1989

( ) C-64 Disk #1
History 64, Medicaide

( ) C-64 Disk #2
Touchterm 7.2, Omega-Q

( ) 128 Disk 02/89
128 Lynx, Bowling Pad, FindREU
ThingsToDo, Chared, ArchiRec

March 1989

( ) Sound & Graphics
8 music programs, Flash Robot,
Bugs Bunny Cartoon, Overboard

( ) Red Storm Rising Demo Disk

( ) C64 1581/REU Utility
A collection.

( ) 128 Disk
Pro 128 Term 16.1, Library 128,
Disk Whiz 1.1, 128/file edit1.4,
128 c/g editor, parts-inv-128,

April 1989

( ) April Utilities
Zip/Unzip, Disk Controller v1.1,
Multi Print, Panic Button SB,
1581 Dev Change, Homemate.DW,
Alarm v.7, Mailing List

( ) April Games
Krackout, Snakeman, Blueprint,
Mutant PB

( ) Print Shop Disk #1 Logos

( ) Print Shop Disk #2
Computer related

( ) April 128
Draw Poker 128, Incrediboot,
MH-Comp.start0.8, DIS v1.0,
GL128.80, Basic Scanner,
House Inventory, Brain Quiz

( ) Write Stuff 64 Demo Disk

( ) Write Stuff 128 Demo Disk

Fair Disks April 1989

( ) Special Games
Terminal City, Pro Dash,
Zenon, Carnival.PB

( ) Music & Graphics
Transputer Demo, Pure Genius,
Hawk Music, Comic Show, Zarjaz
Demo, Fractal.hr1nd, Walking
Man, Wink in Trees

( ) PS Graphics #3-Fancy Fonts

( ) PS Graphics #4-State Outlines

( ) PS Graphics #5-Cartoon Characters

May 1989

( ) May 128
Disk Whiz 1.1, Card Deal 80,
Arena, Labell De Luce80,
Astra, ddmegacolor3

( ) May Utilities
Disk Controoler v3.0, Read
All v8.7, Sequenzer v2.0,
SFD1001 Copier, Menu Creator v3
Directory Assist, Stationery
Store, Future Writer

( ) May Music & Graphics
Top Gun, My Friend, 3d-city,
Glass Sword, Wiz Journeys,
Roger Rabbit, For Wanda,
Juggling Robot, Black Force,
Hunter Killer, Kaleidoscope

( ) May Terms Disk
Miniterm 64, Kermit, CCGMSv6.01,
Gulp v3.2, Saturn,
Touchterm7.6+, AA Term

( ) June Utilities
ARC-SDA v5.1, Bootmaker, Direct
Filer, Menu Creator v3.2,
Program Merge, Start End Finder,
Sprint IVA, Template Maker,
Vidcon, Screen 80, Typewriter,
Lottery, Recipe, Mailstar,
Identy3.bin, Disk Lists v1.0,
Alignment Test and Check

( ) June Demo Makers
3 super programs

( ) June Games
Iridis Alpha, Hardhat Climber,
3D Tic Tac Toe, North Sea
Copter, Space Dodger,
Searchlight, Tarot Cards,

( ) June 128
Paceterm80 v3, Nezterm v9.0,
CPM Term, GTerm 80 v2, Envoy-
term, Superterm128.c1

July 1989

( ) 64 Graphics
Time Crystal, Aquarium, World
of Commodore

( ) 64 Slideshow-collection of
doodle/koala grapahics

( ) Sid Music #1

( ) Sid Music #2

( ) GEOS PS Album

( ) 128 Disk
Naval Database, Sea 128, Star
Trek, The Bible

August 1989

This month featured disks with educational software starting in Kindergarten and going through 5th grade.

( ) Kindergarten

( ) 1st Grade

( ) 2nd Grade

( ) 3rd Grade

( ) 4th Grade

( ) 5th Grade

( ) 64 Business
File Master, Soft Account,
Taxfile v2.0, Credit Card Ctrl,
Mortloan, Bills, Money Watcher,
Prospect File, Amort'n Table,
Depreciation, Geneology Loader,
Sign & Announce, Stamps, Banner
Printer, 64 Secretary,

( ) 128 Education
1-QMaster, Formulas, Quad Tutor,
Driller V1.0

( ) 128 Business
TCS-128 v1.0 (term),
Checking128, Autotype80, Clock
Demo, 128 Disk label, Wordorama,
Disabler, 1571 copy, Bargraph,
Fast/Copy-80, Color Demo,
Custom Label, C128 Loan,
BTCPY (DOS Shell Boot Copier)

( ) Geos PS Album 2

September 1989

( ) Ham Disk
assorted ham radio utilities

( ) 64 Miscellaneous Disk
MCUC Term, miami ice,
pixelpacker, kasino poker,
carpet solitaire, fabulous
wanda, jawbreaker, zip/unzip

( ) 64 Utilities
signcreator2.0, docrator v1

( ) 64 Term Disk-PCG Term

( ) 128 Term Disk
desterm, proterm 128v16.1,
codetest, dish aimer v2.29
(last two are ham utilities)

( ) 128 Miscellaneous Disk
maximize, galactic empire,
mah-jongg, pro footbal, miami
ice, hamlog128, stranded, cavern
of riches, defense

October 1989

( ) Geos Fonts-collection

( ) Halloween Fun-graphics/music

( ) Trouble on Trios - Demo

( ) 128 Utilities
1581 Utilities 128, ftball 128,
usa map quiz, presidents & more

November 1989

( ) 64 Disk
tele-chess, modem battleship,
music, piano.c, sound-a-rama,
linus & lucy, bad medicine,
swan song, space arena, zorphon,
kwix, luck machine, spike

( ) 128 Disk
neat80.c128, labelle de lucie,
match wits, mastermind 128,
teaser 128, foreign exchange,
megaboot ii & iii, auto ramdos

December 1989

( ) 64 Games
Night View, Amiga!, Tetry,
Squirm, Super Kong

( ) Dynamix Demo

( ) Arquice-talking board game

( ) 128 Miscellaneous
Disk Date 128, Holiday Music,
128, Yahtzee, Backgammon

Other Disks

We also have the following MS-DOS disks available.

( ) Right Hand Man
( ) 02/89 Games
( ) 02/89 ES-Copy Lite
( ) 03/89 3D Chess

Copy Session

Our last copy session was in May 1989. If you were at the last one you know how much fun everyone had. We had the best attendance ever. Bob Earnheart and associates will be cleaning and checking drives FOR FREE again. We will be serving snacks and drinks! People will be demoing software from the library. We will have multiple people preparing copies. Best of all its absolutely FREE!! That's right a copy of anything except the last 3 months releases for free on your disks. If you like you can purchase disks from the librarian at this session or pick up your own.

Elsewhere in this issue, you will find a copy session order form. Fill this out and bring it to the March meeting along with your blank disks and we will have your copies made before you get there. Look through the catalog disk in your New Members packet and fill in the old disks you want. We will also have a printed catalog available at the copy session.

We will have a minimum of 3 systems and backup copies of the latest releases at each system. We will have a few extra hands to demo and discuss programs. We will have not only the order forms here in the newsletter but available to you at the copy session.

Ok, so you still may have to wait some to get your copies made but while you wait Bob Earnheart and a couple of assistants will check out your drive for alignment and clean and lubricate it absolutely free!!! Have a coke and maybe a homemade cookie or two and visit with some of your friends. Shoot, this ain't no copy session it's a party!! You won't want to miss this one. It starts at 10:00 am and lasts till 2:00 pm, March 24th, Saturday at State Technical Institute, Jennings Hall Rm 18A. LOOK FOR THE SIGNS!

How much for each copy? How 'bout absolutely free! That's what being a member of MCUC is all about. Of course that's on your own disks or you can buy club disks there at our low club price of $5.00/10pk. Bring your notcher and we'll run them on the back for you also. This of course is limited to disks released prior to January, 1990. January, February and March disks will be their regular low price. Not a member yet?? Come in and we will sign you up so you can participate too. See You There!!!

March 24th
Jennings Hall

Special Notice

We have set aside the time from 6:45 until 7:00 PM at the general meetings for purchasing disks and renewing/signing up memberships. At 7:00 PM, we will start the meeting promptly. The break will be slightly longer than we have had in the past due to the No Smoking rule in the new building. You will also have an opportunity then to purchase disks and take care of memberships. Please help us observe these times so that all may benefit from the meetings.

Hot New Games

New Games

Short Reviews by a Short Reviewer, Bob Nunn

Axe of Rage

This one has great graphics, really artistic. Action is ok and the theme is simple but you should enjoy it.

Dream Warrior

Find your way through the maze and kill all attackers, this one gets an A+ on graphics. The theme however is just like a dozen others.

Ghost and Goblins

This one is worth buying just to get the music track. Sharp colorful graphics this one is really dated in format.


Patterned after the movie this one gets and A+ all around. I didn't get through all the levels but enjoyed the play. Extremely Well done and downright fun.

Road Blaster

Really a lot like an updated spy hunter. I found this one a bit dull and too easy.

Times of Lore

A unique blend of arcade action and fantasy role playing. You are the assassins, wizards and monsters. A+ on this one. Super graphics, good music and good game play. Maze like adventure/quest. I really like hacking up peasants.

Ghostbusters II

Patterned after the movie, which was somewhate less exciting than the first one, this game is much better than the original. The graphics are great. I haven't gotten passed the first stage which frustrates the devil out of me. Some of you that are a bit sharper may really enjoy it. If you are not as quick as you once were leave this one to the youngsters.

Stuntcar Racer

Great action and multi level play keep this one interesting for young and old alike. Stay on the track or crash. After a bit of playing you may notice you losing your breath on the jumps. Realistic and fun!

License to Kill

Patterned after the latest Bond movie this one is just ok. Action is good but the theme is a bit weak. You get to fly helicopters, planes and more. 6 exciting levels. Better games are out there.


Almost addicting this puzzle/reaction type game will keep young and old occupied for hours. This one is supposed to have originated in Russia.

Many great games out there. Some titles I didn't mention because I don't have is Batman, Robocop, Battlechess, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Eye of Horus, and Die Hard. No doubt about it. If games are what you want you can't go wrong with a Commodore 64.


Chomp by Mike Copeland, Salem Area CUG, Reprinted from Crash-64's User Group, january 1990 Condensed by Cheryn Nunn

Ed. Note: This is a review of a game called "Chomp", published by Cosmi for the 64/128.

The title is accentuated with: "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water", a cliche from some famous movie. The (software) box is painted brightly with parrots, leaping goldfish, seahorse, salamander and, of course, a shark. At first glance, I thought this a child's game, so accordingly, I got it to play with my 7 year old nephew. The game deals with goldfish, left overnight in a pet store, wanting to get out of its small fishbowl and join up with the real world. It jumps from its bowl to another tank and another, avoiding other bigger and eager fish. Quickly, we both realized, this game called to both the child and adult.

The play of the game is the same as many: Survive as long as you can from the enemy. The players are shaped a bit differently this time, though, as piranha, gobys, swordtails, jawfish, and other types of fish.

The game layout is simple and the play not unfamiliar. The graphics are pretty darn decent and help keep the game moving. There is a lot of action on the screen. These things made the game enjoyable to my nephew. The actual play isn't easy and requires a firm grip on a joystick for fast movements away from the dangers in the tank. This challenging scenario grips my attention firmly enough to wonder how the clock on the wall could have changed so quickly!

Game Reviews by Other

Since this month focuses on games, we scoured the other club's newsletters for short reviews on the hottest games. Some of these are brief but better than what you'd get in an ad, which is biased anyway.

Reprinted from Kankakee Hackers, February 1990 by Jim Cavanaugh

The Duel-Test Drive 2

Your chance to race one of the two finest cares around either against the computer (which is tough) or the clock. I suggest trying the clock until you get used to it. This is the game that has accessory scenery and muscle car disks available so you can customize the race you want to run.

Last Ninja 2

Here is the Last Ninja again, only this time it is in New York City. The battles are hard, and the graphics are superb - but then you'll have to see it to find that out for yourself.

Aussie Games

An interesting assortment of games from Down Under that will tickle your funny bone as they challenge your joystick. Want to try fishing for marlin? How about shooting beer bottles or belly flopping? Remember Caveman-Ugh-Lympics? This is the Aussie version!!

Mental Blocks

This is a a triple set of mind twisters and challenges. Did you like Tetris? How would you like to try it in 3-D? It is a challenge and definitely addictive.


Imagine a virus loose inside your computer and it's your job to stop it! Of course, you have to be pretty small to get inside, and it won't be easy. But just think of the fun you'll have!

from Kankakee Hackers, reprinted there from Prescott Area Commodore Computer Users Newsletter


It is said that Batmania is sweeping the country again and that Data East's new Batman game hit the market at just the right time.

There are two batman games on the disk, "The Caped Crusader" and "A Bird in the Hand". Both are, of course, based on the comic strip and therefore the screen images of Batman, Robin, the Joker and all of the characters resemble the originals, and most of the characters are displayed against a black background. What else. Bats are out at night.

The Honeymooners

It features Ralph Cramden and Norton, plus their wives, as seen many years ago on the black white TV screen.

It is game to be played with one to four players in an attempt to raise enough money to enable Ralphie and Norton to leave their jobs on the bus and in the sewers to go to the Raccoon convention.

Allows you to see how much training it takes to be a member of the Navy's elite commando team.

After you have gone thru the training courses, you get to engage in the practice of being a commando.

The graphics are said to be smooth and effective and the game has good underwater scenes.

Reprinted from SCUS, January 1990

by Mona Spurgeon, ?SYNTAX ERROR


Translated from "PLATOON", the movie, into a strategic military combat simulation game for Commodore 64/128. As in the movie, this simulation does not have a winner. The user parallels the movie's combat experience in various steps by trying to have the platoon of five men survive the missions, keep their sanity and morale intact, and return to base safely.

The action is fast paced and the graphics well done. I found the game to be challenging and somewhat addictive.

Reprinted from Lansing Area Commodore Club, Feb. 1990

War in Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien's epic classic about a small hairy toed creature that lives in the hearts and minds of all who are young at heart.

This game is the ultimate battle between good and evil. The graphics are pretty good but the action is a little slow. You will scroll through Middle Earth with Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf fighting to get "The Ring" to the crack of doom. The difference with the game is that you get to plan a strategy with your own army. Move one figure at a time or a complete army. Each time you play the enemy will change his strategy. Be careful! Magic is abound as are the spells of the ancient and wiicked wizard Saruman. You must be brave and you must be strong.

Gauntlet II

A very good maze game. If you like maze games this has all the features that will hold you to the screen for a long time. This is great arcade action on a grand scale. Ihor, Ihyra, Questor and Marlin will be in your house when you load this game. The sounds are digitized and believe me the adeventure continues. But be careful there are: treasure rooms, traps, transporters, poisoned food and cider, potions sorcerers, super sorcerers, death and acid puddles. There are a multitude of mazes. Highly rated.

Battle Chess

You're not going to believe this one! This has to be the best graphic program for the 64 I have ever seen. Let me explain the program: The most challenging game on earth comes to life in Battle Chess. An entire medieval world at war is reflected on the checkered field. Battle Chess combines a magnificent chess logic system with colorful and dramatic three dimensional animations.

from the Bowling Green Commodore Users Group, February 1990


Top winning entertainment program in the software industry's version of Oscar night. Tetris was created by two Soviet computer programmers. It was enhanced by Spectrum HoloByte with many play features and beautiful background graphics depicting Soviet scenes, plus an original music score based on Russian folk tunes. Tetris is a game of skill requiring fast thinking and quick reflexes.

Game Hints & Tips

Reprinted from Kankakee Hackers, February 1990


Try to keep the lazor gun as long as possible, because it is the most powerful and will cut through everything faster than the regular type of guns. At the bottom of the waterfall stage, jump to the next ledge. As soon as you get there, shoot the pillbox twice and jump down again. Wait for the enemy to pass; then jump again, jump across and get to your barrier. You should now be able to jump straight up to the top without being killed.


Try entering the name DUSTY BOB as a name on the high-score table. It reportedly will give you invincibility.


To get you faster access to the outside world, start the game by picking up the rubber bone and dropping it next to the door with the catflap (which is on the left from your starting point). Odie will bounce up to the door, opening the catflap for you.


You can save valuable time by writing down four or five clues about your suspect before going in to the Crime Computer.

Before investigating the state you are in be sure and read the information given about that state. It reveals many important clues that can't be found anywhere else.

By the way, you must solve 36 cases before you can capture Carmen and get into the Acme Hall of Fame. If you miss her you have to do another 6 to 10 cases before they give you another chance at her.

Reprinted from Kankakee Hackers, February 1990

Arctic Fox

If fighters are chasing you, head for a mountain or the force field. They may not shoot but if you're close enough to the obstacle, they'll slam into it, ending the battle.

The Bards Tale III

After you complete the Chaos dungeon, you can make new characters, then take them in with the rest of the group to kill Brilhasti again and again. This will give the new characters about 35 levels. It's best to have Bede or Heal before trying this.

You get an extra 2,000 experience points every time you kill Brilhasti.

You need a long bow and black arrows to kill Sceadu.


Always try to have the Ferari pushed to the max by the first turn of the game. Also keep the joystick pushed forward and take the inside lane on the turns. Let the car sort of glide across the lanes.

Ikari Warriors

At the start of each new level, a tank appears halfway up the screen. Instead of risking a life to get it, you can move one or two inches to the right of the screen. When you get there, pull back on your joystick, press the fire button and the grenade button at the same time. You'll automatically be in your tank. This works on both the first and the second tanks.

Snapshot Version 5.0!

Snapshot V5
from Doug Hess reprinted from MOVCC
Messenger, January 1990

Imagine you own a regular 64. You place a disk in the drive, and turn on the system. You go to the refrigerator to get a cold glass of water. When you return, a program from the disk has automatically been loaded, running and is waiting for you. Or, you turn on the system, press 3 keys and a terminal program, file copier, or disk copier is at your disposal. Maybe you need to read a sequential file. Just turn on the computer, hit 3 keys and read a sequential file, scratch a file, rename a file or load and print a Doodle! or Koala picture. Sound too good to be true? There's more...

You're in the middle of a game and you like the opening screen's picture, the music (a digitally sampled sound or voice) and the character set they are using for typing on the screen. With the touch of a few keys you can save or print IN COLOR (if you desire) the picture including any sprites, and save the sound, music, voice and character set and the sprites for use in your own programs.

If that isn't enough, with some games you can have infinite life, turn off the sprite detection so you never die and don't need infinite lives, switch joystick ports, or make the joystick automatically start auto-firing. PLUS, if you have an REU and an expansion slot extender, you can have 2289 blocks worth of space to copy files from your 1581, dual sided 1571 and 1541 disks. And if the program is all memory resident, you can back it up onto a disk and load it in really fast. Icon factory used to take 90 seconds to load, not it takes 7 seconds!!

How is all of this possible? The SUPER SNAPSHOT V5 cartridge makes it possible. It comes with 8K RAM and 32K ROM to perform all of the above mentioned things and includes a drive monitor, computer monitor and adds about 14 different commands to BASIC. All this for $64.95 or you can upgrade your earlier version Super Snapshot cartridge for $30. They even send a SYSTEM DISK that contains parameters for programs you can't back up with the cartridge as well as the SHOTGUN II nibbler with Rapidlok breakers.

I highly recommend this cartridge for anyone who isn't ready to scrap the hundreds of dollars of C64 stuff they own for an IBM. This is a great $64.9 recharge.

Board to Appoint Sysop for 90

The March Board Meeting is the time each year when the sysop for the BBS is appointed. If you have an interest in serving in this capacity, please let one of the officers know. We will consider all interested persons. This position is an excellent opportunity to learn more about telecommunications and computing in general. It is also a position that is very much in the public eye. To a lot of people, the BBS is the first contact they have with MCUC. You can help alot of people see that MCUC is a great place to be if they want to learn more about their computer. Be a part--get involved!!

March Disks of the Month

C64 Games #1

No Mercy - Super action demo, high quality, kill the attacking commandos

Deliver 'em - Paperboy on skateboard, must hit the porch to score.

Hunchback - arcade type game

Ultramaze - good maze game, arcade quality

Scorpion II - arcade action

Packyderm Panic - match the sounds and numbers, good for younger

Dejavu! - music/graphics demo

C64 Games #2

Fungus - Arcade game, pick mushrooms, from CWEST club

Talkshow - graphics/music

Royal Rescue - neat game

Gyro Construct - construct your own gyro set - for intermediate to high level users

C64 Terms n Stuff

CCGMS13.1 - Latest version!

TouchTerm13.0 - New cloor/graphic term, latest version.

E-Zreadme - read docs

Double - 1571/64 utility, with docs

Single - 1571/64 utility, with docs

Partition - 128/1581 partitioner with docs

Dreamwriter - Super graphic/music docs maker.

Decision/Brainstorm - thought outliner

AILogix - rudimentary artificial intelligence

Visuals - Basics routines you can use

Piglatinconvert - English to piglatin translator

Computerchange - load up and type in a command for a surprise!

The following are some very simple programs that can yield some big surprises. Enjoy them!

Klawretaw - basic routine
Scintillation - basic routine
Fortunecookie - unscrutable generator
Specialeffect - basic routine
Jumbles - make your own puzzles
Handsoff - warning for strangers
Everything - the entire collection

C128 #1

ALIEN ATTACK - Space type shoot 'em up. Smooth scrolling graphics.

ASTRA --A new version of the famous Space invaders game.

TAPEPOOL--Get the video tapes in the proper slot. Don't drop any.

Diary--Now you can put your most secret thoughts in a computer.

Calendar--Keep your appointments and look ahead or behind to see what you missed.

Amortization--Prints loan information with headings to either screen or printer.

Classified Ad


New Service available!! John Blackmar, AKA Dr. Dox will make house calls to teach you how to use your computer.

For more information of scheduling call

John Blackmer
(901) 276-6868

Super Modem Deals!

Modem Offers

Reprinted from MOVCC Messenger, January 1990

From advertisement in RUN Magazine

Commodore 1660-300 baud mode. Features auto-dial, auto-answer, comes complete with cable, software (terminal program) and complimentary Q-link disk.

This modem package is being offered for $10.00+$3.50 S&H = total $13.50. Credit cards accepted. For more info or to order call 1-800-343-0728.

This offer was found in the Spring 1990 Tenex catalog.

Commodore compatible 2400 baud modem, the Minimoden-C24. Hayes Compatible, comes with Multiterm software. $79.95.


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More New Games

California Challenge-Test Drive II by Accolade

This game is rated four stars. Once you've mastered the initial road race provided in Accolade's The Duel-Test Drive II, you'll want to move on to the California Challenge.

This add-on data disk provides a scenic and challenging race from border to border down the California coast.

The race is mercifully divided into seven laps, providing a brief pause to replenish your beer and settle your nerves between sprints. Each segment offers different scenery, driving challenges, and road conditions. If you've already purchased The Duel and are enjoying it, you really owe it to yourself to take the California Challenge.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by LucasFilms Games & U.S. Gold

This game, rate *** 1/2, is for the C64/128. In a unique marketing move designed to appease both factions of gamers, those desiring shoot'em up action and those preferring a more cerebral adventure setting, the latest (or is that last?) crusade of Indiana Jones is being released as two different games. The first to reach the store shelves is the action game, co-developed by LucasFilm Games and U.S. Gold.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Action Game builds an exciting and entertaining arcade game around action scenes quite familiar to those who have seen the last (?) Indiana Jones movie.

In search of artifacts and hoping to rescue his father, the player will explore a giant cave in search of the Cross of Coronado, scale the rampart of Schloss Brunwalk and fight the nazies on the catwalks of a giant zeppelin. The three levels of play and the action sequences in each of them follow the movie quite closely. No surprises here, just a very nicely done arcade game built around an action-filled movie.

All in all, this is a very entertaining and well done action game. The graphics and sound are very true to the spirit and feel of the movie.

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We are a full service repair,
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